Should You Buy a Litter Robot Refurbished and Reconditioned? Pros and Cons!

Welcome to Should You Buy a Litter Robot Refurbished and Reconditioned? Pros and Cons! The Litter-Robot is an amazing home device designed and built for those cat owners that don’t want to have anything to do with scooping anymore. The way it revolutionizes the life of cat owners is that it sifts the litter automatically after each use. All waste thus goes into a special drawer, which means that it enables the cat owner to use less litter and deal with considerably less spillage.

The Litter-Robot only needs a couple of minutes to complete the sifting process and will perform it as soon as a cat exits the unit. This will help reduce the unpleasant odors that naturally occur when a cat uses the litter. To this end, the waste drawer is also fully enclosed, for the same reasons, and it’s very easy to empty the litter.

All in all, it’s a very handy device, especially for a household with multiple cats. If you’d like to invest in a Litter-Robot and don’t want to get it as new, you should know there are two more options to consider. You can always get a Litter-Robot that’s been refurbished or reconditioned. But before you can make this choice, let’s look at what the differences between these terms are.

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What Are the Differences Between Refurbished and Reconditioned Items?

There’s always been a bit of mystery and controversy around buying previously used items. Unfortunately, there’s still not enough information regarding what it means to buy either a refurbished or a reconditioned item. Many people tend to think they’re getting something of doubtful quality that has been intensely used by a previous owner and now is just passed on to the next one, for profitability enhancing reasons. However this couldn’t be further from the truth. Both refurbished and reconditioned items undergo certain processes that attest to their quality and improve their value.

Let’s take a closer look at what it means to order a refurbished or a reconditioned item, generally speaking, as well as at what the differences between them are. Each of these choices naturally comes with both advantages and disadvantages and it’s important to be correctly informed on what these are before you make your choice.

One thing to set clear right from the start is that both refurbished and reconditioned items are items that have been sent back by users – however this is the only common ground between them. Refurbished items are improved in terms of aesthetics, which means they typically get a fresh coat of paint or spot repairs. Refurbished products are also cleaned up, tested, repackaged and made available for re-sale.

On the other hand, reconditioned items undergo a more extensive testing and repair phase. Having said this, reconditioning implies that certain components that are worn or obsolete will be replaced. Reconditioning also means that parts of the unit that are subject to degradation and lead to the overall poor performance of the entire item will also be fully replaced.

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Another difference between refurbished and reconditioned items is in the warranty certificates that come with each process. With a refurbished item, you will typically get a warranty certificate that spans over the course of a few months, while with a reconditioned item you’ll get a warranty certificate that guarantees your item is in perfect shape for at least one year.

This is largely what sets refurbished and reconditioned items apart and they apply just the same when it comes to Litter-Robot units. But which one do you choose if you’re looking to save a little money and not buy a new unit straight from the Litter-Robot manufacturing line? This is an investment that needs a bit of research, since the Litter-Robot is a device that will serve your cat-owner needs for years to come. Let’s shed some light on what each type of Litter-Robot entails, the refurbished and the reconditioned version.

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Should I Get a Refurbished Litter-Robot?

Seeing that a refurbished Litter-Robot has been sent back by a customer and fixed up in terms of cosmetic procedures, tested for proper use and repackaged, the price will be considerably lower than when getting a completely new unit. Having said this, the price should also be lower than when getting a reconditioned unit, which makes it your safest bet if you want to spend as little as possible on a Litter Robot.

Getting a refurbished Litter Robot offers the highest advantage when it comes to financial costs, as it should be cheaper than any other alternative. At the same time, you may also get higher quality for your money when buying the officially refurbished version than when buying one off the internet, without knowing with certainty the state of functioning it is in.

However refurbishing only offers a cosmetic touchup to the unit and a minimum guarantee of proper technical insurance. The team makes sure it tests it once, so they can check if it’s working. This doesn’t ensure though the integral parts of the unit are working properly, if they are worn out or will prevent the normal functioning of the Litter-Robot in the future.

So when getting a refurbished Litter-Robot, there is the risk of unseen and damaging technical flaws, as a result of previous use, that may appear in the near or distant future. Many people are willing to take this chance considering that a refurbished version comes with less costly effects on their finances. If you don’t mind taking this chance, then opting for a refurbished Litter-Robot may be the ideal option for you.

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Should I Get a Reconditioned Litter-Robot?

You will see that Litter-Robot offers reconditioned units on their website and it’s important to note that all reconditioned Litter-Robot units you purchase from the manufacturer are those that have been returned under their 90-day return policy. In other words, the units have been used before, but you have the certainty that they have only been used for a period of maximum three months by a previous owner. This ultimately means the Litter-Robot hasn’t suffered a great degree of wear and tear.

Through extensive testing and repairs, the Litter-Robot team ensures that all reconditioned units meet the unit’s original factory specifications. In fact, the unit is so well-taken care of, with every single worn out component replaced and cosmetic procedures thoroughly completed, that Litter-Robot confidently offers a 18-month warranty – the same you would get for a new unit as well. Additionally, you can always top up this warranty period by adding another 18 months for $49.99. All this by paying less than you would normally pay for a previously unused item.

All cosmetic procedures that a reconditioned Litter-Robot undergoes are thorough and professional, meaning that major signs indicating previous use will be removed. However it’s important to remember that a reconditioned Litter-Robot is, after all, a previously-owned item and that there will be small cosmetic signs of use. To this end, Litter-Robot suggests that you get a new unit if you feel you may be bothered by these fine indications of previous ownership.

Having said this, a reconditioned Litter-Robot will be more expensive than a refurbished one and less expensive than a completely new one.

A reconditioned Litter-Robot will perform the exact same functions as a new one would and with the same precision. The technology is built in such a way that it only removes clumps, saving you a lot of costly litter throughout time. You won’t need to buy any other consumables, it’s enough to simply purchase clumping litter and feed it to your Litter-Robot.

By reconditioning all units they receive back in, the Litter-Robot team is able to give back to the environment by repurposing used units, rather than creating new ones to respond to the market demand.

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  • Reduces our environmental impact.
  • Eligible units are tested to verify they meet original factory settings.
  • Same warranty and guarantee as new units
  • Cost-saving


  • A used product that may have slight cosmetic defects or evidence of prior use.
  • They aren’t always available and sell out quickly.

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Conclusion for Should You Buy a Litter Robot Refurbished and Reconditioned?

As you can see, there are quite some stark differences between getting a refurbished Litter-Robot and a reconditioned one. Indeed, both types of units are units that had been previously bought by a cat owner and that have been sent back in accordance to the 90-days return policy.

However the refurbished one will only suffer cosmetic adjustments and will be subjected to a test, to see if it runs properly after which it will get repackaged and sent in to a new cat owner. On the other hand, the reconditioned Litter-Robot is thoroughly checked for worn out components and other possible damages and is repaired to such an extent that the unit meets the original factory specifications. A reconditioned unit will also undergo an extensive cosmetic redo, which makes sure it will gain a fresh new look, removing all major signs of previous use.

Both a refurbished and a reconditioned Litter-Robot represent more affordable alternatives to actually buying a new unit. A reconditioned one will be slightly more expensive than a refurbished one, since it has undergone extensive repairs and it comes, as proof, with an 18-month warranty certificate – exactly like the one straight out of the factory.

So, if cutting back on your costs is a priority, you should definitely look into buying a refurbished or reconditioned Litter-Robot. Out of the two, the refurbished version will cost less, but bear in mind that you are subjected to certain risks when buying it. Since only a routine test is performed to ensure if it works right on the spot, you may stumble upon a unit that has less visible issues that will cause unpleasant situations down the road.

Ultimately, all investments require some forethought and it all comes down to your priorities. Make sure you take the time to sit down and make a list of what matters the most to you both at the time being and in the long-run and strive to balance them correctly.

Think of your budget needs, your appreciation of both quality and aesthetics and your willingness to give your extra care and attention down the road, should any issues arise. Carefully consider each one of them and make the decision that will fulfill both you and your cats down the line, in the years to come. Once you’ve made your decision and regardless of what it is, it’s time to order and enjoy a brand new life that can joyfully say goodbye to scooping.

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