Meet Georgie Cat!

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Georgie catIf you're reading this blog, then more than likely you're a pretty big cat fan.  So what do you think about animated cats?  Do you enjoy them?  Of course, some of the most famous animated cats are those that appear in Disney movies.

Of course, most avid cat lovers also enjoy Simon's Cat – who can be watched on YouTube – but there are other contenders out there as well.

Have you ever heard of Georgie Cat?  When you go to the website, you can pick to view the site in English, French or German.  Once you choose your desired language then you are taken to the rest of the site where you can view little animated movies of a little black kitten named Georgie.

If you want to check out some of the adorably cute Georgie kitten movies, you can view them here.  They are also available on YouTube.

These movies are grea tto share with your kids – and a great way to keep them entertained while watching something fun and entertaining as well.  You can also buy collector postcards with georgie art there.

Have you seen the Georgie Cat videos?  What do you think about them?

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