Make Catnip Toys

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Charlie, Ready To Play
Charlie, Ready To Play

If you don’t want to spend huge amount of money on buying toys for your cat, you can make catnip toys in a simple and easy manner. Cats need to play and interact in order to stay physically fit and mentally alert. We know that cats love chasing a mouse. So leather mouse catnip toys are a big favorite among cats.

You can always spruce up your old cat toys or make simple toys using materials available in your home. Cats get bored playing with the same toy. You can make your old toys look new by giving it a makeover. Remove the old catnip and replace it with new, fresh leaves.

If you have soft toys, replace the torn part with fresh new cloth and put in some catnip inside. Your cat would love the revamped toy and will not care about the look of it!

Do you remember the Volkswagen car of the 70s and the famous love bug model? You can buy the Herbie Love Bug in a soft material, then pull out the stuffing and replace it with catnip to create your own love bug catnip toy, which your cat will love playing with.  This goes for almost any stuffed toy – and makes a great gag gift for a friend, as well.

You can make catnip toys using socks and bags, which seems to be the most practical approach.   To do this, simply fill one part of the sock with cushion material and the other part with catnip or the whole thing with catnip! Secure it firmly using a string or use long stitches to do so. Cats love pushing the toy around with their paws and carrying it in their mouth.

You can also opt to use bags of different shapes made from cloth and fill them with catnip – before throwing away anything you don’t think you can use that is durable, but you cannot see a purpose for, you might think of it as a possible catnip toy for your kitty.   Then, each day you can give a different shaped bag to your cat, so that he or she will not get bored playing with them.

Do you have ideas on how to make catnip toys for your kitty?  Please share them with fellow readers below.  Or share a website where you have seen some great toy making tips for cats!

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