Magnetic Mat Beds for Cats by the Feline Furniture

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Magnetic Mat - Beds for CatsThe Magnetic Mat Bed is a mat that pulls hair like a magnet towards it and also very comfortable for your cats to lounge or lie down on. The polyester fiber absorbs heat to make your cat all nice and cozy warm. Magnetic Mat Beds for Cats by the Feline Furniture is perfect for cats that have allergies and might be able to help relieve your pet.

This gives your cats a better place to take naps on instead of couches and other beds since it also traps hair and dirt. You can also place this mat on top of other beds for cats. Gone are the days that you have to deal with cat hair in your furniture as if they choose to lie down on this totally awesome mat, you will finally solve the problem. Place one in your car and scatter this mat in strategic areas around your home to stop your pet from shedding on your furniture.

Easy maintenance and simple style – the Magnetic Mat by the Feline Furniture is perfect for all cat lovers and cats. 

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