Martina – The Princess kitty

Post Published on January 28, 2011 | Last Updated on January 28, 2011 by Jenny

FloppycatsFour years ago we lost our beloved Siamese mix named Macintosh. We had him for over 12 yrs. My husband and I decided we would wait a few years before getting a new kitty. I had told my husband it was my dream to get a Maine Coon cat (no matter what the cost!).

It was our tradition to "go visit the kitties" at different locations, one being Petsmart in Ithaca, NY. One time during our regular visit, The Schuyler County Humane Society was feturing some of their cats for adoption. In one of the cages was this little Main Coon kitty! Oh my word, I fell in love instantly! But… we had decided to wait so we went home empty handed. That night – I cried and told my husbasnd I loved her and wanted her and missed her already. He said "Well, call them up, lets get her!"

MartinaI called Petsmart only to be told that the kitten was not with them but with Schuyler Co. and I would have to call them. After searching for phone numbers I finally called them only to get an answering machine. Several messages and about a week later, I was about to give up hope and was sure she would be gone, when I received a phone call! They told me, yes, they still had her! We set up a meeting to discuss adoption.

When we got there we were told that she was abused as a baby and left to die in terrible condition. It took them a year to nurse her back to health. They warned me that she may never be a "lap cat". I said that was fine, we would take her anyway she came.

Well after about a week she found my lap and she has been there ever since – 3 yrs. later! We named her Martina after Martina McBride our favorite singer. She is a very spoiled kitty (as cats should be). She even has her own Blog – i AM a princess kitty –

Kitty’s Name: Martina
Name: Wendy
Where: Upstate NY

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2 thoughts on “Martina – The Princess kitty

  1. Darlene says:

    Martina, you are a beauty! Wendy, I didnt know Martina had such a rough beginning. I am so glad you all found each other. All pets deserve all the love you can give them! Great post!

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