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Cat Climbing TreesFrom Littermaid Litter Boxes comes a new addition to its line, the Elite Mega Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box. It weighs 15.4 lbs, making it heavier than the Classic Series but lighter than the other models.

The Littermaid Elite Mega still has the best features of its predecessors like carbon filters to reduce odor, dual power option if you want to use batteries instead of the AC power cord, scoop and rake cleaner, waste receptacles and motion sensors.

The new Elite Mega involves keeping the litter area clean and germ-free with the ionic air cleaner. This is a spray that releases freshness to clear the air after your blue lynx mitted Ragdoll cat uses the box.

A safety bar is also in place to keep your bicolor Ragdoll cat safe should it enter the Littermaid Elite Mega again while the cleaning cycle is active.

You can buy Littermaid Litter Boxes at $172.09 on

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