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floppycatsSweetie & I deserve to win for her family,
brothers and sisters. If it were not for 2 angels
who were part of the Pet Food Settlement and
a great Vet and his team, she and her family would have ended up in a shelter. Their pictures were everywhere including at the hospital who had a layoff of hundreds of people.

After ten years of fighting a lawsuit that put me ahead of most people in this country as to facts in how technology is being used for slavery and new forms of violence, and then another ten years just watching death and madness as both my parents died, and 2 cats die slowly after the pet food poisoning, I don’t actually believe in a thing people say, not even you.

Purl’s meow, Sweetie’s mom, is the only truth there is. I live in a Fl county with so much corruption that just picking up a kitten living in a parking lot makes one a target.

Sweetie wants to donate to her fellow black cat Cashmere, who still needs a home. Sweetie loves hanging out with her sisters. The
cat food settlement website published that all court proceedings were over and they would be paying people the same day her sisters were
surrendered to this shelter. I sold 2 family heirlooms to adopt her sisters back to us right away.

The No-Kill Shelter in our county needs all kinds of donations. Their home page depicts their needs, one for a new building is very evident by their fears of viruses spreading. In 2008 they put down kittens because of viruses.

They are located in a remote area and when I took a donation there, from myself and a nurse who had tried to rescue Purl as well, they were very happy to receive them. I never saw anyone that excited about getting a storage bin.

Name: Pamela
City: Mulberry
State: Florida
ShelterRescue: Humane Society of Polk County

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