Floppycats Cat Product Reviews

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Floppycats Cat Product Reviews

Floppycats is known for our cat product reviews.  Are you a manufacturer of a product and are interested in getting more word on the street (the Internet one that is) about how fabulous your product is?

We are always on the look out for products to review that are applicable for Ragdoll cats or other large breed cats or their owners (for example, perhaps you manufacturer carpet that is ideal for pet owners).  Our product reviews post on Tuesdays – so there are only 4 product reviews/month (well, sometimes 5 if the month falls in that sort of way).  All of our reviews are featured under our products’ category on the site and each review has it’s own individual page on the site.

Floppycats Cat Product Review Process:

We do not accept just any product.  We first need to exchange e-mails to understand what each other is looking for.  I can usually tell from the get-go if my cats are going to respond favorably to a product or not.  I do not want to waste your advertising dollars, if I do not think I will like it or the cats will like it.  I am interested in favorable reviews on the site and not horrible ones.

Once we’ve agreed that product can be sent, you will receive the following:

  1. When we first get the product in the mail, we do a post on our YouTube channel like this one: 
  2. 4-6 weeks after we’ve received the product (after we have had time to use it, elevate it, address concerns of readers and more), we do the final review.  The final review includes a webpage on Floppycats.com dedicated to your product with pictures and videos taken during the Floppycats.com review process.  For example, the address would be something like this: https://www.floppycats.com/example-product-review.html. Yet, it would, of course, feature your products’ name in the URL.  Please see our reviews here.
  3. When Applicable – A final review video is posted on You Tube with at least one Ragdoll cat playing with/using/etc. your product and a link to where to buy the product.  We also embed this video into the review on Floppycats.
  4. A link on Floppycats.com to buy your product on the web, so visitors can buy it after they read the review.
  5. We feature your product on our Product of the Week page.
  6. The review is shot out to all of our social media channels as well, for additional exposure.

Floppycats Cat Product Review Fee:

We charge a $880 fee for the review regardless of the price of the product.  Reviews take us over 20 hours, and there is much exposure through the 2 YouTube videos and review post over the 4-6 week review period.

Floppycats Cat Product Review Contact:

If you’d like to participate, please first contact us at info [at] floppycats.com to see if we can accept the product.

Please note that your product will not be returned and is property of Floppycats.com once received by us.

Please e-mail us with any questions or concerns you might have.

Floppycats Site Stats:

Check out our Advertising page to see Floppycats.com site statistics.

Not Sure if You Want to Send Us a Product? See What These Manufacturers Say About Our Cat Product Reviews:

Floppycats’ Product Reviews’ Reviews

Are you a cat aficionado and have an idea of a product that should be reviewed or have you had your eyes on a product, but just not sure if it would work? If so, please contact Floppycats.com and let Floppycats.com know your thoughts!

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2 thoughts on “Floppycats Cat Product Reviews

  1. Nekochan Enterprises says:

    We will be sending the following products for your review.
    1 – #2007 mini neko flies (this is for use at cat shows or traveling with your cats)
    1 – #2039 large kittenator (mouse)
    1 – #1001 Katarantula with rod (spider)

    Thank you,
    Ellen T.
    Nekochan Enterprises

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