Lollycadoodle Cat Cave and Nest Wool Beds from The Cat Connection – Reader Reviews

Post Published on April 17, 2014 | Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

After our reviews of the Lollycadoodle Cat Cave and Nest Wool Beds from The Cat Connection, many readers bought some for their felines and then posted photos on Facebook or sent them to me, so I thought it would be fun to compile them and share them.

You can buy the Lollycadoodle Cat Cave at the Cat Connection or buy the Lollycadoodle Cat Nest at the Cat Connection – The Cat Connection offers Free Shipping within the USA with orders over $50!

Grace in the Lollycadoodle Pet Nest Wool Bed from The Cat Connection ©2014 Teresa Reid
Grace in the Lollycadoodle Pet Nest Wool Bed from The Cat Connection ©2014 Teresa Reid

Teresa writes, “Have been snapping some shots of the girls enjoying the new cat nest.  Gracie (9 pds, extra long Ragdoll) is taking over on it during the day and it is really bringing out her playfulness .   She just sees it and takes a running leap sliding it across the floor.  So funny!  When she first saw it, she didn’t know whether to sit, play or eat it, so she did all three.  Illaria (11 pds, short, stocky Ragdoll) slept in it and has now begun playing in it too.  She is taking her toys and dropping them off in it like her own personal toy chest/sleeping nest. .  Even Miss Grouchy Pants, Mariposa (Maine Coon 12 pds, large frame body), is also loving it.  The thing is, ALL 3 LOVE IT!!!  So, looks like we will be getting 2 more very soon.  The good news is that the price is very good for such a quality item.  Know it will last for years, even with their rough playing.  Also about placement with cats – when I take it from room to room, it is like a brand new interest, and they have to investigate all over again. It can be a toy nest in one room and then a sleeping nest in the other.   Thanks so much for the wonderful, well made product!  It is definitely unique, beautiful and each one of them love using it in their own special style.”

Grace in the Lollycadoodle Pet Nest Wool Bed from The Cat Connection ©2014 Teresa Reid
Grace in the Lollycadoodle Pet Nest Wool Bed from The Cat Connection
©2014 Teresa Reid

Teresa sent in loads of photos – see all her beautiful photos here on Facebook.

Tanya writes, “Here are three of my cats enjoying their Christmas present. Salem in First photo Bruin second photo and my parents cat Boston 3rd photo (he is staying with us while they travel ) they all love this. When you posted on your site they were in stock I hurried and ordered two.”

Ragdoll Cats in Lollycadoodle Cat Caves Wool Cat Beds from The Cat Connection

Andy in the Lollycadoodle Cat Nest
Andy in the Lollycadoodle Cat Nest

Lynn writes, “This started out as a Cat Cave, but was quickly turned into a Nest by Emily stomping on it.  Every time I puff it back up to the cave shape, she smashes it again back to the shape she prefers.  Both of my kitties love it.  I may have to break down and buy a “real” nest just to eliminate some battles over this one.   Here’s my red boy, Andy, taking a nap in the Cave/Nest.  I miss seeing the pretty blue trim, but I guess they don’t care!”

Emily in the Lollycadoodle cat nest
Emily in the Lollycadoodle cat nest

Miss Miah
Miss Miah

Mary writes, “I purchased the cat cave after seeing Trigg’s response on Floppycats’ YouTube.  I have an 11 month old Ragdoll, Miah, who loves burrowing under things so I thoughts it was perfect.  I was right she loves this bed plays in it, sleeps in it, pulls her claws on it.  The wool it durable and strong so she doesn’t hurt it when she’s rough.  By far one of the best purchases I’ve made for my kitten.  Highly recommend it.”


Leslie writes, “I have two Ragdoll cats and I recently bought them the Lollycadoodle Cat Cave.  They LOVE it.  They don’t sleep in it but they play in and out of it constantly.  I have bought many beds for them and this is the only one they actually will get in.  They like to take their toys in and out of it and play hide and seek with each other.  My male Ragdoll tends to jump in face first and then his big booty sticks out.  They entertain me daily!

Thank you for your wonderful website and your reviews.  The only downside is I am going broke trying all of your great suggestions!”



Stacie writes, “This is a picture of Oliver my 4 year old seal mitted boy just after the box was opened.  He jumped right in and has loved it ever since.  He has claimed it as his own so my three others are not allowed. lol over is 13 pounds and is the smallest of my four but if he would let them the others would fit just fine.  A great purchase!”

Raggs and Salvadore love the cat caveLinda says, “I ordered the Lollycadoodle the day Floppycats reviewed it.  The day it arrived, Raggs and Salvadore got right in it.  They both want to be in it at the same time so I have another one ordered from Cat Connection in green.  This cat cave is the coolest bed ever.  My only problem is my 50 pound English Bulldog wants one big enough for him.  Love you, Jenny, for posting the review with Trigg and Charlie!!”

Miss Pink Sugar & Her New Wool Cat Cave Bed!:

August 29, 2014

Hi, Jenny!

Let the heralds shout the news throughout The Kingdom! Miss Pink Sugarbelle’s Wool Cat Cave Bed arrived today!!!

She had fun exploring it when it first arrived and then has been ignoring it all afternoon (it’s like she knows how much I want her to get into it … that little Lynx Minx!*).

*Lynx Minx borrowed from Miss Teresa Reid (owner of Miss Gracie, Mariposa and the lovely Illaria).

When she finally decides that she lurves this bed and curls up in it for sleeping or just to hide in, I will snap another photo and send it to you.

For now, we’ll just have to be happy with these five photos I took today. One photo shows her guarding the boxes, impatiently waiting for me to open them. The next photo shows her curious about what’s IN the box. The next photo shows her more curious now that it’s out on the floor. The next photo shows her “diving in.” And the last photo shows another “dive.”

I would be pleased as punch to have you post my review to your Wool Cat Cave Bed Reader Reviews page with any of the photos I sent. 🙂

Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂

September 1, 2014

Yes, here’s a few more updates. She’s finally sleeping in it (after we placed her “blankie” in it). Her “blankie” is her kitten blankie that Andrea gave us when we picked her up from LIttle Apple Ragdolls. It’s always been in our living room on the cushion of our rattan foot stool that she claimed as “hers” once we brought her home. 🙂

She’s such a funny little character. So cautious of some things and then so “all in and nothing’s going to stop me” with other things. lol 🙂

I am very, very pleased with the purchase. This is a very high quality made item and I am so happy that I got it for our baby girl!!!! I know she’ll be laying in it full time pretty soon and then, after that, I’ll pop it into “cave mode” and get her used to playing hide and seek with it. I’ve tossed our her favorite “red cube” as it was in tatters and hope to have this cave bed replace it as her favorite hide and seek place when we play “fishy pole” with the Da Bird wand. Babysteps, though. Babysteps ….. as she’s decided to act live The Diva That She Truly Is….. lol 🙂

Ragdoll Cat Pink Sugar in the Lollycadoodle Cat Cave

Dementia Boy’s Lollycadoodle Experience:

“I don’t know what I expected when I ordered Lollycadoodle’s purple cat cave.  I did not expect a profound emotional response:  I did not expect to fall in love with Jolie.

Jolie is not an easy cat.  She is a psychologist’s project, a veterinarian’s car payment, a mother’s conundrum.  She does not play with toys or other cats.  For 18-1/2 years, William, aka Dementia Boy, was her only friend because he naively tolerated her abuse.  Jolie is motivated only by Schadenfreude–joy in others’ misery.

Jolie showed no interest in the cave’s arrival.  Izzy immediately began sniffing, licking and bunny kicking it, pulling the cave around by its tags.  But Izzy’s happiness was short-lived; the minute she stuck her head in the cave, Jolie flew from a perch, smooshing both the cave and Izzy.  She looked up at me only briefly with, as Yeats would say, beautiful indifferent eyes as I yelled the mantra of cat owners everywhere, “Heyheyheyheyhey!!!”

Izzy continued to play surreptitiously with the cave, keeping an eye out for Jolie.  But about three weeks post-cave, I saw an old snarky cat curled up in a smooshed, inverted cave, her head resting on three Yeowww!!! bananas.  I had placed the nanners in the bottom of the cave; Jolie had pushed them to the side, using her prized possessions, the only toys she has ever liked, toys she has guarded with obsessive compulsive diligence, as pillows.

And it did something to my heart, my soul if I have one, to see this miserable beast so vulnerable.  For a few hours, she stopped fighting, rebelling, plotting, conniving, sulking, and gave in to 19 years of exhaustion, protected by purple and yellow safety.  I wanted to tuck her in and sing to her while stroking long, silky fur covering a skeletal frame, a body that has undergone every conceivable biopsy, resection and surgery, but I could not disturb the moment.  I just sat and watched and loved.

Both cats use the cave as as a launching and landing pad.  But only Jolie finds sanctuary in the cave, arranging and nesting on her bananas, still leaping from a distance when she spies Izzy playing with it.  Heyheyheyheyhey.”

You can buy the Lollycadoodle Cat Cave at the Cat Connection or buy the Lollycadoodle Cat Nest at the Cat Connection – The Cat Connection offers Free Shipping within the USA with orders over $50!

Did you buy a Lollycadoodle felted cat bed from The Cat Connection? Would you like your kitty and your review featured here? No problem – just send us 1 photo of your kitty in the bed along with your testimonial/review and we’ll add it to the page – info [at]

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17 thoughts on “Lollycadoodle Cat Cave and Nest Wool Beds from The Cat Connection – Reader Reviews

  1. Patti Johnson says:

    Thanks for posting my review and the photos of Pink Sugar, Jenny! I just now see all the typos I made… Sigh…. lol 🙂 Pink Sugar asked me if she’s famous now. I told her she was very famous, indeed! lol 🙂 <3

  2. Patti Johnson says:

    Hi, Jenny & Everyone!

    I finally got around to ordering one of these awesome cat cave beds from The Cat Connection today! I got a pretty blue one for our Miss Pink Sugarbean! I’ll let you know how she likes it when it arrives later this week and will send you a photo and comment to post on this page! 🙂

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

  3. Carol Fleisher says:

    I purchased two of these. My cat Rosie absolutely loves them. She uses one as more as a bed and the other is more of a cave. She spends hours napping in both of them. I love them and so does Rosie.

  4. Patti Johnson says:

    OMG! What great reviews! The pictures of all of your adorable kitties are just so wonderful! (Hey, Teresa, I know I owe you a FB message big time! I’m so behind on everything lately. Sigh… Bear with me.)

    I am adding the Cat Cave to my Wish List because I know my Pink Sugar girl would ADORE THIS SO MUCH!!!!!

    Thanks everyone!

    Big hugs, head butts and purry cuddles!

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

  5. Dementia Boy says:

    Holy Kittenkaboodle, Batcat!! Look at all these fuzzy faces peeping out of caves and nests. They look like little aliens in spaceships. Or, if you were to clip the pictures and string them to a pole, a colorful carnival ride.

    Squishy, squirmy, thank you for the nice comments about my writing. Three separate processes are destroying my brain and it is difficult to both think and write. I sometimes think I skate by based on my former reputation or status, but you didn’t know me when I had a brain so your words are especially meaningful.

    And I did it again! Or didn’t do it again–thank Jenny and her feline testers for finding yet another wonderful treasure. Many, many, many thanks! I thank you, Izzy thanks you, and Jolie…well, Izzy and I thank you on behalf of felis undomesticus attitudinus suprema, var. snarkii.

    (Christy, I think Freud would have turned to another profession if he had attempted to psychoanalyze cats. Pro, a rocket cat, loves you! He wouldn’t attack just anybody.)

  6. Teresa says:

    Well, think all the kitties think this is a huge hit!!! Great review Jenny and thank you for all the cute photos of the kitties loving their nests and caves. Every night, there is a different one sleeping or playing in it. Two more will be ordered sometime this year!!

  7. patricia says:

    such cute pictures and stories… dementia boy.. you are truly a poet, your words make my heart ache with joy! you need to be writing books, if you don’t already.

  8. ChristyB says:

    Loved reading everyone’s reviews!

    If anyone is on the fence about these, hop on down and order them! @Teresa is right, they are beautifully made, seem like they will last a long time and the price is incredible. Plus, they are made with Fair-Trade labor!

    @Dementia Boy, I need the titles of your books! If you haven’t written any, what the heck is stopping you?! Your review made me laugh and cry simultaneously.

    I have a cat behavior question or, based on my lack of knowledge, perhaps this is just a Prossimo thing…

    When he REALLY likes something he gets quite feisty I’ve noticed. What the heck is that about?! I’m very curious to try to understand a little more about cat behavior. Although, it may be as much of a mystery as why he chooses to take particularly bloody meals straight to a white area rug!

    He was in love with two things – his Lotus Cat Tree and the stupid box condo I made him. He rubs all around, chirps at me, puts his paws out like he is reaching for me and then goes on the attack swatting and biting at me (in a good natured way) if I fall for his antics. What is that about, why do they do that?

    Yesterday the Cave and Nest arrived. He went immediately in the Nest but when Yoda (the dog) jumped up on my bed (I had both items on my bed), he dove into the Cave and attacked Yoda from inside the Cave!

    Last night he got into the Nest and was a fireball. He got so wound up the Nest ended up falling off the bed! I put it back on my bed – I should insert here that he’s generally very calm on my bed – and he was using the Nest like a foxhole, reaching out and attacking my blankets and retreating behind the safety of the Nest’s walls.

    He ended up jumping out of the Nest and flying to the top of his Lotus Tree, acting crazy up there, then jumping down and into the Nest and being crazy in there – back and forth and back and forth.

  9. Lynn says:

    Thanks for sharing the cute pictures of kitties in the caves- this is what I had in mind bought the cave instead of the nest! So, it was nice to see pictures, at least!
    Dementia Boy- thanks for your wonderful post. I have used the mantra this morning several times already!

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