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Cat SnacksLitter Robot

Imagine, for example, your bicolor Ragdoll entering a sphere that automatically self-cleans the litter after every use. This is how the Litter Robot works.

Ragdoll books and other cats book stresses the importance of the litter box however, daily cleaning and scooping can be inconvenient for some cat owners. The Litter Robot is a handy helper that features a patented sifting system which cleans for 7 minutes after your cat leaves the globe-shaped litter.

With a 12VDC adapter and your kitchen waste bag, the Litter Robot is ready to function. After every cleaning, the litter box is once again lined with clean litter, ready for the next use. This product can accommodate up to 4 cats.

Measuring 24 inches x 22 inches x 29 inches, you can buy the Litter Robot for $339.99 on It comes with an 18-month warranty and is built with recycled plastic (gray Eco unit).

What does your cat prefer, an open litter box or ones with a shade or cover? Let me know with your comment below or on Facebook.

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