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I found Lucy online, at a local rescue shelter through This poor kitty found herself in a shelter because her previous owners had her declawed and let her outside. She was attacked by a dog and was badly bitten because she couldn’t defend herself. Her owners didn’t want to pay her vet bills after the attack, so they dumped her. I made arrangements to meet her at an adoption event at a local pet store and of course fell in love with her as soon as I laid eyes on her. She came to live with me on Mother’s Day 2003.

Chaos and Lucy
Chaos and Lucy

I am a knitter, and have for a number of years maintained a knitting website. Lucy’s arrival was well-documented on my site and she quickly became my mascot online. She even had her own “cheesecake” calendar for a couple of years!
When she first moved in with me, Lucy was extremely well-behaved and cautious about everything. She has gotten over that as I have done my best to spoil her rotten. Now she “helps” me with my knitting. As soon as I lay a knitting project out to photograph it for my website, Lucy is there.

She takes her job as a spokesmodel very seriously, plopping herself down on each knitting project as I attempt to photograph it. Happily, she has no interest in my yarn as I knit, but she does have a weakness for the paper bands wrapped around new balls of yarns. If I am not vigilant, she will carry balls of yarn off, one by one, and attempt to remove the paper bands.
She is also a master at interpretive dance. You can see one of her touching performances on YouTube.

Lucy and Llismore
Lucy and Llismore

It is no surprise that I am hopelessly in love with Lucy. She is always waiting just inside the door when I get in from work and she is my constant companion at home. She comes when I call her, answers me when I talk to her, purrs constantly, and is always happy to sit in my lap and be cuddled. She is the cat of my heart.

Lucy with Knitting
Lucy with Knitting

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10 thoughts on “Lucy – Ragdoll of the Week

  1. Kathie and Kibby says:

    Kathie and Kibby say, “Wow, Miss Lucy! We always knew we loved you and now we know your story.” Kibby is now bugging Kathie to write his story for Floppycat.

    Many, floppy rolls, and pets for you Miss Lucy!

  2. Ann Devine says:

    I have maintained for years that Lucy needs her own website! All Lucy, all the time, would be just so much pretty, and her antics re: knittiing & catnip mousies are so much fun. Thank you for featuring Miss Lucy.

  3. Peg N says:

    I’m not certain which of you is the luckiest…Lucy for being rescued or you for finding a dream doll like Lucy. It was a perfect match for you both.
    Lucy is a perfect model for your knitting projects. I’m so glad you have her ‘help’ in completing a project and in advertising it. (smiling) Please give Miss Lucy a great big hug for me. Thanks for sharing this wonderful rescue story.

  4. caroline says:

    Hi Yes that is such a Ragdoll thing to do – if its on the floor its mine, and I need to lie on it! My Ted has an obsession with mats of all kinds and claims them as his own – including the bath mat. I can see it now – you smooth out the item, turn to get the camera, and there she is flopped on it. I’m glad that you found each other. Well done for rescuing her. x

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