Louie’s Box Designer Submarine Cat Box Bed Review

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Louie’s Box is a designer cat box bed that is shaped like a submarine.  The cardboard is decorated with a Louie's Box Designer Submarine Cat Box Bed Review Triggyellow and white hound’s tooth design.

Louie’s Box launched in 2013 following a successful fundraising campaign on
Kickstarter. Louie’s Box is made of sturdy
lightweight cardboard.

Louie’s Box is really stinkin’ cute.  I like that it arrives undone and you have to put it together – a great project for a child or a grandchild.

The cats enjoy the process of putting it together too – as you will see in the arrival video, Trigg was ready to go inside and see what I had created.

You can buy Louie’s Box on their website.

See other cats in their Louie’s boxes on Louie’s Box’s Facebook page.

Here is our arrival video that shows you how it arrives and how you fold it into a submarine:

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Here is the final review video:

We received Louie’s Box from the manufacturer.  Receiving the free product did not influence this post.


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