Littermaid Elite Cat Litter Box

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I read my Ragdoll Cats Book and all the other info on Ragdoll cats I could find and the solution is almost always the same; part of taking care of your Ragdoll cat includes cleaning the litter box. Caring for my Ragdoll cat is very rewarding. He is quite entertaining as he plays with his feather cat toys and his loyalty and affection do not go unnoticed. But, as he Littermaid Elitegreets me in the evening after a long day of work, the foul smell of the litter box greets me as well. I would like to put off cleaning the litter box until later, but the smell is overpowering. It was for this reason that I finally decided to purchase a Littermaid Elite Mega Self-Cleaning Litter Box. A litter box that would clean itself and save me from the horrid smell after a long day at work was just the product I needed.

When my Littermaid Elite Mega Self-Cleaning Litter Box was delivered, I began the task of assembly. This took quite some time, but I finally managed. I poured in my premium scoopable kitty litter and waited.  To my surprise, my Ragdoll cat went right to the box. As he finished and walked down the ramp of this box, I was happy not to have to clean up a litter trail as the ramp traps the litter on my cat’s feet as he exits. Ten minutes later, the whirring of the machine began and I watched as the rake sifted through the litter and deposited the waste in the attached waste receptacle.  Mission accomplished!

Manufacturer: Littermaid

You can purchase the Littermaid Elite Mega Automatic Self-Cleaning Litterbox at for $148.01.

Do you own a Littermaid Elite Mega Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box? How would you rank it’s performance? Tell fellow cat lovers what cat products you like in our Ragdoll Cat Forum.

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