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Hello all! My name is Lulu and I am 1 year and 3 months old. I am a blue point Ragdoll cat who found my forever home in January 2011. My middle name is Ann after Raggedy Ann, the Ragdoll. I live in Melbourne, Australia.

I was born to parents Maddy and Mason and lived with them for two and a half months until my new mum came and took me to live at her house where I made two new friends, Baxter the Boxer dog and Shany the Birman cat. I must admit that Shany, who had lived here for 10 years before I got here, is still warming up to me!  We are almost friends! Baxter, on the other hand, who had only lived here two weeks before me, is my best friend! We always play together and sometimes we curl up and sleep together too! My mum likes to take lots of photos of us together because we are so cute!

lulu kitten
lulu kitten

When I first came home, I was very shy. I hid under the bed and missed my parents and littermates. But within a few days I felt right at home!

I love being around my mum. When she leaves the room, I meow and meow until she comes back inside and picks me up and includes me in whatever she is doing. I am very nosey and love to know what everyone is doing. As soon as she is out of my sight I make a big fuss. I know that she will give me whatever I want if I cry loud enough! Some would say I am spoilt, but I would just say I am well loved.

Lulu and friends
Lulu and friends

I am my mum’s first baby. Baxter and Shany are family pets, but I belong to mum. Mind you, the rest of the family love me very much too, they find me very entertaining!

My mum chose to get me because she liked the fact that I looked like a Birman, but I had the lovely Ragdoll temperament. She did a lot of research before buying me and almost bought a Birman – boy am I glad that she didn’t. My friend Shany is a Birman and we look very much a like, but I am not as a grumpy as she is! (It’s not her

Lulu and Birman Shany
Lulu and Birman Shany

fault, she is getting old!) I have a very friendly, easy going attitude – I never bite or scratch, and I would never dream of wrecking mum’s furniture – some may say I am the perfect cat!

Every night at bed time, I go up to mum before she goes to sleep and I purr very loudy  and kneed my paws into her – just because I love her so much.

Mum loves me very much too – the day I got desexed (a memory I am still trying to suppress, thank you!) Mum gave me lots of cuddles and cried when she left me behind

Lulu and Baxter
Lulu and Baxter

at the vet, and when I came home that evening, I got the royal treatment! Mum is always giving me lots of love and attention – she talks to me all of the time – I think she forgets that I don’t understand Human talk!

Even though I am a great cat, (if I do say so myself, which I do!) I have had my moments. I broke the kitchen window once, because I like to do great big leaps on the kitchen table. That day my dexterity was a little off and I knocked the chair over which shattered the window pane. I then decided to become an escape artist and walked out

Lulu hanging out
Lulu hanging out

into the front yard through the broken glass. Mum wasn’t very happy as she was worried that she would never see me again. Lucky she caught me before I had made it past the flower bed – I am so pretty and friendly anyone would have wanted to take me home. Everyone was just glad that I was okay – I didn’t even get into trouble. If that’s not true love, I don’t know what is!

Sometimes I wish I could go outside like other cats, but mum has made it clear that I am an indoor only cat! When I do go outside in the backyard, mum is always watching me! When outside, I like to roll around on the pavement and take in the sun.

I really love my food. My mum and Grandma (my mum’s mum, she’s a human, in case you were wondering) always buy me the organic stuff. Only the best for me! Once a week, Grandma brings home a roast chicken for me (and Shany and

lulu kitten
lulu kitten

Baxter, but they don’t see much of it!) – As soon as I smell it, I jump up on the kitchen bench and try and tuck in. Grandma tells me that it’s bad manners though and makes me eat from a dish – boo! That’s okay though, as long as I am being fed. I also try and eat the dogs dinner when he’s not looking, but please don’t tell him.

I am very lucky to live in such a loving home. I get so much love and affection and I couldn’t be a happier girl.



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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. A wonderful story… an adorable baby… and a lovely family! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Oh what a beautiful write up, Lulu you are very lucky to be so loved but it sounds like you deserve every ounce of it. I also love that picture of you with Baxter, all sprawled out!! 🙂

  3. LULU is a sweet and expressive little angel! And so very beautiful!
    I only wish all cats could be so loved…

  4. Awww, how sweet. Lulu is a darling girl. The article was so well written. Keep spoiling those babies. You’ll never regret it! The other “kids” look mighty nice, too.

  5. George Hall says:

    What an awesome read. Thanks for sharing, I was smiling inside through the whole write up. Lulu reminds me of another Ragdoll that is close to my heart, another escape artist that looks almost like her. Hmmmm….

  6. Lulu is a doll (I know you already knew that), and a darn good video game player! I have a blue point boy, and his name is Baxter, like your dog! He was a Ragdoll of the week in December 2011.

  7. Charlotte (Inkies Mummy) says:

    Aww that was a really lovely read loved the video as well that is brilliant!!!


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