Loving Pets Fish Bella Bowl for Cats Review

Last Updated on October 23, 2021 by Jenny

Loving Pets Fish Bella Bowl for CatsWe have previously reviewed larger versions of the Bella Bowls from Loving Pets.

These have a stainless steel interior.  And then a plastic exterior, making them super duper lightweight.

For those of you who have cats that suffer from cat zits, like my Chiggy, then you know how important it is to have a stainless steel bowl that resists bacteria.

There is a removable soy-based rubber ring that helps prevent the bowl from skidding across the floor.

The bowls are dishwasher safe and I didn’t see until later that it’s recommended to remove the rubber ring before washing.  I never did that and the rings still look great.

The bowls hold approximately 1/2-pint.

Someone on Amazon mentioned that the fish decals came off after washing them twice a day in the dishwasher.  I didn’t have this problem – I didn’t wash them twice a day, but I did wash them about 20 times, but always on the top shelf of the dishwasher.

Buy the Loving Pets Fish Bella Bowl for Cats.

Here is our arrival video:

And our final review video:

We received the Loving Pets Fish Bella Bowl for Cats from the manufacturer.  Receiving the free product did not influence this post.

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10 thoughts on “Loving Pets Fish Bella Bowl for Cats Review

  1. syndi says:

    I disagree on these bowls. I threw mine away before I ever used it. I worked almost an hour and still couldn’t get the sticker all the way off, and where i did remove it, it left a sticky residue that i’ve tried soaking, scrubbing, scraping and everything else to get off with no success. I do not want to use industrial strength adhesive remover on something my pet will drink from, so i finally just threw it away. Big waste of money.

  2. Dementia Boy says:

    OK, I have a Chiggy fetish–I just love to watch and listen to him eat. Is he saying, “I have to keep an ear pealed because Charlie’s going to come up and steal MY food”??

    I’ve made a real mistake with my cat bowls, which I’m now trying to rectify. Cats don’t like change. We know this. Even *I* know this.

    So what have I done over the years? Bought up every small, slanted-side china bowl (finger bowls? lemon slice bowls?) I could find at thrift stores. I must have 100 or more. The cats don’t recognize anything else as food bowls.

    It’s sad to watch them attempt to eat out of a “regular” bowl–the girls stretch their necks tentatively (poison! poison!) and William just knocks the whole thing over.

  3. Patti Johnson says:

    Thanks for the great review, Jenny! These bowls are so cute and it’s nice that they are lightweight, dishwasher safe and non-skid. I already have a stainless steel dish with a non-skid bottom that I got from Petco when we first were prepping our home for Pink Sugar’s arrival. However, I am seriously thinking of getting one these bowls to have a second dish when I’m washing out the first dish, etc… 🙂 <3

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