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You all know how much I have fallen in love with our Litter-Robot Open Air – and you also probably know that our affiliate link will give you $25 off the purchase of one.  Litter-Robot doesn’t really go on sale – so the best “deal” you can get is through someone’s affiliate link…so it’s possible that some of the people aren’t really “readers” of the site, but rather just folks who were looking to save $25. Well…I decided that I would email EVERY SINGE PERSON that has purchased a Litter-Robot Open air through our affiliate link to see how the automated litter box is working for them and their kitty.  Here are the responses I have rec’d – they are varied, but usually pretty positive.  I wanted to get these online, so that if someone is considering buying this automatic litter box, they can know. One thing I noticed over and over again is that many readers did not call or make use of Litter Robot‘s awesome customer service when they were having trouble!  Self-cleaning litter boxes aren’t something that cats SHOULD take to naturally – it can be a process and might take a little work (my cats and Amy’s cats took to it immediately – but other cats don’t take to it as fast, as you will read below – but it can be worked on).

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Dee writes September 30, 2017, Thank you so much for checking with us.  My daughter and I have been reading your website posts and following your videos for a long time and they are very informative.
When we bought the Litter Robot, we kept our old litter box by it for the first few days and followed all of the instructions on how to introduce them to it. They were very intrigued by it and to our surprise they both started using it right away! The only problem has been that we are still having to use the manual button to make it cycle.  Brewski is our younger kitten and we know that it may not catch his weight but we have noticed that even when Whiskey uses it (who is way over 5 pounds), it does not use the automatic cycle. My husband and I have both read the instructions and have purposely sat by to listen if it will go off at the setting time and it has not done it.  Overall, we are pleased with the Litter Robot but are worried that the automatic cycle may not work at all. If you have any other suggestions, please let us know.
I replied:
Thank you for letting me know!
I am so sorry you lost a kitty to FIP – so horrible.
Have you phoned LR to see why it’s not cycling automatically?  That would be my first step – in fact, I would probably do that before I messed with it.  
I am not sure if they are open on the weekends or not – but you could also try and send them an email.
Dee got back to me on October 13, 2017: I am sorry it’s taken me a while to get back to you on the litter robot issue. They did get back to me through email right away with some troubleshooting and a list of do’s and don’ts. It turns out I was using lightweight litter and it causes issues with the weight sensor. As soon as I cleaned out all of the lightweight litter and put new litter in, it automatically cycled and has been auto cycling every time the kitties use it! What a simple solution!

Charles, October 30, 2017, sent me this e-mail:

Good evening!
Back in September you out asking me about life with the litter robot. I thought I would give you an update.
We had a litter robot but with four cats needed to supplement it with a traditional litter box since two of the four were resisting a bit. We finally made the commitment to the litter robot and in fact purchased a second unit recently. I’m pleased to report that we have just a bit of resistance with one of our older cats, but otherwise things are going very well. We’re convinced we made a good move to get the second Litter Robot.
Happy Halloween! 

Brian, September 27, 2017 writes, “So, far, it seems to be working well. Initially, nobody gave it the time of day (it wasn’t close enough to the main set of boxes – it was near the extra one upstairs so we could keep an eye on it). Once we went through all the recommendations from the manual, though, it clicked with them. We have three cats, so we’re still slowly working the old litter boxes out of circulation, and checking to see if we can get them mostly in the LR. Our youngest loves it, but the oldest eyes it with suspicion. He knows it’s a litter box, but I think he wants to make sure it doesn’t tumble dry the others first. 🙂 He does stick his head completely in the entryway when it’s running – I think he likes watching the stuff fall about. It works _exactly_ as advertised – when I go down there, it’s either clean, or the “full” light is on. It pretty consistently gets even a large lump of stuff on every cycle. There’s a lot less litter tracked out and thrown about due to the hood. If it turns out the single unit isn’t sufficient to keep up with 3 cats worth of litter, I’d seriously consider buying a second for the “throughput.” Also – thanks to you for your review on this product – it was a huge part of my comfort level plunking down the cash for the Litter Robot. I feel like you do a good job representing the average cat owner, and a solid job on the review videos. Thanks! FYI – 1 Litter Robot + 3 cats = empty it about every day and a half. Still easier to change out than a pan, though. Here’s a bonus picture of the kitties. :)”


Elizabeth wrote on October 3, 2017, “I did not purchase and extended warranty. The product was quite expensive, and it just put in beyond the budget to add the warranty. For what it”s worth, we do love the unit. Seriously considering buying two more units, at least. 1 for each of my kids, and potentially a 3rd to replace the other automatic cat box I have that has expensive inserts. The other one is called a Petsafe Scoopfree. The two primary things that I don’t like about it are the fact that the litter trays are about $18 dollars per tray, and they last about 2 weeks with 1 cat. True, the one cat is a pooping machine, but after a while, that adds up pretty darn fast. A set of three trays is over $50.00. I haven’t bought too many of those before I have paid for a Litter Robot. The second thing I dislike is that the trays, once used, are difficult to get rid of. They are not recyclable, and are pretty large, so slipping them into a trashcan is a bit difficult. I like the Litter Robot for many reasons, but the most pertinent ones are the signal to let you know when the tray needs to be emptied, and the excellent odor control that you get with the Litter Robot. As an additional plus the Litter Robot is reliable, quiet and easy to manage. Only 2 things make it a bit of a downer. It is quite expensive. It is also very tall, and that could be a problem for people with small spaces. However, both cats took to the Litter Robot without any difficulty, unless of course you count the stalking of the robot by the younger cat when it was rotating, which was really quite hilarious to watch. She has since largely stopped doing that.”

Kathy, September 15, 2017, writes, “I am thrilled with my Litter Robot Open Air. I had some difficulty getting Miss Lily to use it. I kept her old box next to it and refused to clean it, and still she wouldn’t use the Litter Robot. After 5 days (oh, the stench!) I just removed the old box. And that’s all it took. Lily began using it, no problem. I watched her leaving the LR one day and decided a ramp would be good, so I purchased the ramp as well. Then, I purchased an original Litter Robot for my mom’s Abyssinian kitty. Mom is 90 and loves not having the smell. I go to her place each week and empty the tray for her. For the longest time I just couldn’t justify spending the money on a litter box, but I don’t regret it at all! I’m so glad I finally bit-the-bullet and bought two! ”

Jessica, September 14, 2017 writes, “Hello, Yes I am pleased with the litter robot. One of my cats uses it but I can’t get my other cat to like it. Still working on it but I am running out of ideas. ”

Diane, September 5, 2017 : “We love the Litter Robot. I was skeptical at first but as soon as the cats started using it regularly I was convinced it is the best possible answer to litter. So glad that I bought it.”

Debbie, September 7, 2017: “I have two male ragdolls…Bogey is three years old and Max is almost six months.  Both boys IMMEDIATELY started using the litter robot as soon as it was unboxed and put in place.  I love it!  It is very easy to set up and use.  I had a concern regarding the rotation being less than smooth and contacted Litter Robot and received a response in less than two hours.  I was impressed!  I use 13 gallon “febreeze” trash bags in it and it has worked like a champ.  Given the size of my boys at 20 lbs. and 10 lbs., I have to change the bag about every three days – but I was scooping their boxes at least twice a day.  One of my boys likes to stay at the edges, so I purchased the fence attachment and while it has helped some – it did not alleviate the issue completely.  We have a vacation home that we spend about half the week in each week and I am planning to purchase a second one for that home as soon as I can figure out a location to put it.  The unit is large and that home is pretty compact.”

Sandy, September 7, 2017 : “Thanks for checking in! I have 2 kitties. At first both used it. Then my 4 yr old stopped. I’ve had to go back to a regular litter box for him. The 11 month loves it!!! I’ve experienced a little bit with having both litter boxes together then separating them. Right now they are together again. Not sure why my 4 yr old doesn’t like it anymore. They are both rag dolls but my 11 month old is a munchkin. Maybe its not big enough for my 16 pounder??

Who knows but I’ve kept it. Thanks for listening!”

LaDonna wrote, September 6, 2017: “OMG, this is the best thing ever!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Vernon, September 6, 2017: “Both my ragdoll and domestic longhair have successfully transitioned to the Litter Robot! I put it next one of the litter boxes used the treat trick to get both cats comfy with the unit. I’d put each one inside and then give them treats by the lip once they were accustomed to it’s presence. Eventually, I’d wait for one cat to get ready to do his thing and help him to the Litter Robot and he used it with not issue. Now both cats are using it regularly. Thanks for reviewing and recommending the Litter Robot.”

On September 5, 2017, Miyuki replied, “My cats definitely use it. It has a few issues with cycling but other than that its great. There are a few design things I think could be fixed… like the mechanism for attaching the bags in. All in all its very helpful since I have 3 cats… it helps take off some of the workload.”

On September 5, 2017, Kathyrn: “I love my Litter Robot Open Air! My kitten took to it immediately, while he had the option of a traditional litter box, he immediately and always used the Litter Robot once available to him. He was too small for the detector at first, so I had to manually select cycle which was still better than cleaning a litter box. Then I got another kitten and he also immediately took to the Litter Robot. It has had glitches, but always has returned to normal working status with a reboot. I absolutely love it, brag about, and highly recommend it.”

On September 5, 2017, Lisa said, “After three months my cat is finally starting to use it. Recently changed out the litter, perhaps it had some of the original rubber smell from the unit. I also moved her regular box to another room, and started putting treats going up the ramp which I also purchased. I was very excited when she finally went in it. She is using both boxes right now. Hope she continues to use the Robot more. ”

On September 5, 2017, Becky wrote, “It was for my daughter’s cat. Took some getting used to but now things are great.”

On September 5, 2017, Paul wrote, “We love it! Would never go back to the litter box. We use about half the litter we used to”

Litter Robot Open Air Review with Ramp - Stairs BooBoo

Leigh replied on September 5, 2017, saying, “Delighted to hear from you. I think it’s an amazingly well designed and thought-out product….which neither of my cats will use. Seriously. My 9 year old used it for a while, but my 17 year old would not go in it. So, the 9 year old went back to the old style litter box, in solidarity with his older brother. Yes, I consulted everyone, including the manufacturer, and followed all the suggestions. I even purchased the lovely steps recommended by a YouTube video. But, neither of my cats will not use it (although the 9 year old goes in it about once a month… I think just to rub it in that he could use it if he wanted, but he doesn’t want to). The older boy is NEVER going to use it. At 17 who can blame him? So, while I think it’s a wonderful product, in my case it’s a large, very expensive ($425 + $50 extended warranty + $50 steps= $525) Rolls Royce litter box which takes up a lot of space in my bathroom and serves no other purpose. Not your fault.”

Anatasia, on September 5, 2017 said, “Thank you for following up on us. The cats love the box, they`ve been using it since the first day we got it. The only little issue is that it gets stock upside down once in a while. I`ve noticed that it gets stock when the drower is full, or when there is too much litter, so i dont put too much litter and renew the bag every week before it gets full. Yet still, sometimes i see it frozen upside down for no visible reason and doesnt start running untill I reset couple of times. It`s not big of a deal, it doesnt happen often, but if there are any other reasons for which it may get stock I would love an advise to prevent it from happening at all. Thank you!”

Susan on September 5, 2017 said, “I love the litter robot! I am so glad I purchased it and glad you do reviews on products. It’s what pushed me to get it. Two of my cats use it all the time. The third is terrified of it. Unfortunately when I first received it he was peeking in when it cycled. He has been peeking in it again so I’m hopeful with time he will get brave and try it out. Now I’m waiting for One Fast Cat to have a good deal on their exercise wheel. 😁 ”

Joel replied on September 5, 2017: “The litter robot is a life changer. I bought a second one. All 3 cats use them without any problems. Took a while to find a good cat litter that clumped well but didn’t stick a lot to the back of the bowl. Settled in on Fresh Step Triple Action.”

Nancy wrote this e-mail to me privately on September 4, 2017, but I asked her if I could share it on the website.  She said – “Of course you can share! If our story could help anyone else know their not crazy or the only ones having a problem that would be wonderful. Customer Service at LR was so kind from beginning to end and I had no complaints whatsoever. I honestly thought they were the best company I had ever dealt with.”

DiMaggio, (16) Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdoll…deaf, CKD and cuddle bug extraordinaire. Tiger, (15) Ginger Tabby…diabetic, high and prolific peeing champion and heart of gold. Bobbie, (13) Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll…bonded to DiMaggio, loved from afar by Tiger and frenemies with Savannah, (10) Gray Tabby

No product is perfect, and I think it’s important to know there are situations where it doesn’t work – but Nancy’s email shows how well the company responded to her inquiries when she reached out to them: “I’ve been wanting to share with you our experience with the LRIII without hurting the company (nothing but praises) or your relationship with them so am sending in an email instead of post. Litter Robot III Saga We have 4 beloved and magnificently crazy cats. DiMaggio, (16) Blue Lynx Mitted Ragdoll…deaf, CKD and cuddle bug extraordinaire. Tiger, (15) Ginger Tabby…diabetic, high and prolific peeing champion and heart of gold. Bobbie, (13) Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll…bonded to DiMaggio, loved from afar by Tiger and frenemies with Savannah, (10) Gray Tabby…also a high peeing whiz and self-proclaimed Queen of our home. After wanting a Litter Robot III Open Air for a year as a life saver physically for my 71 year old husband (Poppy) and a time saver for myself (full time employee), I gratefully took advantage of the savings offered and one deep breath and credit card number and “The Orb of Elimination” was set up in our bathroom.  I followed the advice of leaving our old high top clear storage containers used as litter boxes in the same room while they were getting used to it and within 4 days the transition was seamless…well…ok…here is where the Saga begins: 1.  Tiger jumped in immediately, stuck his hiney out the opening and whizzed all over the floor. Back to Litter Robot to order the Fence attachment $24.99.  This specific problem solved. 2.  DiMaggio jumped in without any problems but when jumping out would immediately barf upon landing.  Back to Litter Robot to order ramp (stairs for seniors) $49.99.  This solved barfing problem. 3.  Ramp installed but proves to be too slippery for Ragdolls with magnificent floofy paws so Poppy makes Home Depot run for tread material and attaches with Velcro for easy cleaning removal $5.  Slipping problem solved. 4.  Noticed immediately that the lightweight (in our house) DiMaggio, at 10 lbs., was not setting off Cat Sensor set to trigger at 5 lbs. and above.  Excellent customer service ran us through different possibilities and then sent out a new base.  Problem solved. 5.  Within days, original Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal litter was turning into clay glue and needed manual removal from rubber liner. Switched to Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra litter….litter clumps were now clay rocks but still attached to rubber liner. Switched to Litter Robot litter with no noticeable improvement. Customer service suggested changing time cycle from 7 to 15 minutes to compensate for diabetic cat voluminous output.  No improvement.  Customer service suggested spraying with a cooking spray such as “Pam” $3. Cooking spray was an oily mess that wouldn’t dry fully even  in Florida heat and blow dryer and when first used, litter dust was then coated on entire liner.  Subsequently tried “Turtle Wax” paste $4.25  – worked well for 48 hours, “Turtle Wax” Ice spray $7.19 – same drying problem and result as “Pam” and “Pet Zone” No-Stick Litter Box spray $11.08 – same drying problem and result as “Pam”.   Problem not solved. 6.  Six weeks in and after twice daily scraping of hardened litter clumps noticed a small tear in the rubber liner while doing the weekly deep clean.  Excellent customer service shipped new globe.  New globe had same problems as old globe with litter clumps adhering to rubber liner and having to be manually removed.  Problem still not solved. 7.  We wanted desperately for the LR III to work for us…Customer Service bent over backwards to help us and were always polite and kind; but after 8 weeks of use and more hours spent scraping, cleaning, stressing and worrying about cat voiding then in the past 15 years of using storage containers, the “Orb of Elimination” was packed, returned and a full refund given for Robot, Ramp and Fence minus $60 shipping charge. #robotfail #stepsofshame #bobbie” I replied: “Oh, Nancy.  I am so sorry to read this and bravo to you for continuing to try.

I have never had the litter stick to the rubber liner – must be something about the litter and the dynamics of the urine? I don’t like the Pam, Turtle Wax, etc – who knows what’s on those products that wouldn’t be good for kitties to ingest.”

Nancy replied: “Thank you Jenny! I’m pretty sure that the problem might be specific to the combination of a diabetic cat, possibly insulin related, with a huge amount of urine and the fact that he was a high peeing cat and then adding a second high peeing cat on top of that. The relatively shallow depth of litter couldn’t accommodate. Our Ragdolls perfect little balls of urine were no problem …😹”

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We have several videos on YouTube showing how the Litter-Robot works too.  Check out our Litter-Robot Open Air Review Videos.

Do you have an self-cleaning litter box?  How do your kitties like it?

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  1. Absolutely wonderful post and pics, Jenny! How awesome to read all the experiences (good, bad and unique)! Very interesting! If we only had a bigger place I would save my money and get one of these amazing LRs! Until then, we will stick with our Litterbox setup which works great for our situation right now. 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

    1. definitely not necessary for everyone – and definitely a luxury for us!

  2. Nancy Dungan says:

    Thank you for sharing our “Saga” Jenny!

    1. You’re welcome – thanks for letting me share! Just saw the email I drafted to you last night didn’t send! Meant to give you the head’s up this was publishing today. Sorry! Just sent it!

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