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Cat Window PerchesDo you own a Littermaid cat? This means that your Ragdoll cat is comfortable and used to using Littermaid litter boxes.

The Littermaid Elite Mega Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box is the latest box from the Littermaid series. From the previous blue and white color scheme, here is an option for silver gray and black. 

If your cat snacks a lot and weighs over 15 lbs, this litter box can accommodate his size. The Littermaid Elite Mega also has a programmable digital timer that you can put into sleep mode during night time and can also run on 8 D batteries if you suddenly lose electricity in your home.

An added feature for this self-cleaning litter box is the ionic air cleaner. This is a motion sensor-based function of the box that sprays the area used after your cat leaves it. This is to disinfect and help decrease the odor.

You can get the Littermaid Elite Mega for your Littermaid cat for $172.09 at

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