Reader Litter Robot Automatic Litter Box Reviews

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Since so many readers comment on our Facebook postings about litter boxes and more, I wanted to include some of their more detailed reviews or testimonials about the automatic litter boxes that they use. So I asked a few some questions about their experiences with the Litter-Robot. If you have a self-cleaning litter box, please reach out to us, if you would be interested in sharing your experience here.

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Review of Litter-Robot by Actual Owner

Reader Litter Robot Automatic Litter Box Reviews Kristie
Litter-Robot 2 Bubble

My name is Kristie and I have had the Litter Robot for 5 years. I LOVE IT and my kids love it too. I only buy litter every two months and its a wonderful device especially for busy folks. My house NEVER smells like litter and it cleans after every use. My kids are not afraid of it. Sprinkles, my tortie mix Siamese is extremely clean and she will not use the box if there is anything in it, so this product is awesome for her. I use one litter robot for two cats. I highly recommend it to anyone.

The only down side is that it may not be suitable for cats over 10lbs.

Here are my pics. These were taken when they first met the litter robot. I used some of their own (smell) litter from their old box and this introduction worked like a charm. It’s the only thing they use.

I have had the Litter Robot product for 10 years now. I started out with the LR2 Bubble and I used that one for several years until I purchased the LR3. I purchased the LR3 because one of my kitties weighed 15lbs and the LR2 Bubble was a tight fit. The LR3 is wonderful with a nice large opening. I needed a self-cleaning robot due to my hectic work schedule and I had tried Litter Mate’s self-cleaning box but it is not made well and breaks.

Ragdoll cats Litter Robot 3 LR3 Kristie 4

The cleaning process of the LR3 is extensive, I do it every 6 months, and it takes me about a full day. The reason it takes a full day is the drying process. I extensively clean it and I have to bring out a litter tray during this process in case my kids need to use the restroom while the LR3 dries outside.

I HAVE experienced problems with the LR3 most of which you know already through my video clips I have sent you in the past. I always had litter in the back of the LR3 and I thought it was just scattered litter from my kids until I discovered a leak coming from the globe. I have also experienced censor faults due to too much litter. The other problem, which is extremely annoying, is that as soon as I empty the LR3 and place a new bag in the drawer, and reset it on my phone, the LR3 will alert me 1 or 2 days later that the drawer is full. I called customer service and they told me that I have to move the litter around. There is no work around that. Finally, I was also being alerted that the bonnet was removed though it was not.

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Ragdoll cats Litter Robot 3 LR3 Kristie 5

I reached out to customer service regarding these issues and they were awesome to address all of these problems. Since I have an extended warranty, they promptly sent me a replacement globe and bonnet. I did not have to return the problematic globe or bonnet and I stored those in my garage as a back up.

I have been very lucky that all of my kids took to the LR3 right away. I noticed that they love clay litter instead of the pellets. My two new girls, Lacy and Daisy were used to using the pellets as baby kittens and I bought another box with the same litter upon their arrival. Since they were very small, I introduced them to the LR3 with clay litter and I had turned it off until they were the proper weight. They have completely ignored the extra litter tray that I have in my office and they only use the LR3 with the clay litter. They love it and watch it turn.

Ragdoll cats Litter Robot 3 LR3 Kristie 2

Speaking of litter, I have tried all kinds from World’s Best Litter, Armor Hammer Slide Litter, Litter, to Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Litter. I have been on the look out for a dust free non-sticking litter since day one. Dr. Elsey’s seems good but I still get residue on the top of the inside of the globe. I wish it would just slide off. I have even changed the rotation timer to 15 minutes and I still get residue. It’s not much residue so I do wipe it off with a damp water and vinegar hand towel.

In terms of the color, I have the dark grey LR3 to match my décor though I think it would have been better ordering the bisque. The grey one does show a lot of dust and a frequent indicator as to when it needs to be cleaned.

Ragdoll cats Litter Robot 3 LR3 Kristie 1

When I first ordered the LR3, I did order the ramp, which is my second ramp. I ordered the ramp for my baby Sprinkles who passed from renal failure. I discovered that the dark grey ramp will damage with any urine accidents due to the acidity from the urine. That is when I realized I should have ordered the bisque. Customer service was very understanding and sent me a replacement ramp because it just looked dirty with a white cloud from the stain and drove me nuts. They have top notch customer service and genuinely care about their customers.

Ragdoll cats Litter Robot 3 LR3 Ramp with cat pee Kristie 3

The other accessory I have is the lip [the Fence]. I finally ordered that because Lacy would scratch at the outer part of the LR3 and the lip really helps with that and lessons the destruction of the liner. I am so glad I bought all of the accessories. My girls really make good use of those. In terms of the bags, I do not order those. It is a lot cheaper using a 13-gallon kitchen bag.

Ragdoll cats Litter Robot 3 LR3 Kristie 6

Now for the app. When my LR3 arrived, I was so excited it felt like Christmas. I unboxed it, it was ready to go, and I was thrilled and looking forward to using the app. However, uugh, and this was the downer of the evening for me, the scanning of the bar code did not work at all. I tried many different ways and even downloaded an app for bar code scanners. I spent hours trying to get the app to work. I called customer service but they had already closed. Finally, after thinking and thinking, I took a picture of the bar code and printed it out. I took a picture of the enlarged bar code on paper and finally my Android phone picked it up and we were up and running.

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Litter robot with waste bag.

Litter Box Review – Floppycat Reader Jennifer Roe

1. How frequent and extensive is the cleaning process? And how often do you have to empty it?

“This is just 5 hours since the last change. According to the doctor, she’s fine. At age 17, I’ve only had her for 1 year (rescued from a family member that passed last year). She’s had her teeth cleaned and she suffers from arthritis (me too, I recognize the walk).  She drinks a lot. She arrived at 21 lbs, but she’s a bit smaller than my 12 pound 3-year old. She’s down to 15 pounds, so that may have something to do with the large amount of pee. 
As I previously stated, I have to change the plastic bag every 24-36 hours. My other two cats also use the box and I figure that they would take about 2 weeks to fill it up. Right now I’m removing the globe and washing it about 1-1 ½ months. This is because of the big girl peeing. However, my situation is extreme and I still love the device. It is such an improvement over the previous method.”

2. Have you experienced any problems with the Litter-Robot 3?

“The only problems I’ve had with Robot is a lousy network that dies occasionally. My problem, not the equipment. Robot has been wonderful when the network is up. It tells me when it’s full and the history keeps track of what is used. “

3. Have you had to reach out to Litter-Robot customer service for any reason?  How did that go?

“I have not needed to reach out to customer service for any reason, so I can’t comment on this.”

4. How did you get your cats to start using the Litter-Robot? How long did it take?

“My curious young cat was inspecting the new thingy in the room and with liter in it, she used it right away. When set up for use, the old kitty looked at it sitting next to her box. I put a poop in there (as suggested by instructions), and by end of the day, she had tried it out. She had no problems with it.
She does need the stairs to get into the box. The fence was removed because of her arthritis. By the end of the week (4 days), she had transitioned to liter robot and I removed the other box and crossed my fingers. Haven’t had to go back.  It was so simple. I figure it was so easy because I have exceptionally bright cats ( proud RD owner).”

5. What kind/brand of litter do you personally use in the Litter Robot?

“I use the Tidy Cats 24/7 liter. The breeder used that and I kept it the same when my baby came to live with me. It’s always worked well, so I never messed with success.”

6. Which color did you get? Does the lighter color look cleaner than the darker color?

“There are no color options, just a grey color.”

7. Have you used the app?  Did you have any problems connecting the unit to your WiFi?

“I do use the App and if my network worked all the time, it would probably be perfect.”

8. Do you have any of the accessories – like the fence, ramp, etc?  What do you think of those? Glad you bought them?

“I bought the stairs as part of a package. The other cats can probably access the robot without them. I do have the fence, but don’t use it because of the poor arthritic kitty.  We keep things handicap accessible because I suffer from arthritis and am very sympathetic to the challenges.  Cats don’t have laws for accessibility—they should (tongue in cheek).”

9. How long does the Litter Robot last?

“Of course, the answer to this question is going to vary on a number of levels.  For example, the automated litter box comes with an 18-month warranty.  You can also upgrade to a 36-month warranty (some bundles during special promotion times are sold with a 36-month warranty).  So you can be assured that it will definitely last that long because the manufacturer will cover the warranty issues.  The oldest one I have was received in Dec 2015.  It is still going strong.  I have had some issues with it over the years – but many of them I caused, and I discuss those in our Litter-Robot problems video

Another reason why this might vary will be determined by how well the unit is cared for and maintained.

The Litter-Robot is designed for quality to provide you with reliable, trouble-free service, and requires little maintenance. It’s built with solid construction and industrial-grade components. That said, the life expectancy of units can vary based on environment, maintenance, cat behavior, use, etc. It is totally covered by the 18-month warranty (with an option to extend it to 3 years) during which they will repair or replace as needed. Even out of warranty, they’re still there to help! You can always send it in, or purchase the needed parts and they’ll show you how to install them.”

“Having been a writer for years, brevity is not one of my skills, sorry.  I have been able to cut down input, but I now figure why say it in one paragraph when I can turn it into an epic?    I have been following you when all there was, was YouTube.  I studied all your suggestions before getting my kitty. I’ve read your books and am a fan. 

I was happy with my daughters cat and my cat. Then we lost Jody, the old RD’s original owner. I took old kitty in and fell in love with her.  When my daughter died in December, I inherited her cat. Now I’m an old lady with 3 cats. Anabel, the old lady, turned out to be a tremendous source of comfort in dealing with my daughters’ loss. She would crawl up on me and lay on my chest and look at me with those sad eyes. I’m not sure who comforted who more. 

So I can blame you for my total fascination with Ragdolls and Ragamuffins. They are the most wonderful animals. 

Before I became the cat mother of the year, I kept lop-eared rabbits. What has this got to do with cats? My little RD girl, Lillie, loved the bunnies and would play with them and I’d bring them into the house to play with Lillie. They would all snuggle and nap together. Lillie was very sad when Penelope bunny died, so all the new cats have been heaven-sent.” Jennifer Roe

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Litter Robot Review – Floppycats’ Reader Deanna

“I got my Litter Robot several years ago after hearing about on your Facebook group and then following the company. I didn’t get the connected version at the time. Recently I got a second one and it is connected. My boys adapted to it rather quickly. I did keep an old fashioned box upstairs just in case of emergency. With my oldest turning 10, he likes to spend time while I’m not home upstairs and I was noticing more use of the regular litterbox. I got the second one so he had a litterbox on both floors. Currently trying to convince a co-worker to get one.

Don’t really have a picture of them using it. Should have videoed my youngest when I first got it. He would come racing whenever it cycled and try to ‘help’ the clumps go down the shoot. Lots of error codes due to his ‘fun’.”

We asked some questions and here is what Deanna had to say.

1. How frequent and extensive is the cleaning process? And how often do you have to empty it? 

“I typically clean the unit twice a year. Since I’m in the North, I try to clean it once in early spring once it warms up and once in the fall. I use a garden hose and mild soap to clean the interior of the globe. 
I have two cats. I typically emptied my single Litter-Robot unit drawer twice a week.”

2. Have you experienced any problems with either machine?

“After two years I needed to replace the sensors. Ordered them online and installed them myself. Wasn’t too difficult.”

3. Have you had to reach out to Litter-Robot customer service for any reason?  How did that go?

“Reached out when the sensors had problems. They were quick and responsive. Needed the contacts which aren’t listed on the website.” 

4. How did you get your cats to start using the Litter-Robot? How long did it take?

“I put it near their old tray and left it unplugged for a while. After they started using it, I plugged it in and they didn’t seem to have a problem. My youngest tended to give the machine errors as he liked to ‘help’ the Litter-Robot work. He did grow out of it and all I had to do was press the reset button.” 

5. What kind/brand of litter do you personally use in the Litter Robot?

“I use Boxie Cat in the red bag.”

6. Which color did you get? Does the lighter color look cleaner than the darker color?

“When I bought my unit there wasn’t a choice in color. I bought the beige model. The beige model I own is not wifi enabled.”

7. Have you used the app?  Did you have any problems connecting the unit to your WiFi?

“This past spring I bought a second unit, Grey that is Wifi enabled from a PetPeople Pet Store. I have it in a room I’m not infrequently so I do use the app and the notifications for knowing when there is a problem or needs emptied. Had no problems connecting it to my wifi.”

8. Do you have any of the accessories – like the fence, ramp, etc?  What do you think of those? Glad you bought them?

“I did not purchase any of the accessories. For the bags I just use the trash bags I use in my kitchen trash cans.”

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Floppycats’ Reader Jackie

What made you want to buy a Litter-Robot 3?  How long have you had it?

“We were going on vacation and as my children lived close I didn’t want them to have to come everyday and scoop !  I have had it 3 months.” 

Which color did you get?

“Does the lighter color look cleaner than the darker color? Gray. It. Gets dusty but wipes off with a wet wipe.”

How did you get your cats to start using the Litter-Robot?

“How long did it take? I left their old litter boxes out. And they wouldn’t go to the litter robot. As soon as the old ones were gone they took right to it span about 4 days.”

Have you used the app? 

“Did you have any problems connecting the unit to your WiFi? Yes, I have the app. My son connected it and named it. Crapper #1. Lol!  I know when they go and when it full.”

What kind/brand of litter do you personally use in the Litter Robot?

“Multi cat fresh step”

Do you have any of the accessories – like the fence, ramp, etc?  What do you think of those? Glad you bought them?

“I do not have accessories.”

7. How frequent and extensive is the cleaning process? And how often do you have to empty it?

“I  clean it every month. Give it a good wipe down and reset.”

Have you experienced any problems with the Litter-Robot 3?

1 time.  Kept saying it was full. I unplugged it and that fixed it. 

Have you had to reach out to Litter-Robot customer service for any reason?  How did that go?


Would you recommend the Litter-Robot 3 to any cat owner or do you think it might only work for certain households?

“I would recommend the litter to every cat owner.”

A recent question I have been receiving on my Litter-Robot Problems video on YouTube is whether or not a cat can get “stuck” in the Litter-Robot 3.  How would you respond to that if you were asked that?

“Nope doesn’t happen.”

Is the Litter-Robot worth the money?

“YES. YES. YES. !!!! I don’t have to worry about a dirty litterbox when I  am gone overnight
It is such a game changer for me and my 3 fur babies.”

Purchase the Litter-Robot

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