Litter Products: Littermaid Elite Mega Automatic Litter Box

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Littermaid Elite Mega is an automatic self cleaning litter box which features a new, modern, sleek design that’ll take litter cleaning into a happy, worry-free routine.
Littermaid Elite Mega Automatic Litter Box
This litter box is very helpful for it has a removable automatic rake which can be easily removed for cleaning purposes.

What’s more amazing when they’ve added up another great feature? With safety bars, you can always have peace of mind for this feature instantly stops the rake once your bicolor Ragdoll, for an instance, re-enters the litter box.

New Littermaid model possesses an ionic air cleaner that targets bad, smelly odor and replaces them with a fresher, cleaner one therefore providing a healthier environment for you and your dear feline.

Littermaid Elite Mega is ideal for household with multiple cats, if you have Seal Mitted Ragdolls, for example.

If you’re thinking of getting this Littermaid Elite Mega Automatic Litter Box for your cat, it’s $172.09 at You can also add in accessories like a privacy tent, area carpet and extra carbon filters.

What do you think of Littermaid Elite? What other cat litter products does your cat use? Share some thoughts with fellow cat owners in our forum.

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