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Ragdoll BooksAny Ragdoll cat guide will tell you that spending quality time with your pet is a must. Whether you play with them or watch them frolic on cat gyms, you should allocate time for them. The Littermaid Mega is an automatic self-cleaning litter box that allows you to spend more time with your Bicolor Ragdoll, for instance.

With sensors and a timer, this litter box can clean up after your cat uses the litter tray. You don’t need to scoop anything because a steel rake will do it for you. It will then store the waste in a receptacle attached to the Littermaid Mega.  So your kitty has a clean litter box every day but you only have to dispose of it once a week, for example.

This litter box can accommodate multiple cats or large ones. It measures 28.2 x 8.7 x 20.2 inches and you can buy add-ons like a privacy tent or a litter area carpet.

If you’re concerned with smelly waste, the Littermaid Mega can cut the odor by 50 percent. Plus it has an ionizer to clean the air in the litter box.

You can buy the Littermaid Mega for $172.09 through

What are your thoughts on mechanical litter boxes? Leave us your comments here or share them in our Ragdoll Cat forum.

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