Lollycadoodle Felted Wool Cat Cave Bed from The Cat Connection Review

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Lollycadoodle Felted Wool Cat Cave Bed Review

UPDATE! See photos of our readers’ cats in the Lollycadoodles caves and nests

Errin with The Cat Connection reached out to us to see if we would be interested in reviewing a Lollycadoodle Wool Cat Cave Bed.

We were sent the Lollycadoodle Cat Cave and the Lollycadoodle Cat Nest.  They are both made from felted wool – which is super fun!  The cats love the natural wool smell – for some reason bunny kickin’ happened within minutes of being exposed to the beds.

In fact, when we got the box, I opened it, but didn’t pull out the contents when I first got them because the cats were sleeping and I was in the middle of making dinner.  I didn’t have my camera on me, so was just going to finish everything – empty the dishwasher and then go get my camera.  Trigg was sleeping in the kitchen and all of a sudden, I see him perk up and start whiffing the Lollycadoodle cat caveair.  So I stopped what I was doing to see what he was interested in – it was The Cat Connection box!  I was shocked -he started digging in the box to get to the beds.  It was wild – so you can see that in our arrival video, but I didn’t have my camera on me when he first got to the box, unfortunately.

Lollycadoodle beds are made in Nepal by artisans who use a felting process on New Zealand wool – they are truly a global endeavor!

You can buy the Lollycadoodle Cat Cave at the Cat Connection.  The Cat Connection offers Free Shipping with the USA with orders over $50!

International Shipping – The Cat Connections ships international and the site is set up to give international rates when you enter your country and postal code.

The all have grey on them like ours, but they come in these colors too:

  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Blue

Trigg went absolutely nuts about these when they arrived.  So much so that many readers ordered them right away and have already received them and reported back about how much their cats like them.

You need to understand your cat though – for example, Charlie loves the nest, but never does into the cave – he’s not a cat that likes confined spaces.  But the great thing, as you see in the final review video, is that you can transform the cave into a nest, if need be.

These beds are fun and functional – a great addition to your home’s decor too!

The Lollycadoodle Pet Nest Wool Bed from The Cat Connection is no longer being sold – they now sell the Le Sharma Wool Cat Cave

Here’s a video of Charlie in the Nest (I will do a separate review on the Nest):

Here is our final review video:

We received the Lollycadoodle Felted Wool Cat Cave Bed for review from The Cat Connection.  Receiving the free product did not influence this post.

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  1. I had to get a new office chair so I made the big box into a “playground” for Prossimo with full intentions of throwing away the monstrosity a couple of days later. Unfortunately for my design aesthetic, Prossimo LOVES it as a cave and sleeps in it for hours every day and it has now been uglifying my house for 2 months.

    I found some cat caves on Etsy and was about to pull the trigger but I somehow stumbled upon your arrival video on YouTube and have been eagerly awaiting your final review.

    Fair Trade AND eco-friendly material – be still my hippy heart, I am in love!

    Thanks for pointing out that the cave can convert into a nest, it’s especially helpful since the nests don’t seem to be on the website at this time.

    This is not going on my wish list, this is going on my “buy this NOW” list!

    1. Do you think he would like a cave? If not, then I would get the nest. I like the nest better for Charlie types. And it’s definitely wider – Charlie is in it a lot. Charlie and Trigg are both 14-15 lbs.

      1. I do since he spends so much time in the ugly cardboard playground I made him. He’s in there sleeping all the time during the day.

        It sounds like it will fit – I’m going to order it now!!

      2. Oh good, more irresistible stuff with good reviews and money to spend!! Next on my list is that that beautiful bowl.

      3. I did, thank you. I’ve tried it before but it’s not a good match for me but I wish you and everyone else who loves it continued success making extra moola!

      4. ok, no worry on swagbucks – i know it’s not for everyone – wanted to make sure you knew about it to help with the expenses =)

  2. Hey, I’ve actually seen those before; I don’t know if this was the same thing I saw but, did you review them from Etsy? Because I saw some cat beds that looked a lot like those, but I’m not sure if they’re the same thing.

    We love those beds, we might buy one (or two!) how much are they???

    Thanks for the great review! I always like reading them:-)

    Love the pics of Charlie and Trigg!

    1. It sticks – as you can tell in the review video. But I prefer for it to stick than to be flying around my house as I can quickly get my hands damp and pull the hair off with my fingers.

  3. chiggy really loves his loolycadoodle, it’s so cute! and that he loved it right away and still does is a great refection on how awesome they are. i laughed so hard when charlie climbed in there with chiggy still in it. i thought chiggy would beat his ass.

  4. What a wonderful review! Want to get this so bad for Grace. She loves the wool toys so much so, she has eaten them and I have to let her play only supervised. Don’t think that she will eat the bed because there are no parts sticking out like on the toys. She loves to sleep in this little pad bed that is for a crate liner, but it is way too small. Want to take it, but she is glued to it. Thought she might like this and release the other one.. Sad to see they are out at the Cat Connection. It is on my “get now” list! Thank you so much for the great review!

      1. Hi Jenny and ChristyB,
        Thanks so much for the info. I don’t see the Pet Nest, the one Charlie was in on the video. I don’t think that Grace would want to go in a covered hole as she always prefers to be out in the open for some reason. Christy, I did go to the Lollycadoodle website in search of the pet nest and see the option for them at $52.00. When I clicked on it, it says that they are out of stock. Am I missing the place on the Cat Connection where they would have the Pet Nest? I didn’t see that. Have been working on a photo project and have crossed eyes about right now. Any clarification would be appreciated if I’m not seeing the right thing. Thanks so much for the help. T.♥

      2. Oh, the nest! I thought you were going for the cave – when I do the nest review, the nest will be in stock at The Cat Connection.

      3. So sorry for the confusion and happy to know the Cat Connection will have them when you do the review.

    1. @Teresa, are you going to the Lollycadoodle website? If so, they are sold out there plus more expensive so it’s a much better deal at The Cat Connection (plus free shipping @ $50!).

  5. Hi, Jenny!

    I finally got around to ordering one of these awesome cat cave beds from The Cat Connection today! I got a pretty blue one for our Miss Pink Sugarbean! I’ll let you know how she likes it when it arrives later this week!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

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