Littermaid Mega Self Cleaning Litter Box

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Imagine flipping through your favorite Ragdoll books as that all too familiar aroma fills the air and overwhelms your senses.  You’ve got it! Your favorite Bicolor Ragdoll has just used the litter box an all too common occurrence in any cat owners home.  Short of toilet training your favorite feline this is just a necessary part of cat ownership.  However, the part that comes next, that all too dreaded job of getting out the plastic scoop and digging into the freshly soiled box is no longer a necessity.

If purchasing a first litter box or what may be the last you will ever need, consider the Littermaid Mega Self Cleaning Litter Box.  Not only does this box serve as a potty for your favorite Ragdoll, it also cleans itself making it a favorite for feline owners too. This makes this the best litter box ever just for cleaning up after each deposit made by your kitty.

No more worrying about whether those new cat snacks make Fluffy visit the litter box more often because your litter box will always be clean with the detachable metal rake that scrapes the litter clean depositing the waste in an easy to dispose of receptacle.

Manufacturer: LitterMaid

You can purchase the Littermaid Mega Self Cleaning Litter Box at for 148.01.

Do you own a Littermaid Mega Self Cleaning Litter Box? How would you rank it’s performance? Tell fellow cat lovers what cat products you like in our Ragdoll Cat Forum.

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