Lupine Collars and Leads – Review

Lupine Collars & Leads
Lupine Collars & Leads

I contacted Lupine Collars and Leads and asked if Charlie and Trigg could product test their collars, leads and harnesses for a Review.  They were willing.  I wasn’t expecting to get what we got!  We got tons of collars, leads and harnesses to test out.

They sent samples in bother patterned and solid colored nylon.  The leads, collars and harnesses have varying degrees of stiffness – which I am told is influenced by the number of colors and complexity of design.

Lupine Collars, Harnesses and Leads
Lupine Collars, Harnesses and Leads

They sent us:

  • H-Style Harnesses
  • Roman Harnesses
  • Cat Safety Collars
  • Leads to match the harnesses and collars

Trigg tried out the H-style harness in the Wild West design, whereas Charlie sported out the Roman harness in the Sea Ponies design.  Lupine recommends the H-harness for cat owners. 

H-Style Lupine Harness Worn By Trigg
H-Style Lupine Harness Worn By Trigg

However, they have experienced that the Roman style is the preferred harness ordered by cat owners for walking their cat.  The reason why is that it is more comfortable with no trachea pressure.  Nonetheless, Lupine isn’t convinced that it can be worn as safely as an H-style.  Cats have a somewhat different body geometry than dogs, the girth extension shows that it’s sometimes better to us ea smaller harness with a bit of extra girth room.

Lupine Roman Harness Worn by Charlie
Lupine Roman Harness Worn by Charlie

Why I like Lupine Collars, Harnesses and Leads:

  • They’re good-looking and well-made
  • They’re concerned about safety
  • They have a breakway collar, so that cats don’t get stuck somewhere.
  • They have a Guarantee (Even if chewed) mantra that applies to their frayed cat collars as well
  • Damaged colors can be mailed to them, you’ll get a prompt replacement and they’ll pay the postage  back.

Lupine is a company that stands behind their product, which is obvious by their guarantee.  That’s always reason enough for me to like a company, but seriously these are really well made and cute!

If you are interested in getting a Lupine collar for your pet, be sure to check out their website for a retailer near you!

Below is a video I captured of Charlie and Trigg sporting their new Lupine Gear:

Do you own a Lupine collar?  How do you like it?

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One thought on “Lupine Collars and Leads – Review

  1. HiFairfax says:

    My Ragdolls have never tried to wriggle out of the Lupine Roman harnesses. Before I was aware of the Lupine products, one Rag wore a cat walking jacket, which turned her into a howler monkey who chewed her way out of all three buckles. I agree with Lupine that cats are less likely to escape from the H style, but the level of comfort of the Roman style seems to reduce their inclination to escape from wearing a harness. I won’t buy any other brand.

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