Marley the destroyer

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Marley Marley is a Blue Colorpoint Mink Ragdoll. Marley is unique in he is nothing like they said he would be on the internet.They said ragdolls are laid back and like to lay around alot..well Marley is nothing like that.He loves to climb.The higher the better.He is really fascinated with ceiling fans..loves to stare at them.I actually think he is trying to think of ways to get up there and take him a Kitty ride.Marley is very destructive.He loves to tear up his rats that he plays with.He tore up our wallpaper in our we had to redo it just recently.He also saw that all of our doorstoppers met their demise too.Marley is very playful.Loves his catnip.Loves to be brushed.We feel so blessed to have Marley.He makes us smile everyday.Hes a Hoot!

Kitty’s Name: Marley
Name: Melody Stamps

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