Magic Scoop Litter Lifter

Post Published on August 1, 2011 | Last Updated on August 1, 2011 by Jenny

Cat Window BedFor most cat owners, choosing the right cat snacks matter. This is because cats that eat unhealthy cat food produce foul smelling waste. When it comes to cleaning up litter, the Magic Scoop Litter Lifter is a product that comes in handy.

Known to be resilient and does not release dust when used, the Magic Scoop Litter Lifter has 7-inch tines that are wedge-shaped to make scooping of litter easy and hassle-free. No need to make too many passes, the Litter Lifter‘s scooper blades allows the litter to slide back into the box and captures only the waste for you to throw out.

With each scoop, there’s cleaner air, cleaner environment and a clean litter box for your Ragdoll cat.

You canbuy the Magic Scoop Litter Lifter for $6.99. It comes in colors of orange, black, teal, denim, springtime green, cornflower, rose pink, dove grey, granite white, fluorescent pink, purple and gingerbread.

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