Lo Cat Scratch Furniture from Square Cat Habitat

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Most cats can be very serious about how they scratch, so this may be one of the cat products that will be suitable for your kittens and older cats that prefer to scratch horizontally. This cat scratch furniture lies flat on the ground, and your cat can get to scratch away and exercise all they want on this Lo Cat Scratch Furniture from Square Cat Habitat.

Lo Cat Scratch Furniture from Square Cat HabitatIt has one-fourth inch of rubber feet will make sure your cat won’t have this move around and accidently slipping while it is frantically scratching. You can put catnip behind or on the scratching part so your cats can have even more fun, and they can get to rolling all over their new Lo cat scratcher.

Since scratching is instinctive for felines, its important that you let them scratch on something, other than letting them scratch on wooden furniture or anything else they can lay their paws on. Also, it’s important for you to let them trim their claws, plus it will allow them to get a fair amount of exercise everyday. The Lo Cat Scratch Furniture is made from amber bamboo and has beautiful mohair green insert that can be removed and replaced.

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