Littermaid Elite

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Cat Window BedLittermaid Elite is an automatic self-cleaning litter box. For cat climbers and cats who just love lounging about on cat window perches, this litter box comes with a steel rake that can be turned on after your cat leaves the box.

The entire process of cleaning the box takes 10 minutes. The Littermaid Elite has motion sensors that can monitor each time your cat uses it. After your cat leaves the box, that’s when it will start to rake through the litter and dump it in a plastic litter bin attached on the box. The plastic container is easy to remove for throwing of its contents.

The Littermaid Elite also has carbon filters to keep the box from becoming smelly. It has an ionic air cleaner that disinfects the area of the litter box as well. This cat box can be used by 2 or more cats.

Buy the Littermaid Elite on for $172.09.

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