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Cats BookThe Littermaid series of products added a new item named the Littermaid Elite. It comes in black and silver gray color combination and has some added features the Littermaid Classic does not have.

The Littermaid Elite comes with a safety bar that automatically stops the rake when your blue lynx mitted Ragdoll returns to the litter box while it is in the cleaning cyle. The safety bar prevents the box to continue and resets the cycle until the cat leaves again.

Another new feature is the programmable digital tower that lets you put the Littermaid Elite on sleep mode whenever you want. As for disinfection and keeping the litter box area clean, there’s an ionic air cleaner that gives a spritz of freshness after a cat leaves the box.

If you’re thinking of buying Littermaid Elite, it’s $172.09 at It still has other features like carbon filters and dual power modes.

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