Litter Lifter Testimonial from Floppycats Reader

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Litter Lifter Litter ScoopMany of you know how much I love the Litter Lifter litter scoop.

After a series of posts in December, Dementia Boy, a Floppycats reader, decided to take the plunge and purchase one.

You can buy them on Amazon here or on Cat Connection for less.

She ordered directly from Litter Lifter and told me about the process:

Jenny, I don’t know where the Litter Lifter product info is on your website, but I received mine today and this is what I have to say about it:

Buy it.  Just buy it.

Even though you and others raved about the Litter Lifter, I must admit I was skeptical.  I mean, what’s the big deal about a litter scoop?  A scoop is a scoop is a scoop, right?  INCORRECTO-MUNDO!!!

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Litter Lifter Peaked Blades
Litter Lifter Peaked Blades

This scoop is incredible.  The first thing you notice is its heft.  It’s shaped like a snow shovel with a longer blade and handle than a regular scoop.  It doesn’t have sides like a regular scoop (again, think snow shovel).

The sticker attached to the Litter Lifter states, “Peaked blades catch whole clumps & tiny carats but leave the clean litter…Litter falls through the slanted tines.  NO shaking.  NO sifting.  LESS DUST.”

I can’t see the peaked blades, but no matter. It works.  When you run it through the litter box, you wonder where the clean litter went.  It’s that fast.  It’s that good.  TMI alert:  I ran it through a “clean” NVR Miss box and picked up one “carat.”  The Litter Lifter left every bit of clean litter behind.  I went from box to box, picking up carats, nuggets and one boulder. Nothing fell apart. (I have to figure out the physics of this thing.)

OK, so I’m easily amused and astonished, but the Litter Lifter is fantastic.  I ordered mine directly from the company for $6.85 plus $1.99 shipping.  (Actual shipping was $2.53, and the scoop was packed in a big padded envelope.)  Because I couldn’t decide on a color, I picked the option “surprise me” and received a beautiful purple scoop.  There are three types of scoops; I chose the original.

This is a must-buy.  Thank you, Jenny, for finding the Litter Lifter!!

After I rec’d this e-mail, I asked Bev if I could share it on the site and she said I could and then added:

When my eyes were working–they work for about two hours a day–I noticed that the Litter Lifter has thin, peaked tines rather than thick, flat tines, thus allowing the clean litter to sift through completely and quickly.

This thing is wonderful, something else for me to get OCD about.  My eyes are all googly-woogly–that’s a clinical term–right now, so I can’t figure out how it works.  I tried both the Litter Lifter and one of my regular scoops at the same time in a clean box, but couldn’t focus on both scoops (sort of like rubbing your head and patting your tummy simultaneously).

I can’t believe I am so excited about a litter scoop.  But, really, where has this been all our lives??  Clumping litter came out in 1993; I don’t know how many scoops I’ve had since then, but they’ve all been the same.  I think I’m the only person in your group who gathers waste in a coffee can; I could hear the nuggets hit the can without the–how do you say?–acoustical muffling of excess

Unlike everything else we get for our fluffballs, this is something (1) cheap (2) that works, and works well.

I think I’ll go check the litterboxes again.  (Bev, you have two cats and six litterboxes–give it a rest!!

You can buy them on Amazon here or on Cat Connection for less.


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      1. I totally would but I use the Tidy Cats Breeze system and the urine falls through the pellets to the pad and I just pick up the poo with any soiled pellets with BioBags (dog poop bags). I will surely recommend it to anyone I know who uses regular litter though!

        Maybe it would be a good sifter of some sort for the kitchen?! NO – I must refrain! Not only has my Amazon wish list grown with cat paraphernalia since Prossimo’s arrival it has totally gotten out of control since finding Floppy Cats!!

      2. ah ha – well, yes, with the Breeze, that’s a different story.

        “Not only has my Amazon wish list grown with cat paraphernalia since Prossimo’s arrival it has totally gotten out of control since finding Floppy Cats!!” – HA HA HA!!

      3. Jenny, you’re like our personal shopper. There’s so much cat stuff out there, and it’s tough separating the bud from the seed and stems 🙂 But you do that for us. You’re one-stop shopping. Everything on my cat wish list, except for a strange lens for my microscope, is from Floppycats reviews!

        I thought my cats had everything. I realize now they’ve been deprived–from Infinity scratchers to Yeowwwww bananas.

      4. After recovering from the initial (yet continuing) ecstasy of the Litter Lifter, my first thought was: kitchen!! Maybe for folding dry ingredients together? I’ll have to get one for my lab. I wonder how it would work scraping windshields? Currently I use an old cassette tape; my car does not have a cassette player. And then I’ll have to get an extra just to have on hand for things I haven’t thought about.

        I was glad to see that the Litter Lifter has patented its technology. Each day, I see new things about it. And I marvel.

      5. (replying to Patti’s comment below because I can’t find the right reply button)

        Thank goodness you had the Litter Lifter!!

  1. Should I call a Help Line of some kind because I want to go buy a new Litter Lifter (even though I have two) after reading Bev’s review? I really want a purple one! At that price, it’s a cheaper thrill than buying a new car, I guess.

      1. Likewise 🙂 Since neither of us drink, we could use Mountain Dew instead of tequila in our margarita glasses. But a reliable source–Jenny–told me that Mountain Dew has a yellow dye that is toxic to cats. No fake margaritas for them!! But maybe coffee with a dollop of dulce de leche?

    1. I’m truly a weirdo–but I feel as though I am in good company and safe hands 🙂 I’m going to order more next month, but I’ll have to come back here to find the right place to order them from.

  2. Great post! I always enjoy reading anything from DB/Bev! She’s so funny, forthcoming and wise (yes, very wise!). 🙂

    I lurve my Litter Lifter. I just recently got my second one last month from Amazon. My sweet hubby bought our first one before we got Pink Sugar last January. (He got me a pink one since we were getting a Pink Sugar kitty.) 🙂

    This is just the best litter scoop ever. Hands down. No contest. Everyone who owns kitties should have at least one of these in their home!

    Thanks for another great post, Jenny! And a BIG THANKS for writing such a great review, DB!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

  3. This lifter is awesome. I bought 3 of them & gave one each to my mom and my brother. They were kind of skeptical, but were truly amazed just like the rest of us. Great buy. Cleaning the liter boxes has never been easier.

  4. Oh my goodness…I just sent in a deposit for my baby ragdoll kitten!! Date of Birth to be determined. I just have to say, that watching your videos, reading the comments and stories…well, I feel like I just joined an awesome community of folks. I am so excited to be connected to everyone here. I am a gal, in the middle of my life’s journey…61 years young and I can not wait to spend the next 30 years loving my RAGDOLLS!! Thanks so much Jenny for an awesome website and wonderful connection to this breed of Cat. I’ll have my “nursery” all stocked up by the time our babies arrive, thanks to all the wonderful information I have found on this site!! ~PattylovesRags

    1. Hi Patty Loves Rags,
      Welcome and know you will love this website. Jenny is the best and her two boys, well, they are two of the most handsome guys ever. Because of this wonderful place, the lives of my two Raggies and my other kitties as well has been greatly enhanced by getting the scoop on all the latest and greatest products for our angels as well as how to keep them safe and well. Can’t wait to see your new baby! You’ll have to take lots of photos for us too. Teresa

    2. Welcome, PLR!!

      This is a nice community. While researching cat foods, I ran across some sites that were not so nice. That made me appreciate Floppycats and Jenny even more. I no longer have a Ragdoll, haven’t lost my old guy several months ago at age 24, but I’ll keep hanging around here until I’m kicked out.

      Jenny works hard on product reviews, using her own two boyz as “guinea pigs,” and always has interesting and informative articles. She’s always open to ideas and issues. She’s helped me a lot, especially with veterinary columns.

      If you want to know what kind of treats to get for your Raggie, just ask Charlie. For toys, Chiggy’s your guy. 🙂

  5. Hi, Patty Loves Rags!

    Congrats on the best decision you’ll ever make! Floppycats is the Best Place Ever to meet like-minded folks with an intense love of this wonderful breed!

    Can’t wait to see your new bundle of joy as Ragdoll Kitten of the Month!

    Once you know what color kitten you are getting please be sure to let us know! So excited for you!

    My sweet hubby (68 years old) and me (54 years old) just got our very first Ragdoll last January 24th! It has been a blessing. Truly. Her name is Pink Sugar and she is a Blue Bi-Color Lynx with a beautiful pink nose and little pink toe pads. She’s just a fluffball of love!

    Best wishes to you on your Ragdoll journey!

    Nice to meet ya!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

  6. Epilogue: It’s been over a month now since I’ve had the Litter Lifter. How did I live without it?

    I have a certain obsessive-compulsive routine (of course!!) that I follow each month when cleaning and replacing the litter boxes. I had more than 40 lbs. of leftover litter to dispose of. 40+ lbs. And it was clean, not the greasy grimy gopher gut stuff that I’m usually left with at the end of the month. I just couldn’t part with this litter, so I bought two new litter boxes instead of one. Seven boxes for two cats. (We’ll drop back next month, now that I know how this works.)

    The Litter Lifter has already paid for itself. Prior to LL, I went through roughly 120 lbs. of litter monthly ($15 per 40 lb. bag of Integrity and Dr. Elsey’s). I figure I’m going through 60 lbs. now. I’m still amazed how the clean litter sifts right through. And I love how the LL picks up the tiny nuggets.

    If I were to make a “welcome home, kitty!!” basket, I’d definitely include a Litter Lifter in it.

  7. I LOVEE the litter lifter! I just bought it about 3-4 days ago and was tickled with excitement to try it and see what all the fuss was about. and let me tell you (oh jeez gonna sound like a crazy cat girl) I was truly excited to scoop (Princess)Mika’s litter box. She was very confused by my excitement over her box in a, “oh mom likes cleaning it, I should do this poo business more often!”

    Seriously where has this been?!

    I bought mine at Petco, only because I don’t really shop online and need immediate gratification.

    We got the purple one, since all of her stuff is pink or purple, Including her kitty caps and collar.

    I know jenny doesn’t do caps for her boys, but if you ever need a review of them, i’ll be honest they have their pros and cons!They are a great alternative to declawing *(inhumane!!)* if you have specific things you are trying to protect from kitty scratches.
    Love the litter lifter!


  8. I LOVE this scooper!!!! I bought two, gave one to my son and his wife, and now I might buy some more in my favorite colors! Simply the easiest, most pleasurable scooper I’ve ever used in 40+ yrs of cat care. I just comb thru the litter in no time!! It’s just so fast, easy and actually, dare I say … enjoyable to use!!
    Thank you, Jenny for bringing this and so many other great, useful products to our attention.

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