Lord Bentley, Lady Bella, and Lady Beatrix – Ragdolls of the Week

The 3 Bs
The 3 Bs

We are  Lord Bentley, Lady Bella, and Lady Beatrix

Well, we are now 1 year old, 9 July 2012, we don’t feel older but we do feel wiser. We came to Florida to live with Jim and Susie from Fresno Ca. We were born at Bridalvail Ragdolls, in Fresno, and had a very nice mom and dad.  Since we arrived, we took over the everyday tasks of home ownership that is normal for cats of our breed.  Its a big task, but as a group, it not too bad. We seem to have lots of toys and 2 big sleeping trees.  Jim had to make one tray bigger for Bentley.

Lord Bentley and Lady Bella at 8 weeks
Lord Bentley and Lady Bella at 8 weeks

How did we all three get to take the cross country trip you ask? Well Jim and Susie had only 3 cats over 42 years. Then they lost the last of the darlings, Sabrina, a BluePoint Siamese.  So they set out to fill the empty spot in the house with the thought of a male cat, since they never had one, and wanted a cute lovely Ragdoll. that turned out to be Lord Bentley. However, Susie really kind of wanted a female.  So  Bella was added to the flight manifest.  We were 8 weeks old at the time. As we sent pictures to them every week, they became very excited about our arrival date in October 2011. Susie was happy, Jim was happy, but Susie was concerned that Lady Beatrix would be lonely with her Bro and Sis gone. So a week before the flight, she called and said send Beatrix along, to keep the family together.  That was just great.  More flyer miles for us.

Lady Beatrix at 8 weeks
Lady Beatrix at 8 weeks

We have grown to be a Florida family now. We play together, sleep together, eat together, and ride in the truck together. Bentley goes with Jim in the truck , a little more than us girls. It’s a guy thing you know. We love the belly rubs, the lovies, the freedom to do what Ragdolls do. We have treats and special treats. We like to watch the lizards, birds,and yard creatures from the patio.  We sniff everything. Flowers, food, boxes, bags, and anything that comes through the door.

Jim will tell you how good we are.

Lady Bella
Lady Bella

As I read what others have written about Ragdolls, these 3, we call them the 3 B’s, are not unique, they are beautiful, but typical.  The list of breed characteristics is exactly a match to their lifestyles.  It is the facial expressions and the individuality that makes them special to us. Bentley is a caring brother, who is also a chick magnet at the local pet stores. He makes the rounds and is a real charmer.  He is very laid back and enjoys life to the fullest. Collectively they are the most social cats I have ever seen. Bella is the household head of security and the great white huntress.  If a bug or lizard enters the premisses for any reason, they quickly are notified they are not welcome. She watches and inspects every inch of everything thats comes and goes.  She doesn’t sleep during the day , as much as the others and follows Me every where I go.  She is talkative at times and is very opinionated.  Beatrix, well she is who we refer to as Big B.  Reserved, quiet, sometimes a loner of sorts, butt a mama’s girl.  She seems to just beat to a different drum.  A prolific bread kneader, and a little head strong.

Lady Beatrix
Lady Beatrix

When they play, they play hard. It lasts about and hour and then,as you might guess, they just flop where ever they are and rest.  They don’t move from your way, even if requested, they roll over and spread their legs and expect a belly rub. And they always get one to. It’s hard to even look at them without, petting and praising them.  I can honestly say, sometimes they do not act like cats. Their level of intelligence, from the beginning was remarkable. They turn lights on and off, open doors and love to watch TV. If do anything ,

Lord Bentley
Lord Bentley

they are their to observe and learn. Oh, and if the head tilts from right to left, as they watch you, it’s over, they know just how to do the task they are observing.  Dialing the phone, turning on the computer, opening drawers, you name it. They are not malicious, just good learners. And the plus is they do not use their claws on anything but the climbing towers. They know things, Lots of things.

Yes we love our Ragdolls. At 1+ years they are wonderful. Lord Bentley, Lady Bella and Lady Beatrix.

By Jim and Susie

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4 thoughts on “Lord Bentley, Lady Bella, and Lady Beatrix – Ragdolls of the Week

  1. Geo says:

    Your 3 B’s are B-yoo-tiful! I concur regarding how remarkably intelligent Ragdolls can be. Fun hearing your stories and the little details that make them so special.

  2. JLSW says:

    Your story reminds me of our story: we committed to two Ragdoll kitten brothers, but then committed to the third brother because we didn’t want anyone to be lonely. As my husband said, “We should take all three so no one needs therapy later.” 😉 Glad your trio is as happy and loves as our trio is!

  3. Teresa says:

    Thank you for sharing the “3 B’s” story. They are all lovely and you are so blessed to have been able to get all three. Know they sure do think so! They are gorgeous!

  4. Suzanne says:

    How lucky to have such a bevy of charmers. They are individuals for sure, and that’s a joy isn’t it?
    My 2 Rags sleep at different times too. One follows where I am, the other only shows up when he needs something! They do learn fast..Your trio is beautiful, I hope you have many, many years with all of them!

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