LitterMaid Cat

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Tired of getting too much of your cat’s dirt everywhere in your home? Tired of cleaning everything up from time to time? You need to cut down germs, odor and more of your cat’s mess and here’s the purrfect solution for that… the automatic self-cleaning litter box… the LitterMaid Cat!

LitterMaid Cat will absolutely keep your household extra clean everytime. With LitterMaid Cat, you don’t need to worry anymore when arriving from work thinking that your cat might have been messing up all over the house.

This cat litter is purrfect for all feline. Be it an extra-large one or if you have a large number. Once your cat had already used the litter, LitterMaid Cat sensors are triggered to turn on the ionizer and the timer automatically. You’ll notice that after 10 minutes, the cleaning cycle starts and the rake moves the clumps toward the waste receptacle. Then the rake opens the waste receptacle cover and deposits clumps before closing the cover and returning this cat product into its original position.

LitterMaid Cat

LitterMaid Cat Product Features:
  • Includes removable steel rake, ionic air cleaner, waste receptacles, AC power cord, and more
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Ideal for households with large cat or multiple cats
  • Powerful odor-absorbing carbon filters reduce waste smell by 50 percent
  • No-touch self-cleaning litter box rakes waste automatically into sealable container
  • Ionic Air cleaner
  • Motion sensors
  • Daily scooping
  • Safety Sleep Timer
  • Steel rake
Product Dimensions: 28.2 x 8.7 x 20.2 inches ; 18 pounds
Price – $148.01 through

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