Litter Products: Littermaid Litter Boxes for Cats

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LitterMaid Elite is a self-cleaning litter box. It has a programmable digital timer that automatically instructs the litter box to clean itself once the time is up and at the same moment, it also has motion sensors that are triggered once your bicolor Ragdoll, for example, leaves the litter box after using it.

Litter Products: Littermaid Litter Boxes for Cats

On the other hand, when we are speaking of our cat’s safety, LitterMaid have provided their products with a safety bar that stops the rake once your cat thinks of re-entering the box from time to time.

LitterMaid Elite also requires carbon filters that help in absorbing and reducing bad smells giving you and your cat a happy and healthy environment. This litter product is ideal for multiple cats or those that are over 15 lbs in size.

You can purchase LitterMaid Elite Mega Ultimate Edition litter box for $155.08 at

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