An Honest Litter Robot Review after Owning It for 7 Years

We got our first Litter-Robot 3 in December 2015 – at that time it was called a Litter-Robot Open Air – but I will explain that later.

I wanted to put this post together because Litter Robot reviews and Litter Robot 3 reviews are helpful if you are deciding to purchase a Litter Robot by Whisker (formerly AutoPets). After 7 years, here is the “scoop” and our full Litter Robot review. 

best self cleaning litter box
Charlie, a Ragdoll cat, in the Litter Robot 3 Open Air

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If you have more questions I have not addressed here in, please do leave them in the comments, and I will get back to you. The Litter-Robot 3 is a high-tech innovative litter box system that not only scoops your pet’s waste, and but also reduces the amount of waste going into landfills. It looks a little like a cat space ship, so that’s a bonus too.

All kidding aside, the Litter Robot 3 Self-Cleaning Litter Box turned out to be more useful than I originally thought it would. I was hesitant to like a self-cleaning cat box because I didn’t see the need. After using it and talking with other cat owners, I can see how this would be an awesome choice for people who work long hours, have multiple cats, or difficulty cleaning the box. It has a sensor that tells it when to ensure your cat has exited the box, before the cleaning cycle begins, so your kitty’s safety won’t be an issue. It has a unique sifting system that sifts out the poop and pee after each use and leaves the clean litter.

Is the Litter Robot Worth It?

It saves up to 50% of clean litter that is usually wasted with regular manual cleaning and gives your kitty a clean bed of litter after every use. It’s made to be long lasting and can be repaired if it breaks. You don’t need any special supplies, which is nice — just clumping litter and standard kitchen waste trash bags.

There is also the Litter-Robot 3 Connect which comes with WiFi and a corresponding app that will tell you things like how many times your cats have gone in and out of the box that day, if the waste drawer is filled and more.

An extra bonus – my cats love to watch it cycle! So it provides entertainment too! The Litter Robot is made in the USA, and the Litter-Robot comes with a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee and is backed by an 18-Month warranty.

Best Automatic Litter Box - Litter Robot Open Air - Used by Ragdoll Cat Trigg - Floppycats

Unboxing the first Litter Robot 5 years ago

As you research the Litter-Robot and read Litter Robot reviews you might be confused by the different model names. What is the difference between the: Litter-Robot 2, Litter-Robot Open Air, Litter-Robot 3, and Litter-Robot Connect.

Litter-Robot 2s – Classic and Bubble

Litter-Robot 2 Classic vs the Litter-Robot 2 Bubble

The LR2 is the second generation of Litter-Robots that is no longer sold as a new unit, however, you might find a used unit online, for example, or there are owners of the LR2 still using the product, so there are replacement parts on the site for it.

Litter-Robot Open Air

Litter Robot Open Air Review

The Litter-Robot Open Air is their 3rd generation of the Litter-Robot and was named “Open-Air” when it first came out.  Over time, they switched the name to the Litter-Robot 3.  And really, the only difference I know of is that the LR3 does not have an internal shield, it was discovered that it wasn’t really necessary.

Litter-Robot 3

Litter-Robot 3 bisque front

The Litter-Robot 3 is the same as the Open Air without the internal shield and this is the one that is currently sold as a new product. Buy a Litter-Robot 3 with our affiliate link.

Litter-Robot 3 Connect

Litter-Robot-3-Connect-litter robot affiliate link litter-robot 3 sale

The Litter-Robot 3 Connect is the other product they sell now as a brand-new product – the only difference with the Connect is that it is WiFi enabled and therefore works with their Litter-Robot app.  So it will tell you things like if the waste drawer is full, if the Litter-Robot isn’t cycling properly or how many times your cat is going in and out of the Litter-Robot.

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1. Do Cats Like the Litter-Robot?

In short, most usually. They love it as much as we humans do, but for different reasons. At first, many cats will be intrigued by the Litter-Robot’s cycling process, which draws them in. Amy’s cats, for example, started using the Litter-Robot within the first two hours of bringing it home. One reader also claimed her kitten jumps in as soon as the Robot starts cycling and won’t get out, that’s how much it enjoys it – thankfully the Litter-Robot stops cycling as soon as it feels weight inside, so he cannot get hurt.

Litter Robot in basement with Ragdoll cat
Ragdoll Cat Care The Ultimate Guide to the Litter Robot
Litter Robot reviews are helpful if you are deciding to purchase a Litter Robot. After 5 years here is the scoop and our full litter robot review. The Litter Robot 3 Self-Cleaning Litter Box turned out to be more useful than I originally thought it would. After using it and talking with other cat owners, I can see how this would be an awesome choice for people who work long hours, have multiple cats, or difficulty cleaning the box.

Readers Comments:

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Litter Robot Review from a real owner
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2. How to Get Cat to Use Litter-Robot?

Acclimating your cat to the Litter-Robot is not difficult, but you may need to try these tried-and-true methods…and seriously follow these!  THE NUMBER ONE REASON cats don’t use it is because the owner scared them and didn’t follow these steps:

  • Leave it off – DO NOT turn on the Litter-Robot 3 in front of your cat.  Wait until s/he is using it for at least a week or two before you turn it on in front of them.  That way, your cat can get accustomed to the new object in the home, recognize it as a litter box and feel comfortable going the bathroom inside of it. Once everything is going smoothly, you can switch it to semi-automatic mode.
  • Put Litter-Robot 3 next to old litter box – Either set up your new LR3 next to the old litterbox or gradually move the old litter box closer to the Litter-Robot.  You can also try putting a pee clump from the old box into the Litter-Robot so they know it’s to pee in or put a scoop of litter from the previous box into the new globe. 
  • Stop Cleaning Your Old Litterbox – If your cat is still strongly attached to its litter box, make sure to stop cleaning it for longer periods of time. Cats like a freshly scooped litter box, so seeing it a mess will deter it from using it anymore.
  • Use catnip or treats – Place some treats inside the globe or just before your cats can enter it. Be patient, results will show, especially with those cats that are food-motivated.
  • Use the play approach – Cats love boxes and will stop at nothing when it comes to exploring the inside of a cardboard box. Leave the original Litter-Robot box on and cut just a tiny entrance towards the globe.
Review Litter Robot Open Air Floppycats watching it spin for first time

Purchase Litter Robot

3. Is the Litter-Robot good for multiple cats?

The Litter-Robot is perfect for multiple cats. Your cats will have no issue in using the same spot since the Robot refreshes the litter once it has been used. This means your cats will always find a nice, clean spot to use when they need it the most. 

[bctt tweet=”The Litter-Robot is perfect for multiple cats. Your cats will have no issue in using the same spot since the robot immediately refreshes the litter once it has been used.” username=”@floppycats”]

The Litter-Robot can accommodate a varying number of cats –  the Litter-Robot 3 is ideal for three cats, but can just as well be used by four cats if need be. Litter-Robot, however, recommends 1 Litter-Robot for every 3 cats.

4. Does the Litter-Robot Really Save Money On Litter?

In short, yes. Many customers have claimed their litter use has gone down by 50% annually since using the Litter-Robot. This is because the Litter-Robot carefully and efficiently sifts through the litter, only removing the clumps and leaving clean litter behind. This also means you’ll save money by spending only a fraction of what you would normally spend on litter say during one year.

Litter-Robot Open Air Review Accessories Air Ramp

5. Best Practices for Switching Your Cat’s Litter Box to the Litter-Robot 3

What Kind of Litter to Use In Your Litter-Robot

The best kind of litter to use in your Litter Robot needs to meet a few criteria if you want smooth functioning for the machine and little hassle down the line: 

  • Low-dust – The best kind of litter for the Litter-Robot needs to be low-dust, so you can prevent a cloud of dust rising in your home every time the unit performs a cleaning cycle. This type of litter also ensures the unit won’t be covered in residue.
  • Unscented Litter – Studies show that most cats actually prefer unscented litter for their litter box. Most cat owners believe that if they buy scented litter, all unpleasant odors will be absorbed, but this is not the case. In fact, scented litter only masks unpleasant odors and your cat may not even enjoy using the litter box. The best part about Litter-Robot however is that it’s actually meant for odor control that can indeed vary from cat to cat. The way it does that is through its waste drawer where all clumped pee and feces are deposited, to ultimately be dispensed by you.
  • All-natural Litter – That’s right, it’s best if you skip on the chemicals and any kind of added fragrances when it comes to cat litter. Simply buy the most natural cat litter version you can find in order to keep your cat healthy throughout the rest of her life with the Litter-Robot.
  • High-quality Clay-clumping Litter – Each granule has the right dimension and when a clump forms, the uniform granules tend to get drawn together. [embedyt][/embedyt]

Litters we have used in the Litter-Robot that have worked well:

6. How to Clean the Litter-Robot 3 Open-Air Automatic Litter-Box

Cleaning the Litter-Robot 3 Automatic Litter-Box does take a bit of patience, but if you follow the steps below, you’ll manage to have a cleaner unit in no time:

  1. Dump the litter in the waste drawer by pressing Empty on the Control Panel of the unit.
  2. Power off the unit and unplug.
  3. Disassemble the Bonnet and remove the Globe 
  4. Remove the waste drawer from the Base.
  5. Remove the filter from the waste drawer.
  6. Remove the LR 3’s step mat and turn it upside down to remove any stuck granules. Then rinse with water together with a brush, if needed.
  7. You can use a vacuum to remove all misplaced litter granules from the unit.
  8. Don’t use water on the Base and Bonnet, since they contain electronics. Use a cloth instead and drip a bit of mild disinfectant on it.
  9. Wipe off all inner and outer parts of the unit using a cloth dampened with water and a non-toxic soap. Be sure to avoid electronics.
  10. Re-assemble your unit.
  11. Add litter to the Globe.
  12. Plug in the Unit and press the Power button to switch the Litter-Robot back on.
  13. Push the “Cycle” button to make sure everything works properly and that you added the right amount of litter.

[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”n4tquE3c” upload-date=”2022-11-01T03:59:39.000Z” name=”Litter-Robot 3 Disassembly” description=”A quick and dirty video that shows you how to disassemble the Litter Robot 3 Connect. We have had our Bisque one for nearly 4 years and our Grey one for 1 year – this video explains quick Litter-Robot 3 disassembly.” player-type=”default” override-embed=”default”]

Buy Litter Robot today.

7. How to Install Liner Bags in Waste Drawer

You can either use the official Litter-Robot liner bags you can purchase from the website or standard kitchen-sized bags. 

  • Twist in the margins of the bag.
  • Make sure you fit the liner bag inside the rectangle of the waste drawer.
  • Tuck the bag into every corner of the waste drawer, making sure it stays fit.

There’s an alternative method to installing liner bags in the waste drawer of your Litter-Robot and you can see it step by step in this video.

If you are interested in learning more about Litter Robot bags – including alternatives and biodegradable options, check out our post, Litter-Robot Bags {Options & Alternatives}.

Litter Robot Open Air Review Floppycats Addie and Ash 2

8. Litter-Robot Problems 

As with any other machines, the Litter-Robot will encounter some issues across the years. In this Litter Robot 3 Open Air Problems video you’ll find a more detailed approach to the problems that may arise throughout the years with your Litter-Robot:

  • One of them, as reviewed in the video, is that the Litter-Robot may not always be able to fully clean and clear the litter. It’s something that may happen every 6-8 months and this issue arises especially when there’s a double clump – one cat went in and peed immediately after another. This can happen depending on the cat’s size, on the cat’s diet or if it has certain health conditions such as renal issues or diabetes-related issues.
  • Sometimes it may happen that when there’s too much litter, the Litter-Robot may not sense it properly and may mess up the proper functioning of the unit. To ease this problem, you can simply scoop out some litter once or twice and less will remain in the unit. Make sure the line inside the Globe is visible – this means your litter level is just right. 
  • Introducing the cats to the Litter-Robot may be problematic at first, unless you follow the steps indicated by the Litter-Robot manual. They need to be gradually acclimated to this new object in their home, so you need to give them time to take everything in. They will first come around the unit and sniff it, after which they will get curious to see what’s inside.
  • The three blinking lights may go off when the Globe is off of the Base and the Bonnet is loose. There’s a lubricant that comes in where the Base meets the Bonnet and it may come off while you clean the unit. This is why it’s essential that you put something else instead, such as furniture polish, to ensure proper lubrication is provided and the Globe can rotate easily on the Base.

As you can see in the video, these are some of the issues encountered after four years of using the Litter-Robot and they can be specific to this machine in particular. Other minor different issues may occur any time, so make sure you remember this machine will have its own hiccups down the line. Get a Litter Robot with our affiliate link.

9. What Is the Best Litter to Use In the Litter-Robot?

The best litter for litter robot is the type that is clay-clumping, unscented, low-dust and all-natural. 

[bctt tweet=”The best kind of litter to use in the Litter-Robot is the type that is clay-clumping, unscented, low-dust and all-natural. ” username=”@floppycats”]

Litters we have used in the Litter-Robot that have worked well:

10. Can You Use Any Litter In the Litter-Robot?

As the Litter-Robot FAQ web page itself recommends, you can’t get just any type of litter for the Litter-Robot. 

  • The recommended kind of litter for the Litter-Robot is a high-quality, low weight, clay-based clumping type of litter. 
  • The Litter-Robot also accepts some silica beads and crystals, as long as they pass through the screen. Plant-based litters may also work, but they form looser clumps which, in turn, can cause condensation in the waste drawer. If you’re using a plant-based litter, it’s recommended that you empty and clean the waste drawer more frequently. 
  • There are some litters that strictly do not work in the Litter-Robot such as: newspaper-based litters, non-clumping or loose-clumping litters, as well as absorbent wood pellet litters.
Litter Robot 3 Open Air Review

Litters we have used in the Litter-Robot that have worked well:

11. How Much Litter Do You Put In the Litter-Robot?

Getting the right amount of litter in the Litter-Robot is quite an easy task:

  • Pour in approximately 8-10 pounds of litter.
  • Make sure you can still see the raised ‘fill line’ inside the Globe or to not go over it with the litter amount. 
  • If you’ve put too much litter in the globe, don’t worry, just scoop out a cup or two and then hit the “Cycle” button to make sure it will cycle without a problem.  If there is too much litter – the weight sensors will screw up and the unit will not cycle properly.  So by hitting the cycle button after refilling the litter, you are ensuring it will cycle after your cat has used it. 

When the Litter-Robot 3 Smells Bad:

12. Why Does My Litter-Robot Smell?

For a device that cleans poop and pee, the Litter-Robot does smell from time to time – it’s only natural. In this regard, some maintenance is due and you will need to clean your robot occasionally. Thankfully, the process is pretty straightforward and this Litter-Robot cleaning video will guide you step by step. Another trick in keeping your Litter-Robot odorless is changing its carbon filter when it’s reached its life expectancy. Once you do this and clean the entire unit at the same time, your Litter-Robot will smell fresh once again.

13.What Do You Clean a Litter-Robot With?

It’s essential to clean anything your cat regularly comes in contact with using products that are non-toxic or chemical. If you’re looking at cleaning the outside of your Litter-Robot, consider using water and mild soap or, even better, diluted vinegar that will definitely do the trick and won’t harm your cats.

[bctt tweet=”It’s essential to clean anything your cat regularly comes in contact with using products that are non-toxic or chemical.” username=”@floppycats”]

When cleaning the inside of the Litter-Robot, you may want to spray it down with water first in the bathtub or backyard, where it’s more accessible to you. Afterwards, you can begin wiping the inner walls of the unit with a soft cloth, using a mild or non-toxic soap. Any dirt and odor will come right off and then you can wipe everything again to ensure the unit is dry.

14. How Often Should You Change Litter In Litter-Box?

Litterboxcom™ Cat Litter Subscription‎ Floppycats pouring into Litter Robot 3

This all depends on how many cats you have using the Litter-Box. If there is only one, you will typically need to change the waste drawer line about once every 7-10 days. Then you may add litter as needed. You will need to regularly check in on your Litter-Box – this way you’ll be able to tell what the status of your litter is just by looking at it – as you would do with a normal litter box as well.

15. How Can I Make My Litter-Robot Smell Better? 

The best-guaranteed ways to make your Litter-Robot smell better is to clean it regularly, both on the inside and on the outside, and to change its carbon filter – ideally somewhere around the 6-months mark. If you want to do even more, there are always options such as:

  • Add Zeolite – You can place small bags of natural Zeolite in the waste drawer, under the liner. Zeolite traps and removes odors naturally.
  • Baking soda – Baking soda has always been a great aid in removing unpleasant odors, so simply add some to the waste drawer.
  • Lavender – Use lavender bags to line the waste drawers. Lavender usually acts efficiently in reducing bad odors.
Litter Robot Open Air Review Floppycats Ash

16. How Do You Empty a Litter-Robot?

Depending on the version of Litter-Robot you have, you may need to check the waste drawer to see if it’s full or you may receive a notification on your phone that it’s time to empty it. Emptying the Litter-Robot is a quite simple task – press the “Empty” button on the Litter-Robot 3, once it has finished cycling, you just pull the drawer out, lift out the plastic bag that holds the litter, tie it off and replace it with a new one. 

Litter-Robot III Open Air How to Install Liner Bags in Waste Drawer

17. Using Litter-Robot 3 Connect

Litter-Robot-3-Connect-litter robot affiliate link litter-robot 3 sale

The Litter-Robot 3 Connect is the next step in engineering and cat litter technology, designed by the people at Litter-Robot. It’s meant to give both you and your cat an easier life and it does so by enabling you to connect with the unit – or more units – via Wi-Fi from wherever you may be.

[bctt tweet=”The Litter-Robot III Connect is the next step in engineering and cat litter technology, designed by the people at Litter-Robot. @Litter_Robot” username=”@floppycats”]

This means you can remotely monitor and control one or more LR3 units and be notified when your cat went into the Litter-Robot. The app was previously available for iOS users only and is now also accessible for Android users everywhere, as Litter-Robot III Connect App: Galaxy Android Phone Set. In order for you to have a smoother onboarding experience with the iPhone and Android apps, make sure to follow the Litter-Robot III Connect App Galaxy Android phone set up steps.

Best Automatic Litter Box - Litter Robot Open Air - Used by Ragdoll Cat Trigg - Floppycats

18. Is the Litter-Robot Worth It?

If you are asking, “Is the litter robot worth it?” We made a whole video just to answer the question.

[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”FHXne83E” upload-date=”2022-11-01T04:40:45.000Z” name=”Litter Robot Open Air Self Cleaning Litter Box Review – Should You Get It” description=”After having the Litter-Robot Open Air for over 7 years, I wanted to put together a very comprehensive review video for those who are deciding whether or not to buy the Litter-Robot 3.” player-type=”default” override-embed=”default”]

19. How to Save Money on a Litter-Robot

Yes, the Litter-Robot is a pricier initial investment, but it does earn its money back in time by helping you save on the cost of litter.

[bctt tweet=”Yes, the Litter-Robot is a pricier initial investment, but it does earn its money back in time by helping you save on litter.” username=”@floppycats”]

Apart from this, there are four different ways in which you can save on your Litter-Robot purchase:

  • Buy a Litter-Robot Through an Affiliate Link – Use a Litter Robot affiliate link like ours and get $25 off your purchase.
  • Buy a Reconditioned Litter-Robot 3 – You’ll find that Litter-Robot offers you the possibility to buy an entire unit that’s been reconditioned or even reconditioned parts, depending on your needs.  These aren’t always available and an affiliate link will not give you $25 off on these.  But you can visit their reconditioned page often to see if they have one for resale.
  • Take Advantage of the Bundle Deals – There are special occasions (usually, major holidays) throughout the year when Litter-Robot offers bundle deals for their products and the money you save can add up to a considerable amount. Just be sure to follow their newsletter or check their website regularly, on major holidays.
  • Find a pre-owned Litter-Robot – If you search eBay or Craigslist, you’ll find there are many owners who will sell their Litter-Robot 3 once their cat has passed or if they couldn’t convince it to use the unit. This may save you an important amount of money, but there are also drawbacks you need to pay attention to. For example, you won’t have a warranty for the machine and you won’t even know for sure if it will work. Another aspect to consider is that the unit may likely smell of pee from the previous cat and this might upset your own cat.

      Buy a Litter Robot

20. The Best Litter-Robot Accessories 

Litter-Robot also offers a myriad of accessories that go really well with your unit and that are designed to make your life easier. The Litter-Robot Accessory Kit has four items that are designed to make your using the unit much more convenient. If you read the Litter-Robot 3 Open Air Accessory Kit Product Review, you’ll find that it comes with:

  • Carbon Filters
  • Fence
  • Ramp
  • Waste Drawer Liners
Litter Robot III Open Air Accessory Kit

Some of the best Litter-Robot accessories include:

  • Carbon Filters – It’s a great idea to regularly replace the carbon filter that’s been included in the initial unit. A Litter-Robot carbon filter will absorb odors in the waste drawer and will keep everything smelling fresh. The Accessory kit comes with four carbon filters that are meant to minimize any unpleasant odors that may arise in time. One carbon filter will roughly last around six months to a year.
  • Litter Trap Mat – The Litter-Robot Trap Mat can be placed just outside the unit, as it’s designed to capture any residual litter that’s caught on your cat’s paws. This mat will prevent any litter mess from being dragged further into the home.
  • The L3 Ramp – The  L3 Ramp is designed to support your cat get easier access inside the unit, while also reducing any possible litter tracking that may occur. Its simple design makes the ramp easy to install in front of the unit.  The ramp is a great and useful addition especially for older cats that may have trouble jumping into the unit.
  • The L3 Fence – One of the most popular Litter-Robot accessories, the L3 Fence is meant to act as a barrier and contain all kicked-up litter and help prevent any more messes from being created within the home. 
  • Liners – The Litter-Robot waste drawer liners you’ll find fit perfectly into the tray and make disposing of the litter a really easy and comfortable task.

You can read a more detailed Litter-Robot Accessories Kit review and see what the personal experience looks like when using each one of these items.

  • Eco Leo Waste Bag Alternatives – These are not just plastic bags. They are vegetable-based pet waste bags and are strong enough to hold heavy clumps of kitty litter. These individual bags are white and unscented. EcoLeo also gives back by donating a portion of all sales directly to small 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescues, or to fund our own rescue efforts and causes, such as providing veterinary care to animals that we rescue or feeding community cat colonies. Purchase your Eco Leo Wast Bags here.
  • Litter-Robot Cleaning Wipes – Uses bio-enzymatic technology to remove orders and stains from your Litter-Robot. Purchase your cleaning wipes here.
  • BlackHole Litter Mat Blackhole Cat Litter Mat – Extra-Large – These unique dual-layer cat litter box mats help keep litter from being tracked or scattered across your floors by trapping it in our dual-layer design. Buy your Blackhole Cat Litter Mat here.

21. How Much Does a Litter-Robot Cost?

The Litter-Robot 3 is the highest-rated, self-cleaning litter box for cats and it’s currently at $449. The Litter-Robot 3 Connect is very similar to the Litter-Robot 3, except it comes with one important upgrade: it’s Wi-Fi enabled, which means you may monitor and control one or more Litter-Robot units remotely. Buy a Litter Robot

22. Does the Litter-Robot Ever Go On Sale?

The Litter-Robot does not go on sale, but it does offer plenty of bundle deals that are available on their website and on 3rd party websites like Chewy and Amazon. Make sure to check the website during major holidays. If you’re on the fence about getting one – remember Chewy’s awesome 365-day return policy, whereas Whisker’s is only 90 days – and you have to pay the shipping back with Whisker.

23. How Long Does It Take to Get Litter-Robot?

It typically takes 3-4 business days to reach you once you’ve placed your order. It all depends on how far away or close to the shipping center in Juneau WI, 53039 you live.

24. How One Reader Got Litter-Robot for Free

One of our readers, Jennifer, actually managed to get a Litter-Robot for ‘free’. The way this happened is that she followed our advice regarding strategized couponing

Litter-Robot 3 bisque front

Troubleshooting Litter-Robot:

25. Why Does My Litter-Robot Keep Saying It’s Full?

Your Litter-Robot may keep saying it’s full due to issues regarding the DFI lenses. When you look at the waste opening on the base of the unit, you’ll also see the DFI lenses, which need to be clean at all times. If they’re not clean and debris has accumulated, the Litter-Robot may keep saying it’s full. So make sure you wipe the entire plastic area clean.

26. Why Does My Litter-Robot Stop Mid Cycle?

There may be several reasons why your Litter-Robot stops mid-cycle: 

  • One of them, as the Litter-Robot website indicates, may be related to the cat sensor. After replacing or adding litter inside the globe, the weight may become high enough to activate the Cat Sensor. If that happens and the light keeps blinking for more than 2 minutes, follow the troubleshooting steps described on the Litter-Robot website.
  • Another reason could be a bonnet error. If the bonnet is not placed correctly, the Litter-Robot may stop mid cycle.

Buy a Litter Robot

27. Does the Litter-Robot Need to Be Plugged In?

Yes, the Litter-Robot needs to be plugged in, so make sure you place it somewhere with easy access to an electric outlet. Ordering the correct power supply for the Litter-Robot can make all the difference in terms of its correct functioning. 

28. How Do You Troubleshoot a Litter-Robot?

Whenever you’re facing an issue regarding Litter-Robot repair, remember that there’s the classic troubleshooting process you can turn to at any time. The basic Litter-Robot troubleshooting process involves these steps of setting up the litter robot: 

  1. Power Down – Turn the unit off and unplug the power supply from the base.
  2. Disassemble the Bonnet and Globe – First, remove the bonnet and then the Globe, even if it’s still full of litter. Set the Globe aside.
  3. Situate the Base – Make sure you place the Base on solid, level ground. Empty the Waste Drawer, no matter how full or empty it is.
  4. Reassemble the Globe – Put the Globe back, ensuring it’s in its Home position. 
  5. Reassemble the Bonnet – Make sure you snap all side tabs into place. Once you’ve done this and reassembled the Bonnet, make sure you rotate the Black Key at the back of Globe into the pocket of the Base.
  6. Check-up – Make sure there are no parts of the unit touching the walls or surroundings.
  7. Plug It In – Plug the Base back on and turn the unit on.
  8. The Automatic Reset – The unit will now perform an initial Clean cycle.
  9. Test It – Press the Clean cycle again to ensure your unit is running smoothly through the entire cleaning cycle.
  10. Manual Cat Sensor Activation – Press the Globe just above the entrance and release. The blue light should turn off and the red light should turn on – this is the Cat Sensor being activated. Allow the Wait time and the Clean cycle to finish. After this, the Globe will return to its Home position and a solid blue light will appear on the Control Panel.

Apart from this, if you’ve experienced the Litter-Robot not being able to find the Home or dump positions, be sure to check the magnets of the Litter-Robot Globe. Litter-Robot magnets will trigger the sensors needed to ensure the rotation of the Globe and will inform the main circuit board of the exact position of the Globe. The Litter-Robot 2 Troubleshooting process is very similar and you can check all the Litter-Robot 2 troubleshooting steps to make sure you’re not missing anything.

Litter-Robot 2 Classic vs the Litter-Robot 2 Bubble

29. How Do I Reset My Litter-Robot?

There’s nothing like a Litter-Robot hard reset to get things going again when you encounter an issue. Pressing the Reset button may solve a number of issues you might encounter with your Litter-Robot. Pressing the Reset button basically resets the Cat Sensor. In order to do this, the unit must be in Home position and a solid blue light needs to be displayed on the Control Panel. If the unit is cycling when you press the Restart button, the cycle will simply pause – press Cycle again to restart the cycle or Reset to abort the cycle.Make sure you press the Litter-Robot Reset button quickly, with a firm move, and watch the blue light start flashing.

30. How Do I Get the Litter-Robot Back Online?

If you noticed your Litter-Robot disconnected from the Wi-Fi, make sure you follow these steps to reconnect:

  1. Open your app.
  2. Go to “Remote” and click “Delete my Litter-Robot.”
  3. Completely close the AutoPets Connect app – this is essential.
  4. Reset your Litter-Robot by unplugging it from the base while the unit       is powered on.
  5. Wait 15 seconds, then plug the Litter-Robot back in, and allow it to cycle until the blue “Ready” status lights up.
  6. Open the app and follow the steps.

Here’s a Litter-Robot video that can better help you through the onboarding process. These are the official Litter-Robot support guidelines.

31. How Do You Turn Off Sleep Mode On Litter-Robot?

Exiting the Sleep Mode on your Litter-Robot is quite easy, simply follow these steps: 

  • Press and hold the Cycle button until the yellow light turns off. 
  • If you are not within the 8-hour Sleep Mode and the blue light is on, when you press and hold the Cycle button, you’ll see the yellow light come on for a few seconds. It will then turn off to indicate that you’ve successfully exited this mode.

32. Why Is My Litter-Robot Blinking Red?

The red light is directly connected to the Cat Sensor. If it keeps flashing, it means that the Cat Sensor has been activated for more than 2 minutes and it shows that either your cat hasn’t left the unit or there’s too much weight in the unit. In this case, clear any excess weight and make sure your cat has left the unit. Hit the Reset button – this will reset the Cat Sensor. In the same line of thought, the Cat Sensor is connected to the Anti-Pinch feature of the unit. This is represented by two metal pins connected to the motherboard that must touch each other continuously. If they are separated, you’ll quickly notice the Litter-robot yellow light flashing rapidly. Some litters are heavier than others, so you can easily remove some of it if this is indeed the issue. When it has too much litter inside, the Litter-Robot may not be sensing it properly. For this and other issues, make sure to watch this video of the Litter-Robot problems that can arise over the years.

Cat Care Tips The Ultimate Guide to the Litter Robot 3

33. Why Do Cats Refuse to Use the Litter Box?

There are a number of reasons why your cat may refuse to use the litter box. Let’s look at some of them:

  • Accessibility – The litter box is not easily accessible to them. If the litter box feels like too much work to reach or if access to it is obstructed in any way, your cat may simply refrain from using it.
  • Cleanliness – Cleanliness is another important factor for cats. If the litter box is not clean enough or isn’t frequently thoroughly cleaned, your cat may simply not choose it for its needs.
  • Litter – There should be at least two inches of litter in the litter box. If there is less than this, your cat may not like it and consider the litter box as a viable option. The scent of the litter may also be a deterrent for your cats, so make sure you offer your cat a wide variety of litter options, to check which one best suits it.
  • Odors – Make sure to also check the Litter-Robot waste drawer – if it’s full for too long, odors will start becoming less than pleasant. Thankfully the Litter-Robot drawer full sensor will let you know when the time is due. This also quickly addresses the Litter-Robot troubleshooting blinking blue light.

34. What Is the Best Litter Box for Multiple Cats?

The best Litter-Robot for multiple cats is the Litter-Robot 3, which can easily accommodate up to 3-4 cats. The general rule is that a Litter-Robot that’s used by one cat will need to be emptied out once a week. If you have two cats, you will need to empty it twice a week and so on. 

[bctt tweet=”The best Litter-Robot for multiple cats is the Litter-Robot 3, which can easily accommodate up to 3-4 cats.” username=”@floppycats”]

The Litter-Robot is thus easy to use for multiple cats and they won’t get bothered by using the same unit, since the robot will automatically clean the litter after each single use. So every time a new cat enters the unit, it will find a fresh bed of litter awaiting for it.If one cat enters after another one and the unit hasn’t performed its cleaning cycle just yet, there’s absolutely no problem. The machine will simply clean after both of them once the second one is done.

35. Do Cats Poop On the Floor When They Are Mad?

It’s difficult to establish what the exact reason is for your cat pooping on the floor, but there are several widely agreed upon reasons that you can look at:

[bctt tweet=”It’s difficult to establish what the exact reason is for your cat pooping on the floor, but there are several widely agreed upon reasons that you can look at:” username=”@floppycats”]

  1. Your Cat May Be Sick – This may not be automatically true, but it’s good to always schedule a check-up with the vet if this is more than a one-time-only occurrence.

2. Your Cat May Be In Pain – Squatting and getting in the litter box may be a more painful activity than it used to be for some cats and this is why you may find them pooping on the floor.3. Your Cat Is Stressed – Cats don’t take stress very well and they don’t express it too clearly either. So oftentimes, there may be some stressful factors that you don’t even know about that may make your cat resort to other spots in the house other than the litter box.4. Your Litter Box Isn’t That Clean – It may not seem like the case, but your litter box may not feel so attractive to your cat. This is due to the cleanliness factor which is extremely important to cats.5. Your Cat May Be In Emotional Difficulty – If you go away for long and your cat starts missing you, it may not know how to deal with its emotions and lash out the way it can – by pooping on the floor instead of in the litter box.

36. Can 2 cats share a litter box?

In short, the answer is yes. Two cats can absolutely share a litter box on the one condition that it’s kept pristine at all times. Cats need absolute cleanliness, so finding a clean bed of fresh litter every time they want to poop or pee, will make them forget any possible feud they may have over the issue with their friend.

37. How long does the Litter Robot last?

Of course, the answer to this question is going to vary on a number of levels.  For example, the automated litter box comes with an 18-month warranty.  You can also upgrade to a 36-month warranty (some bundles during special promotion times are sold with a 36-month warranty).  So you can be assured that it will definitely last that long because the manufacturer will cover the warranty issues.  The oldest one I have was received in Dec 2015.  It is still going strong.  I have had some issues with it over the years – but many of them I caused, and I discuss those in our Litter-Robot problems video. 

Another reason why this might vary will be determined by how well the unit is cared for and maintained.

The Litter-Robot is designed for quality to provide you with reliable, trouble-free service, and requires little maintenance. It’s built with solid construction and industrial-grade components. That said, the life expectancy of units can vary based on environment, maintenance, cat behavior, use, etc. It is totally covered by the 18-month warranty (with an option to extend it to 3 years) during which they will repair or replace as needed. Even out of warranty, they’re still there to help! You can always send it in, or purchase the needed parts and they’ll show you how to install them.

38. How Many Litter-Robots Do You Need for 3 Cats?

If you’re choosing the Litter-Robot 3, you need to know that it can easily accommodate three cats, with room to spare for the fourth one, if need be. If you want to create more space for your cats, you can even buy two Litter-Robots. Remember that if you have three cats and one Litter-Robot, you will need to empty the waste drawer as often as three times a week.


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39.  Litter Robot III with Connect

The Litter-Robot is an automated self-cleaning litter box for cats that also has an added feature compared to the previous models – it enables you to connect to it through an app. The main unit of the Litter Robot III Connect has integrated sensors that detect whenever your cat enters or exits the unit. As soon as that happens, the sifting process begins automatically and all is left behind is clean litter that is clump-free. These clumps of urine and feces are deposited in the Waste Drawer that is lined with plastic bags, making the emptying process even more comfortable and convenient. The best part with the cat Litter Robot III Connect is that you can get a notification once it’s time to empty out the drawer, so you can carry on with your daily tasks knowing full well everything is going smoothly. You can connect with the Litter-Robot III Connect via Wi-Fi through an app that is compatible with iOS 9.0 or greater and Android 6.0 or greater. This will enable you to monitor and control the activity of the robot while you’re away, while also giving you the option to change the settings on the go. From the same app, you can actually control more than one Litter-Robot at once. This Litter-Robot detects cats from 5 lbs. up, so it’s ideal for both kittens and larger cats. The night light included is also a great addition for elderly cats. Setting it up is really easy and you can follow this Litter-Robot III Connect Set-up video for a clear description of every step involved in the process.

40. Where to Buy the Litter-Robot 3 Automatic Litter Box

In the USA, the Litter-Robot 3 is sold on the manufacturer’s website, Amazon, Chewy and a select number of Pet People (Hollywood Feed) stores are the only physical retailer selling it. 

  • On
    • Free Shipping
    • 365-Day return policy
  • On Amazon
    • If you do not have an Amazon Rewards credit card, you can save up to $120 on a new Litter-Robot 3 Connect by signing up for the Prime VISA card.
    • If you are already a cardholder you can get rewards back in the amount of either 3% (blue card) or 5% (grey card) to use on future Amazon purchases.
  • Buy the Litter Robot 3 on their website. 
    • Free Shipping within the contiguous 48 United States.
    • Additional shipping costs to AK, HI, and PR.
    • There are also reconditioned units that offer great value since you’ll receive a manufacturer-approved product at a lower Litter-Robot price!
 | Website

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  1. Tonya Anderson says:

    I bought my first Litter Robot in 2015. It was a Litter Robot 2 and people scoffed at me for paying so much money. At that time I had 2 cats. I have a bad back so it’s hard to scoop litter every day. One cat took to it immediately bit my other cat, a Maine Coone, refused to ever use it. It lasted me up until last year. It still works but you have to turn it on by hitting the power button off and back on. I recently bought 2 Litter Robot 3 connects. The first one I bought refurbished and it had problems within 3 days. However the company sent me a brand new one when I called and told them what was going on. I now hy6 cats and everyone uses them. I have told people who scoff at me that in my opinion they are worth their weight in gold. I’d love to know more about getting a free one. They definitely make life easier and as noted above you definitely save money on litter. A side not though: I had another Maine Coone who also refused to use it so I don’t know if it’s something to do with that breed or not but all my other cats love it. Hope people find this helpful and now that I know you can find replacement parts I will be looking to fix my 1st one.

  2. I bought one several months ago. It had garden varety issues from the start. But then, 3 weeks ago the flashing yellow light occured. There was nothing wrong with the anti-pinch, I even replaced the anti pinch contacts spending $15 of my own money. I tried contacting customer service, and the voice message says they will not repond due to high call volumes. I tried emailing customer service to no avail. This is the worst customer service I have ever seen!! After all these weeks I have a litter robot that does not work, I have no hope of refund, and no hope of getting it working, it should be renamed as the the “Litter FUCKBOT” I will never again buy this piece of crap.

  3. Christina says:

    I have purchased three litter robots, one as a present and two for myself. I have many rescue cats and many litter boxes. But the two little robots really helped with regular scooping… That is, for a little bit. I started having issues with the first one and was all over YouTube looking for videos to try and fix issues. I would get it working for a while and then it would stop again. The second litter robot never worked right from the beginning. I have numerous complaints and calls in to customer service to try to fix these things and they keep generously sending me parts that take weeks to get here, but then you have to take the wires apart and reinstall new mechanical yourself. Have done this multiple times with multiple issues. After self-repair the litter robots don’t work at all. They just flash some series of Lights for which the customer service agent wants to send you more parts. It takes a long time to take these things apart and it’s infuriating when nothing works. These are now $700 (ridiculous amount of money) to only work for a few months. I can’t tell you how infuriated I am right now. Today was the last straw. I’m packing both of these things up, only one of which is still under warranty and I’m sending them back. At this point I don’t care what they do with them. They take up a huge amount of space for very little yield. I would highly not recommend buying these. Unless you only need a temporary solution for a few months. As soon as the warranty is over they break and the only thing you can do is send them back for a $200 refurbishment. Thank you for the headache.

    1. Litter-Robot by Whisker says:

      Hi Christina, we are very sorry to hear about the trouble you have had with both your units. We greatly appreciate your feedback, and we will forward your comments to our customer service team for review. As for your units that you no longer wish to keep, we would like to request that you donate them to a shelter or rescue or have them recycled.

  4. Stephanie Llanos says:

    Do you know an estimate of how many pounds of litter you use in one month for the robot? Or how long a 20lb bag last?

    1. No, unfortunately, that’s going to be too subjective to know.

  5. I have 2 Litter Robots, 2-LR2’s and 1-LR3. I personally love my LR2’S more because they are workhorses. I’ve had issues with my LR3 for about 3 of the 4 years I’ve had it. I just discovered it could be a bad bonnet. They are well worth the money though.

    1. Yes, many LR2 owners have told me how much they prefer them. I have not had one, so cannot comment.

  6. Very good review (and accurate). I was a bit skeptical spending the $$, but it’s sooo worth it! Not only a space saver (I have 3 cats, so I had 3 boxes), they all love having a clean box each time, and they love watching it cycle!! Two things I would add: there is a support group on fb, because so many people own them, and if you ever have an issue, chances are someone else has run into it too and knows what to do and can help you- but the company is really good about tech support too. The other thing is they make these as folks order them, so it takes a while for them to ship to you (several weeks).

    1. Thanks, Liz – what’s the link to the support group?!

  7. SUPER FABULOUS & PAWESOME LR Re-cap Post, Jenny honey! TYSVM for all this great info about such an amazing product! I know all the current Floppycatter LR owners (and those Floppycatters who may be no the fence about investing in one or two) will benefit greatly from this wonderful compilation of LR info! Very well done! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love & purrs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3 <3 <3

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