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WOW – what a review this has been.  We have gone through at least 5 20-lb. bags of the Cat Litter.  I released the unboxing for this litter on Feb 3rd.  It’s May 28th – we have almost been reviewing it for 4 months!

We didn’t set out for it to be that way, but that’s how it ended up.  Let me explain.

I got my first bag of Cat Litter when I ordered the Litter-Robot 3 Refresher Kit which comes with 3 Carbon Filters, 25 Waste Drawer Liners and 20-lb bag of Litter.

Shortly thereafter, Litter-Robot asked me if I wanted to review their all-natural clumping cat litter.  I told them I already had a bag, but if I was going to review it properly, then I needed to have at least 2 bags (one bag for the LR 3s and one bag for the regular litter box).  So they sent me an additional bag. Cat Litter Product Review

So I used one bag for our automatic litter boxes – the Litter-Robot 3s I had and put the other in our regular litter box upstairs. Cat Litter regular litter box Product Review

My cats immediately took to it and didn’t see it any different than their regular litter.  However, I did.  It was really fine.  Super fine and because it was so fine, it was dusty.

I reached out to and told them that it seemed really fine and dusty.  They were surprised – as they had not had complaints about it and wanted to know more about the bags I had received.  And they sent me another.  The third one was a bit better, but not much.  Every bag, I gave a fair shake – in other words, we used the entire bag – we didn’t throw it out.


Finally, they sent us 2 more from a different production run with their newer designed bags with the easy pour spout.  I really appreciated the new e-z tab spout when I was pouring the bag into the LR 3.  You will not use the entire bag in two Litter-Robot 3s, so the E-Z Tab allows you to ziploc it shut.


As you can see in our final review video, one 20-lb bag fits perfectly in the extra large Stainless Steal litterboxes that we are reviewing.  It fills about 1/3 of it, which is great.  It also filled our other litterbox before these perfectly well too.  It was nice to just dump an entire bag into a litterbox.  I am used to 40-lb bags that I have to carefully pour, so as to not overfill.

We have used Dr. Elsey’s clumping clay litter for a long, long time – and since it’s clay clumping, I knew my cats would be OK with a quick transition (you never want to switch litters in one foul swoop) – so I just emptied and cleaned the boxes and put the™ Cat Litter in one box and kept our Dr. Elsey’s in the other.  With the last two bags we got to review, once both litters were in the boxes, I couldn’t tell you which one was which. Cat Litter stainless steel litter box Product Review2

And one 20-lb bag fills up both Litter-Robot 3s and leaves some left as well. Cat Litter in LR 3 Product Review sources their litter from family-owned-and-operated ranch in Wyoming.  There are no additives and no perfumes –> YES! I loathe artificially scented litters (and so do cats).

My mom really dislikes having to haul litter from a store – bring it inside, etc.  Because it’s usually 40-lb bags and at 71-years old, that’s a lot.  At 41-years old, I don’t really enjoy it either, but consider a decent 15-minute workout.

What’s great about this litter is that is comes in a 20-lb. bag that is in a box with HANDLES!  Yes, handles – so when it arrives at your door, there are handle holes to help you bring it to your desired location in your home.

The bag itself has significant finger holes – so you can lift it up – until you need to open it and pour it in.  It is EASY to pour into the LR3 because of it’s size and design. 

With our regular litter, I have to scoop a cup full and dump it into the Litter-Robot several times to get the desired litter level. So, as a Litter-Robot 3 owner, it is nice to have the litter as an option with the easy pour spout to boot!

I would gladly use’s clay clumping litter every day in our house.  I seriously couldn’t tell the difference between it and our Dr. Elsey’s that we have used every day for 30 years.  My only issue with it is the price – it’s expensive – about $1 more a lb. than our other litter. Cat Litter clumped Product Review 2

Things to Love about the Litter:

    • Unscented!! – I HATE SCENTED LITTER for your cat
    • Clumping Clay – My preferred litter is clumping clay – or clumping anything – I am not a fan of litters that do not clump – I don’t find them clean.
    • Low Dust – 2 of the 5 bags were very low to no dust and they were the latest bags, so I suspect they more accurately represent what a reader would get.
    • Available by subscription – set it and forget it! Choose from 20-lb., 40-lb., and 60-lb. bags delivered weekly, or every 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 weeks.  Cancel anytime.
    • Free Shipping to your door in contiguous USA – I love the idea that it is shipped to your door…no lugging it into your cart at the store, then to your car, then into your house, etc.
    • Allergies? – I like to read through other reviews of products after I have written my own review.  As I read through the reviews on their site, I saw many people said it helped with their cat’s allergies.  My Rags was allergic to corn, so corn-based litter, for example, was terrible for him.  If your cat has allergies, might be worth a shot to switch up his or her litter. Clay Clumping Litter Clay Clump Close-up

Things Not So Great:

    • Price – It is expensive compared to comparable litters.  You can get the cost down by ordering 3 20-lb bags at once – it goes from $20/bag to $15/bag.  
    • Dust – Yes, I realize I included it as positive above, but we also experienced a few bags as a negative.  With a natural litter, this can happen, so that’s why I am mentioning it here.  But the last two bags were virtually dust free and this bullet point wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t gotten the first three bags. Litter Unboxing Video:


Litterboxcom™ Cat Litter Subscription‎ Floppycats

Hopefully, from our review, you will be able to determine if you want to try it for your household.  That’s always my goal – I cannot recommend or suggest a litter for you (would be morally unethical for me since I do not know you, your cat or your house’s situation), but I can try to show our experience to help you determine if it’s the right fit for you. Litter Product Review Video:


Do you think you will try the Litter?

We received the Litter for review from the manufacturer and also asked that they pay a small review fee.  Receiving the free product and the review fee did not influence this honest post.

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  1. SUPER FABULOUS & PAWESOME Product Review, Jennny honey! VERY WELL DONE! Looks like a great product! TYSVM!!! I doubt I would try this service as I’ll stick with my Dr. Elsey’s Precious Clay Clumping Litter… 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love & purrs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3 <3 <3

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