Litter Genie or Litter Locker Refill Alternative

Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

You guys might recall that we reviewed the Litter Locker pet waste disposal system over a year ago.

The refills for the Litter Genie are not only expensive, but also do not last terribly long. There is a lot of plastic waste too – even pulling off plastic thing that reveals the continuous bag underneath.

Litter Genie Refill Alternative

A YouTube subscriber commented on one of our videos saying that he had tried an alternative.  So I bought them to try them out.  He said they are less expensive and also last longer (longer bag).

The FIRIK Litter Genie and Litter Locker alternative refills for the bags are the same ones you use for the Litter Genie – which we have also had.  So you can use the same refills in both the Litter Genie and Litter Locker.

They are compatible with Litter Genie Standard and Litter Genie Plus pail disposal systems, but DO NOT FIT Litter Genie XL.

FIRIK Refill Cassette Litter Genie Refills Compatible with Litter Genie Standard Refill Cartridge for Cat Litter Disposal System Pail

This is them – FIRIK Refill Cassette Litter Genie Refills Compatible with Litter Genie Standard Refill Cartridge for Cat Litter Disposal System Pail – they come in a 4-pack and what I liked the most about them is that the bag is easy to pull out from the cartridge.

It is sooo easy to start the bag – there is a little white sticker and a small portion of the bag that stick out – so you know exactly where to pull from to get the continuous bag started without fearing you are going to pull out a whole bunch you don’t need, which happens with the Litter Genie refills.  That’s one of my biggest struggles with the Litter Genie branded ones.

FIRIK Refill Cassette Litter Genie Refills Compatible with Litter Genie Standard Refill Cartridge for Cat Litter Disposal System Pail starter

Like the Litter Genie refills, they lock in odor and are durable – there are 7 layers that work together to help to lock in the smell.

Each FIRIK refill cartridge has a 21-foot long bag which lasts up to 12 weeks for 1 cat. So, 4 refills will up to 12 months for 1 cat (of course, this is a wee bit subjective since a cat, in kidney failure for example, will have more pee waste than one without it – and a cat on a dry food diet will have smaller pee clumps than one on a wet food diet – so it will always vary slightly).

The FIRIK refill cartridge is 7 Ft longer than the Litter Genie refills.

Litter Locker Refill Alternative

These also work on the Litter Locker Plus that we reviewed some time ago now – both cassettes fit in both cat litter disposal systems – so whether you are in the USA, Canada or Europe, these should work for your needs. 

Here is a video that shows all of this:

Another option that I talk about in the video – EcoLeo Refills_ Litter Genie, Litter Champ and Litter Locker Compatible Eco-Friendly, Plastic-Free, Compostable, Durable, Replaces Cartridges (Equals 4-Pack of Name Brand)

You can buy the FIRIK ones on their site and save 10% off through this link.

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10 thoughts on “Litter Genie or Litter Locker Refill Alternative

    • Jen says:

      Not sure what you’re talking about (that’s not on Amazon), but… If you’re talking about the refills…
      Yes (the generics) have seemed to basically just disappear (or all been bought up, which I would very highly doubt). The only ones you can find are insanely expensive. Like at LEAST twice…up to 5 or 6 times (or more!) than you would have ever paid before. I know. I (had) been buying them semi-regularly. People/sellers are charging outrageous prices.
      BUT… I just (like 2 days ago) discovered another generic brand of these refills. The brand is called wellap. They’re more easily found on eBay (pay attention to the shipping costs), but you can also Google them. There’s also another brand.. lionpapa . They even have their own website, and (apparently) free shipping in the US. You can get 4 refills/cartridges for just under $20.

      • Jenny says:

        Yes, I know – I think Amazon removed any products that was the generic saying it fit things like the Litter Genie or Litter Locker – however, not to worry – the Firik guy started his own website and you can order directly from him. I can search for the link, if you’re interested.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I saw you’re video about the litter locker disposal system and thought I would like to purchase it. BUT- where can a person buy it? I can’t find anyplace that sells it. Thanks for any help you can give.

  2. Patti A Johnson says:

    FABULOUS DEMO VID & post, as always, Jenny honey! Super cool! TYSVM!! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love & purrs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3 <3 <3

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