Litter Robot 3 Problems: Problems I’ve Experienced in 4 Years with the LR3

Wonder what problems one can have with the Litter Robot 3 and Litter Robot 3 Connect? We have had our Litter Robot 3 bisque-colored one for nearly 4 years and our Litter Robot 3 Connect grey one for 1 year – this video explains the problems we have had with both of them over the years.


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    my litter robot 3 has a pinching problem. I have tried everything, but the yellow light just keeps flashing. I have had this for just a year and it is not under warranty hos can i fix this issue? where can I buy the pinch sensers to repair my litter robot?

    1. Litter Robot sells pinch sensors probably – just go to their website and do a search.

  2. The reason you were getting errors with the litter level is due to weight. So when it gets stuck sideways, due to overfill, it throws it off balance. So when you remove the excess you need to hit reset and cycle. Then you’ll be good. The weight issue is why they don’t recommend lightweight litter

    But I had a question, hence my Google search and finding you. I don’t think you can answer my original, but after watching your video I have new ones for you.

    How many cats do you have? Have you had one resist using it? I have one cat that will go right in front of it. I’ve followed all the instructions. I rescue and out of God knows how many cats that have used it over the years, he’s the only one. I’ve tried various litters, unscented, cat attract, regular litter box in different shapes, sizes, unclumping litter, pelleted litter, etc. He’ll use a puppy pad until it’s dirty, then the floor. ‍♀️ I thought this was a permanent issue, but I boarded him while we were gone a weekend and he used the box, not the pad, every. Damn. Day. Then I had work out of state for a couple months and was in a hotel. He used the box, not the LR but a regular box, every. Damn. Day. I’m at my wit’s end with him. He’s been to 3 different vets. I’ve tried plug in mood things. Cat Xanax, several different kinds. I can’t rehome him because of this. He seems to get along with all the other cats, I’ve had him since he was 8 weeks old and he’s about 5 yrs now. Oh and I’ve tried sticking the box in the middle of the family room, with others in other places, he used that one for 2 days after we came back from the hotel. Then the floor. I’ve tried troubleshooting sabotage, litter boxes, litter, location, etc. Any ideas? Oh and he’s fixed. As a kitten.

    How do you keep your LR so spotless? Have you had to replace the rubber inside and on the entrance due to scratchers? Mine are still functional, but look a hot mess. Do you end up with litter stuck/piling up on the lever right inside where it dumps into the drawer? I’ve had SO many issues with mine and so many repairs I’m about to go back to a regular box. Error codes that are not solved with the key in the book. I’ve had the entire base replaced. Now issues again, but different ones. I’m not sure if it was a refurbished base they sent. I pretty much leave it off and cycle it several times a day manually because it constantly gets stuck during a cycle. I need to call them again for ideas. I’ve had it since they came out with the LR3. I had an LR2 before that and that thing lasted a decade, no issues ever! Until it died. I like the LR3 because the drawer won’t overfill and then you have waste cycling in the outside of the box. But that’s when it works. When I got the new base they offered the connect base, but I just saw that as more possible issues that would give me anxiety pinging my phone when I wasn’t home. I’m glad I didn’t switch because this thing never works anymore. But their technical support is fantastic! I just haven’t had time to call during their hours lately.

    1. Hello and welcome!!

      I have 2 cats.

      No, I haven’t really had one resist using it – one did immediately and the other took to it a few days later.

      Have you tried to reach out to Litter-Robot support and asked them about your kitty that resists using it?

      Have you tried putting a puppy pad in the Litter-Robot to see if he will use that? In other words – to see if it is the LR that he doesn’t like or not?

      I clean ours every 6 months – and we have 5 litterboxes, so the LRs aren’t used all the time.

      No, I have not had to replace the rubber on the inside – you can buy a fence if they are scratching at the front entrance.

      As far as tech issues – sorry to hear that – maybe do a video and send it to LR? You can always upload video to YouTube and send them the link – that might save you a phone call and they can see the problems you’re having?

  3. Silvia Dolski says:

    Bei mir blinkt die gelbe Lampe dauerhaft und schnell, keine andere Funktion ist mehr ausführbar, alles auseinandergebaut ind gesäubert. Ist die Platine kaputt?? Was kann ich tun?

    1. I would suggest reaching out to their support and asking them for help – if you have a video you can share, that would be best too – here is a link to their support –

  4. Evelyn Velasquez says:

    Great video on the Litter Robot however I need help with the smell that exhumes from it. I have a new kitten and a 13 year old cat who share the little robot. Since the kitten started using the robot the smell that comes from the tray is unbearable and I am considering returning the machine. I have tried 4 different litters and nothing is working. I have replaced every part with no success. I have cleaned it like crazy and nothing. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. I have a litter robot and 5 cats. No smell unless it gets stuck upside down. My landlord has no idea we even have cats because they disappear with visitors and no smell. We have monthly inspections here for air filter changes.

      We’ve used Tidy cats litter, Fresh Step, and Arm & Hammer. I prefer Arm & Hammer multi cat for clumping, small granule size and odor control. But I usually get Fresh Step for free from their rewards program, which is better than Tidy Cat, so A&H is only when I run out. But honestly, unless your box gets stuck upside down so the port to the litter drawer is open, you shouldn’t have an odor. I’ve used scented and unscented. It’s whatever I get cheapest that clumps well.

      So that being said, is your kitten spayed or neutored? Intact cats’ urine is much more potent. Exhausting those, maybe try scent discs in the drawer for now, but I’d take the kitten to the vet for a check up. Maybe there’s something going on.

  5. Another SUPER FABULOUS & PAWESOME LR post, Jenny honey! Great info! TYSVM!! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love & purrs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3 <3 <3

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