Litter-Lifter – Product Review

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Litter Lifter
Litter Lifter

When Rags was still alive I purchased a Litter-Lifter from either Petsmart (PetSmart quit carrying in 2009 – shame on them! BUT!  PETCO now has it plus the other major stores on find a retailer here).  This, of course, was years before he got sick with renal failure.  Once he did have renal failure, however, he used the litter box more and more frequently.

When he used the litter box more and more frequently, we (my boyfriend and I) were scooping it more and more frequently.  And the more we scooped it, the more we realized how wonderful the Litter-Lifter was (Yes, I think a pooper scooper is AWESOME).  We had two litter boxes in the basement and one in our bathroom upstairs and we both ENJOYED scooping the one in the bathroom more because of this scoop.  Why?  It made it a lot easier to scoop – the efficiency made it worth the effort!

Peaked BladesYou can buy the Litter-Lifter online or find a retailer here. It’s totally worth it.  I know it sounds ridiculous that a litter scoop could be so great, but I swear it is the best litter scoop on the market.  Also, because it is efficient at scooping, you don’t get the dust cloud you can have with other litter scoops.

Here is a video of the Litter Lifter in action (not terribly exciting, but shows you what it does):

Litter Lifters Come In A Variety Of Colors
Litter Lifters Come In A Variety Of Colors

This past Christmas, I ordered 12 Litter Lifters to giveaway to my family and friends.  I handed them out on Christmas Eve.  What a gift, I know.  But it IS a GIFT!  It makes scooping that much easier.  Seriously.  If you have multiple cats – it’s a no brainer.

Do you like your litter scoop?  Do you think you’ll try the Litter-Lifter?  Would you like a Litter-Lifter giveaway?

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  1. We purchased the Litter Lifter when we brought Minou and Gary home. Here in Canada, it is sold at Paumac’s Pet Supplies. It is absolutely THE BEST for scooping litter!

  2. I was out shopping for supplies for our new kittens, and there it was hanging with all the other scoops. It just looked like a better product – and it is!!! Is it wrong to be so facinated with a litter scoop?

    1. Karalee – sorry for the delayed response. I was looking at this post tonight and realized I didn’t respond! No, it is not wrong to be fascinated with a litter scoop – they actually have two new products that they sent us – a travel size and one in between. I still love the original one though.

  3. Hello, I saw your review on the litter lifter and it made we want to try it. It is GREAT! My boyfriend and I love it. It works really well, It’s so much easier to use, and it’s a lot quicker. Thank you!

  4. I just saw the date of this post. Darn. I was hoping for a chance to win one. Mine finally broke and it is not in my ‘budget’. They get my highest recommendation.

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