Little Apple Ragdolls Visit Coming Up!

A few weeks ago after reading about good breeders vs. bad breeders, I decided I wanted to start doing cattery visits.  I get a lot of inquiries about reputable Ragdoll breeders and really, there is no way for me to know.  I wish I could just go on what people say, but I cannot.

So I decided I’d contact some breeders that live within driving distance of me to see if they’d be willing to have me visit.  Of course, selfishly, it also lets me play with kittens! 

Moreover, breeders are a wealth of knowledge about the breed, and I’d like nothing more for them to regularly contribute to this site.

Little Apple Ragdolls Kitten
Little Apple Ragdolls Kitten

I wrote three breeders and only one wrote me back (and with enthusiasm, that was Little Apple Ragdolls).  You know someone has their heart in it when they are willing to share their cattery with you.  Granted, I understand that some breeders aren’t going to allow everyone – for good reason, they’re not a petting zoo!  So I did promise Little Apple Ragdolls some press on my blog site, so that hopefully the visit is mutually beneficial.

I am really excited.  Andra has been excellent to communicate with and already knew about – so she was excited too.  As far as Ragdoll Breeder websites go, Andra has it figured out.  She’s got the typical, home page, queen and kings page, an available kitten page, etc.  But what makes her really stand out is that she has a testimonial page!  Of course, she calls it “scrapbook” which is really cute – but it shows how happy people are with her kittens.  Of course, it includes what the kitten looked like as a baby and then an adult photo – showing the color progression of the various color patterns.  As they say, “A picture is worth 1,000 words.”

Little Apple Ragdolls Kitten
Little Apple Ragdolls Kitten

Likewise, she keeps a blog.  Genius!  A breeder  blog is a great way for a family or an individual to follow the early days of their cat’s life.  So fun!  Not to mention the extra content she’s putting on her site – which the almighty Google loves!  If you’re a breeder in need of changing your website – you might check out the page I wrote about updating websites and starting them.

My mom, who is the reason I ever got my first Ragdoll, will be going with me – seems appropriate.  We go next Thursday.  Be prepared for fun photos and great videos on YouTube!

Thank you, Andra!  Can’t wait!

If you’re a breeder and would be interested in me coming to your cattery and then featuring the visit on, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Right now, I can only afford to visit the catteries that are within driving distance of Kansas City.  I am really wanting to see a live birth – and I realize that I could be up all night doing it – I’m totally up for it!

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5 thoughts on “Little Apple Ragdolls Visit Coming Up!

  1. Melody says:

    Wow that sounds like a great idea! And what you said is very true, we cannot always go off of what people say. Websites and testimonials help but being able to see the cattery in person provides individuals with a different feeling and is much more reassuring at times. Also, I especially love reading breeder’s websites that have testimonials on them because you can see how happy the families are and how loved the cats are too ^^ I actually have a list of potential breeders to avoid from my research that I told you about before but I won’t point a finger at people due to several complaints without actual evidence as proof. I hope you have a fun visit! I have actually seen this breeder’s website before from searching ^^

    • Jenny says:

      Melody, I’d like to have the list you’ve created so that I can have it at hand if i am ever asked, please. You can e-mail that to me and I will keep it private.

      Breeder websites are really important, especially as younger generations are interested in adopting cats because they will first turn to the Internet. Unfortunately, many breeders’ sites are out of date and although they adore their cats, it isn’t obvious through their website. Their website is a sales avenue for future kittens.

      • Melody says:

        I agree with you Jenny, although there are dedicated breeders that do not keep up with their websites as often as prospective adopters may like, I still believe it says a lot and appeals to potential adopters. I know that I really enjoy seeing breeding websites that are updated often, the more information available the better, such as the testimonials page that was mentioned before. Pictures I think are definitely a must on websites, especially pictures that are updated frequently since many breeders must do business with individuals that are out of state. There is one breeder mentioned on your website that does a great job in updating their website frequently, almost every single week! I enjoy browsing through their website every now and then to see what has changed.

        Also, I will get you that list as soon as I dig my notebook out of my unpacked boxes. I will try my best to re-locate my sources as well, which are basically links to a website.

  2. Sue Rogers says:

    Visiting other breeders sounds like such fun. I’d love to go with you. Having a good reference from someone like yourself makes all the difference in the world. Can’t wait for your reports!

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