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The CatGenie 120 is a cat litter box that automatically flushes waste away and instantly washes itself clean with its washable granules. Such granules are litter-like made to allow and satisfy your cat to dig in and cover while he poops.
Catgenie 120 Cat Litter Box
What’s more amazing with CatGenie’s washable granules is that they are permanent, meaning you never have to replace them, ever!

The CatGenie 120 also acquires a biodegradable and recyclable SaniSolution cartridge that is used for its cleansing and decontamination. SaniSolution cartridge can hold up to 120 washes.

In every cats book, it is adviced for cat parents to train their dear feline use a litter box at a young age, this is to promote litter awareness at the same time lead them into a healthy wellbeing. Fortunately, you can train your Bicolor Ragdoll today with CatGenie! This cat litter box is best and recommended by veterinarians for kittens 6 months and older.

You can get CatGenie 120 Self Cleaning Litter Box through for $270.00 and this cat product ships for free with’s Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25.

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