Litter Robot Open Air Review: Siamese Kitten Tom Selleck’s Experience

Last week when we sent out our newsletter, a new reader replied and told me about his experience with the Litter Robot Open Air.  It is one of the things I love about newsletter blasts – I get lots of new insights from readers – sharing stories, experiences and more.  So, I usually ask if I can share them on the site, so you, too, can benefit.  Lucky for us, I got permission =).

Siamese Kitten Tom Selleck’s Experience of Litter Robot Open Air

“I got my kitten, Tom Selleck, from a rescue when he was 7 weeks old. I had a regular litter box for him and was in the process of researching self-cleaning litter boxes and had not made up my mind on which one to get when I got him. I wanted a self-cleaning litter box because I have always had regular litter boxes with all of the cats I’ve had over the years and I was looking for one that would control the smell. Litter Robot Open Air Review Siamese Kitten Tom Selleck Experience 2 The Litter Robot Open Air III got great reviews every where I looked. It sealed the deal when I saw it featured on the news one morning. I had had Tom Selleck for about 2 – 3 weeks when it arrived. I was so eager for it to get here. He’s a VERY active kitten with tons of energy and he had been running in & out of the regular litter box and taking one of his toys in it and rolling around with the toy in the litter box – gross! Litter Robot Open Air Review Siamese Kitten Tom Selleck Experience He took to the LR instantly! He didn’t play in it either like he had been with the regular litter box. Thank goodness! The only thing is that he LOVES to watch it cycle. If he hears it cycling he’ll come running from wherever he is in the house to watch it and will jump right in if I don’t block him in time. If a cat jumps in while the LR is cycling it’ll stop until the cat jumps out, But Tom Selleck won’t jump out. He sits in it and waits, thinking it’ll come back on if he waits long enough. So we can’t leave the LR turned on. So I just hit the Cycle button a few times each day for it to self-clean – no problem at all! Tom Selleck just turned 1 year old this week, and he still loves to watch the LR cycle, but has gotten to where he’ll SOMETIMES ignore it. Litter Robot Open Air Review Siamese Kitten Tom Selleck Experience 1 We love the LR! It controls the smell very well and I love not needing to scoop it daily. If I keep noticing it smelling after letting it cycle then it just means it’s full and it’s time to empty it, which is only 1, maybe 2 times per week. It’s very easy to clean too. We’ve had it about 10 months now and we just took the globe off to clean it for the first time about a week ago. We took it outside and scrubbed the inside of the globe with soap and water and it’s like it’s brand new. Litter Robot Open Air Review Siamese Kitten Tom Selleck Experience 3 The LR is pricey, but for us, it’s worth it! They also have great customer service!” Read our first review of the Litter-Robot Open Air

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  1. Wonderful post, Jenny! So happy that another Floppycatter has another positive experience with The Litter Robot to share!!!! Great review and the pics of Tom Selleck (I just cannot get over that pawesome name for this very handsome boy!) interacting with the LR are terrific! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  2. LOL….I thought this was the actor “Tom Selleck” sharing his cat experience! 🙁

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