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The Litter Lifter is a litter scoop that’s cleverly designed to make it easier and faster to clean out your cat’s litter tray.

Formerly known as the Magic Scoop, the Litter Lifter now comes in three varieties – the main litter lifter, a ‘Beamer’ scoop which has a cat face embedded in the tines, and a travel scoop which is smaller, has a fully cat outline and is ideal for kitten trays or for taking with you on trips.

The reason the Litter Lifter works so well is because it has triangular tines that are wedge-shaped, instead of flat ones. This means that you simply need to scoop into the litter tray and lift, and then any clean litter will fall through the gaps.

Flat-tine scoops tend to have cat litter clumping together or sitting on the tines, which you then need to shake. This takes more effort and it can release dust and fumes into the air.Check out these videos about the Litter Lifter and to see it in action:

Using the scoop.

Cleaning your kitty litter of waste is a lot easier with the Litter Lifter, which is tapered for easy scraping. It comes in assorted colors too, so you can pick your preference.

Keeping your cat’s clean litter box pristine is doesn’t have to be a dusty chore, as the strong leading edge make it simple to scoop into the litter and remove waste fragments and clumps.This cat litter scoop is made from tough plastic for sturdiness, meaning it can handle heavier messes without any problems. It also has a handy holder which you can clip onto the side of the litter pan, so it’s always in easy reach when you need it.

If you want to preserve a hygienic environment in your home and enjoy a cleaner litter box with ease then the award-winning Litter Lifter scoop could be just what you need. Known to be resilient and does not release dust when used, the Magic Scoop Litter Lifter has 7-inch tines that are wedge-shaped to make scooping of litter easy and hassle-free.

No need to make too many passes, the Litter Lifter‘s scooper blades allows the litter to slide back into the box and captures only the waste for you to throw out. With each scoop, there’s cleaner air, a cleaner environment, and a clean litter box for your Ragdoll cat.

You can buy the Magic Scoop Litter Lifter and it ships from Amazon. Interested to know more about best cat litter boxes and cat toys online?

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