Littermaid Elite Cat Litter Box

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Being a true animal enthusiast, adoption tends to be how new feline members are obtained for the home. It is a great deed to adopt a cat or kitten from a shelter.  In fact it is extra special gift to adopt an aging cat from a shelter as they are less likely to be kept for a long period of time in shelters.

Adopting an older cat is what caused the initial chaos.  Older cats, even beautiful bicolor Ragdoll cats, tend to be set in their ways.  Unfortunately this sometimes applies to litter box use.  The bicolor Ragdoll that moved in from the shelter insisted on a perfectly clean litter box or the floor was the bathroom of choice.

Littermaid Elite Cat Litter BoxAs cats sometimes can, this situation got messy as a clean litter box is not always an option if the owner works or has outside the home activities. That is when a Littermaid Elite Cat Litter Box was purchased.  This self cleaning litter box is a true life saver and floor saver for finicky feline.  So whether a bicolor Ragdoll or a Tabby is your favorite in the feline world, make sure they always have a clean spot to ‘go’ to when necessary.

Manufacturer: LitterMaid

You can purchase the Littermaid Elite Cat Litter Box at for 148.01.

Do you own a Littermaid Elite Cat Litter Box? How would you rank it’s performance? Tell fellow cat lovers what cat products you like in our Ragdoll Cat Forum.

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