Mal, my 7 month old flame point Ragdoll, Wants An Automatic Cat Litter Box!

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Flame Point Ragdoll CatI am writing to tell you about Mal, my 7 month old flame point ragdoll. Mal was a rescue from a hoarding situation. My husband and I found Mal posted on a rescue website when he was 4 months old. We instantly fell in love with him. We had been looking for a ragdoll as we wanted a big cuddly cat. When we went to meet him, Mal was so shy and afraid of everything. Mal got his name from the captain from Firefly, the TV show; because as Mal grew we started to learn that he loved to talk. He would meow and chat with everyone, he even talks to his food bowl while he is eating. Mal’s favorite thing to do is to play peak-a-boo with our 90lbs lab. They play for hours! He even plays tag with him.

I think that Mal would really enjoy the automatic litter box and thank you for considering him.

Kitty’s Name: Mal
Name: Liz

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