Look At Sebastiano Ranchetti Of Animals in Color Etsy Shop’s Interpretation of Trigg

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You might recall reading the Interview I did with Sebastiano Ranchetti of Animals in Color Etsy Shop.  Well, when Sebastiano asked me if he could do an interpretation of one of my cats, I thought he was sorta of kidding.  And then I ended up getting this image in my inbox last weekend and was stunned at how GREAT it turned out.  I showed it to my boyfriend, and he instantly knew it was Trigg.

Sebastiano Ranchetti's Trigg
Sebastiano Ranchetti’s Trigg

And to think that he made it look that good from this crappy image I took with my iPhone camera:

Original Photo of Trigg

Of course, you can order the Calendar that Sebastiano Ranchetti made – it’s for 2011 and it’s a limited edition.  It costs $40 USD and can be ordered from his Animals in Color Etsy Shop.

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