Litter-Lifter Kitty Litter Scoop for Cats

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Cat Toys OnlineNot all cat owners like using automatic self-cleaning litter boxes. Some would still prefer the traditional way of cleaning the litter box as a cats book might point out and that’s through the use of a litter scoop.

The Litter-Lifter Kitty Litter Scoop for cats is a durable and easy-to-use scoop that can help clean your litter box. It has a prominent nose that lets you scrape through the litter and there’s also less dust when you lift out the litter. Clean air and surroundings are musts for Ragdolls cats to be healthy as per any Ragdoll cat guide.

This Litter-Lifter scoop has peaked blades to avoid cat litter from clumping onto the scoop as you use it. The no-flat surface design also traps the waste effectively while the litter slides through the tines. With each pass of the Magic Scoop Litter Lifter, the clean litter gets left behind in the box while the waste gathers on the litter scoop.

You can get the Litter-Lifter Kitty Litter Scoop for Cats at $6.99.

Do you know of other litter scoops that works just as well or even better? Share your thoughts with us through our forum or leave us a comment below.

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