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Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

 Magic Pet Hair Remover When a Floppycats’ reader commented on our YouTube video of he Lilly Brush Pet Hair Removal Brush, and mentioned how much she liked The Magic Pet Hair Remover, I wanted to cover it on the site.  Here’s what she had to say.

“The Four Paws Magic Cat Hair Remover is the best thing I’ve found for removing dust, dirt and cat fur from furniture and comforters, but the reviews suggest it’s lousy on clothes.

It’s a sponge that you sweep dry over large surfaces, removing wads of fur as you go. When the sponge gets dirty, wash it with soap and water and let it dry thoroughly before using again”

The Magic Pet Hair Remover does just what it says in its title – and the reviews exist to prove it. On Amazon, it has a 4 out of 5 star rating, and even more importantly, it costs less than $5. The review section is full of customers who randomly stumbled upon the product after being driven to desperation trying to fix their pet hair problem. Many picked up Magic Pet Hair Remover because of its low price. It seems like the original thought was more of a “I don’t necessarily think this will work, but it’s so cheap that it’s worth a shot” rather than “Oh I heard about this stuff, I’ve been looking for it everywhere!”

What these customers who weren’t expecting much found is that the Magic Pet Hair Remover, for the most part, actually delivers on its claims. You can use the product to remove hair from beds for cats, your sofas, blankets, clothing (although some reviewers have stated it works much better on other material), carpet, and more. It’s one of the top cat products out there, especially with that discount price. The Magic Pet Hair Remover consists of one large sponge that you can use to wipe up pet hair off a multitude of surfaces. This sponge must be used dry, not wet. You also must pull the hair off of it afterward, which may sound unpleasant, but reviewers say it comes out easily in clumps. It’s also a bit more economical than pet hair rollers because those products don’t last very long. The Magic Pet Hair Remover can be reused for quite some time, and if it ever gets too dirty, a little soap and water can go a long way.

One reviewer claims Magic Pet Hair Remover was able to remove hair that had been ground into the carpet and been there for who knows how long. Even more amusingly, this same reviewer says she has a rather fancy vacuum that specializes in picking up pet hair; however, the Magic Pet Hair Remover gave her much better results for under $5.

Buy the Magic Pet Hair Remover by Four Paws on Amazon.

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22 thoughts on “Magic Pet Hair Remover – Truly Magic

  1. Denise L. Grande says:

    I’ve been using the magic sponge for at least 20 years and it works! I have ultrasuede couches and they look brand new after I sponge them. I bought the lily brush that you mentioned in a post but after brushing my duvet cover for a couple of minutes, my hand starts to bother me with all the pressure I used holding the handle. The sponge does a much better job IMHO and it’s much easier for me to hold. I can do all the couches, stairs and chairs without resting. I started buying them at either Linens and things or Bed Bath and Beyond and they have never let me down. The sponge works great on cat trees, cat beds and The Cat Ball.

    • Jenny says:

      i am pleased to hear that you like the sponge so much. sorry to hear that the lilly brush causes hand issues for you. do you have arthritis or anything? i have not had that problem with it – used it yesterday while i was on the phone with my dad and you should have seen the hair i was getting off of my chairs. i was thinking to myself, “gawd, i need to do a video on this!” i do think it does a better job removing hair from certain kinds of fabric…i need to try the sponge and see how it is. glad there are multiple options out there for different kinds of households.

  2. Dementia Boy says:

    Jenny, thank you so much for the review!!!! I bought my first one at a pet store for basically the same reason stated in the Amazon reviews: won’t hurt, might help. But now I want to try Teresa’s suggestion. Sometimes the most simple things are the best yet they elude us.

    Now, if anyone has ideas for removing cat vomit from a cream-colored microfiber couch…Yes, this is Jolie’s favorite place to vomit. She apparently feels more comfortable vomiting from the back of the couch down the cushions than vomiting from a cat tree. I’ve placed an old quilt over a badly stained area; although Jolie likes to sleep on the quilt, she doesn’t like to vomit from it, so she has moved on to another area. Because she’s an IBD kitty and on lots of meds, her vomit seems impervious to rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

    I should just put an old blue tarp over the couch and be done with it. No, then the beasties will just move on to something else just as difficult to clean 🙁

  3. Beth says:

    Another lively FUN discussion 🙂 I never thought of a wet microfiber cloth – great idea, Teresa!!! By the way, I do use a heavy duty microfiber towel (the kind for cleaning cars) for scrubbing walls and floors… it picks up the hair much better than regular old bath towel scraps which I used for years.

  4. Patti Johnson says:

    Ack! This sounds AMAZING! I’m going to go add it to my Amazon Wish List right now. Thanks for the great information! 🙂 <3

  5. Teresa says:

    I used to try all kinds of brushes, sponges, etc., until one day I discovered that I didn’t need any of these! I just use water, just plain water and any kind of cloth, even my semi-wet hands sometimes in a pinch. Just put a little water on a microfiber cloth (can even be one from the dollar store), and wipe it over whatever you want to get cat hair off of and it take it right off AND gets rid of static at the same time. I have never gone back to all those other things after learning this. I just go around with the vacuum and a semi-wet cloth and it is amazing and free!!!!

  6. Beth says:

    I’m quite attached to Pledge Pet Hair Pickup! Consumer Reports even gave it a good rating and, thanks to their articles, I learned it can be taken apart – remove the hair and reuse it practically forever 🙂 Of course I will try this new gadget, too, though.

      • Dementia Boy says:

        For edges, I just use an old wet toothbrush, pulling the clumps of hair off as I scoot around the floor.

        How can cats shed so much, especially when we brush them constantly??!!

        • Patti Johnson says:

          Hi, DB!

          lol 🙂 Exactly! It is The Question of all Ragdoll lovers everywhere…. Where DOES all this flippin’ cat hair come from? (Personally, I think if left to long by itself it begins to multiply exponentially just to vex us! Kinda like don’t feed The Gremlins after midnight and don’t get them wet! lol)

          Big hugs!

          Patti & Pink Sugar (who is busily shedding, I’m sure, while she’s sleeping right now) 🙂 <3

    • Laura says:

      I don’t even take mine apart. I use a letter opener down the middle and it takes most of the hair out. Most of it will pull out once you’re able to grab onto the hair.

  7. Kristy says:

    I got something just like this from my carpet cleaning service and it works on furniture like a dream! I don’t think it works as well for clothes (leaves little yellow crumbs on some things). But it is the best thing I’ve used for getting ragdoll fur off microfiber couches.

      • June Fuller says:

        These are the same sponges used to clean soot off of walls,furntiture, etc after a fire…we use them for hair and fur removal from furntiure. Love them…weve tried a lot of things…this works the best…you may find tehm for less money locally from a cleaning company.

        • Dementia Boy says:

          Now that’s just darn embarrassing. I live in fire country, and it’s easier for me to deal with ashes and soot than it is cat fur.

    • Dementia Boy says:

      I’ve never tried it on clothes–I just walk around furry. (I no longer work and “furry chic” sort of goes with my eccentric persona.)

      But, yes, it’s the best thing I’ve found for removing fur from microfiber furniture. I usually keep two on hand since it takes a while for them to dry. My older one is dropping crumbs now, so I guess it’s time to replace it.

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