Litter Products: Scoop Free Cat Litter Boxes

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Litter Products: Scoop Free Cat Litter BoxesScoop Free is a self cleaning litter box that can be left alone for a matter of two-three weeks without the need of removing or replacing the litter itself. It automatically rakes the cat waste into the covered waste trap which is attached into the disposable litter tray.

Self cleaning litter boxes like Scoop Free’s are definitely a YES for most cat owners. Nearly all parts of Scoop Free that are most likely to get dirty are part of the disposable litter tray, which is thrown away.

Scoop Free litter box has a dimension of 14" x 14" which is ideal for large cats. It can even accommodate up to two of your blue lynx mitted ragdoll who wishes to use the box at the same time.

You can buy Scoop Free Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box for $101.99 at with elgibility for Super Saver Shipping.

We would love to know your own experiences with automatic self cleaning litter products like this. Share them with fellow cat parents on our Ragdoll Cat forum. Enter our Floppy Cats February Giveaway for a chance to win a Litter Lifter 3-scoop prize pack!

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