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Caymus in the Litter Box

With a good litter box habit, cats are probably one of the easiest animals to take care of because they do not demand a lot of attention and certainly because they go indoors.

Cats are actually very clean animals who like to have their litter pan clean. Certainly, as humans we don’t like to do our business on a dirty toilet! Do you have a great litter pan tip to share?  Please feel free to leave a comment below.

You will need a larger litter pan to accommodate your adult Ragdoll cat. Since your Ragdoll cat is larger than the average cat, s/he will also produce larger fecal matter, so you will want to make sure you clean the litter pan twice daily. If you think about it, cats have a keener since of smell than humans and they, much like us, wouldn’t enjoy walking in their own feces or waste.

A cat on a proper diet of moisture-rich canned food will often pee AT LEAST 3 x/day. 1 cat with 1 box will have AT LEAST 21 urinations in that box before you flush his toilet, i.e. clean his litter pan, before you dump that litter pan at the end of 1 week.

It is important to consider clumping clay litter for your cat because if the litter does not clump the removal of it is more difficult and leaves remnants in the box for the cat later on. Urine soaks into plastic which is porous – leaving a lasting odor for the life of that box unless using liners which annoy many cats and really are not necessary if a litter pan is properly maintained.

UPDATE! Nov 13 2012 – Harold Schuster of the NVR Miss Litterbox said, “It is understandable why you might have this misconception, but the real reason that litterboxes or storage totes converted to litterboxes smell, is the type of surface finish on the tooling. Many storage totes and even litterboxes have a bead or sand blasted finish as the mold texture, and these microscopic pits and peaks trap dried urine.”

Murphy in the Litter BoxThey do not make commercial litter boxes big enough for large cats, and they do not make any hooded boxes that are even close to being large enough. So a good substitute is to use storage boxes, like ones made by Sterlite or Rubbermaid.

You should have one litter pan per cat. You really need two pans for two or more cats. Looking for the best litter pan?

If you have a hooded litter box, the ammonia odor is trapped in these pans and can really be offensive to your cat (and you!). You should scoop the solid waste daily. Cats have very little tolerance for their previous waste! only recommends clumping litter. ONLY use a clumping litter as all of the NON-clumping litters are very unsanitary and cause many, many cases of elimination issues. Non-clumping litter allows cats to walk in a litter box that is literally saturated in urine (dry or wet). When urine dries, things are made worse. The only thing that evaporated urine leaves is water because it evaporates. This makes things worse because the uric acid/ammonia is no MORE concentrated.

NO ODOR should be present in a litter box. Use clumping litter so that ALL urine and ALL feces can be removed and there will not be an issue with odor. received this advice from a very smart and knowledgeable vet, Dr. Pierson. You can check out her website about cats below.

Dr. Pierson’s Litter Box Page

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2 thoughts on “Litter Box

  1. Carrie Wehmeyer says:

    We love our Litter Robot. Five big Ragdolls put it through its paces every day. We have had it for two years now and it has paid for itself in savings on cat litter. The cats love having a clean box every time they go.

  2. Crystal says:

    Life with Paxton wouldn’t be the same without the Litter Robot! It has been the investment weve made for Paxton! Well worth the money!

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