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Littermaid Cat BoxLittermaid is a name that has become synonymous with cat boxes in this household.  Our family and loving pair of Ragdoll cats have always had a Littermaid brand litter box.  Our boy Rags who is a Bicolor Ragdoll is pretty laid back about everything, but Sammy our Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdoll is a whole other story.  He is calm when it comes to most things but his true personality comes out when it comes to three things: cat snacks, feather cat toys, and his litterbox. 

Sammy is very particular about having his litter box extremely clean.  In fact if it has even one left over mess he will complain mercilessly with whining meows that will wake everyone in the house.  This being said my family was overjoyed when the Littermaid Cat Box was purchased and brought into our home.  This cat box is great because it has a sensor that cleans the box after it has been used.  The waste is conveniently deposited into a receptacle and the need for a dirty plastic scoop to be hanging around is not necessary.

Rags and Sammy are both happier and I am overjoyed that I no longer need to worry that Sammy will whine over a box that is not perfect. 

Manufacturer: LitterMaid

You can purchase the Littermaid Mega Self Cleaning Litter Box at for 148.01.

Do you own a Littermaid Mega Self Cleaning Litter Box? How would you rank it’s performance? Tell fellow cat lovers what cat products you like in our Ragdoll Cat Forum.

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