Litter Box Setup for Multiple Cats – Floppycats Version

Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

Litter Box Setup for Multiple Cats – Floppycats Version

Pictured immediately below are the items we have in our litter box setup in our home.  I want to collect litter box ideas for multiple cats, in case it might help another cat owner.

Litter Box Setup for Multiple Cats - Floppycats Version

There seems to be a varying amount of how many litterboxes you should have for a multi-cat household. Some people say 1 per cat. Some people say one per floor per cat. And others says 1 per cat plus 1. I think it really depends on how big your home is, the cats’ needs and more.

I have 5 NVR Miss litterboxes for my two Ragdoll cats.

We also will have our Litter Robot litterbox again soon. So technically, I will have 6 litterboxes for two cats. My parents have always had problems with their cats peeing on furniture or beds. I never wanted to have that problem, so I have probably over done it. However, so far so good – knock wood.  Their litterboxes are in the master bath and in the basement, as pictured below.

best cat litter box setup floppycats master bath and basement

  1. NVR Miss Litterbox – We reviewed this high-walled litterbox a few years ago. It is great for cats that pee standing up a bit and also for reducing the amount of litter scatter. My cats squat to pee, so we don’t really need the high sides other than the litter scatter situation. You can read our review of the NVR Miss here. You can buy it through NVR Miss’ website or online at The Cat Connection.
  2. Moonshuttle Cat Litter Mats – A reader brought these to my attention. I think she posted on Facebook asking if I had tried them. I hadn’t and really had no experience with litter mats – as i just always had used a thick towel in front of their boxes. Another reader helped me find contact information on the Amazon listing and I reached out to the company to see if they would send us some to review. I love them. Still use them and the cats don’t mind them. Many readers are super pleased with them as well.  You can buy them on Amazon.
  3. Litter-Lifter – By far, hands down my favorite litter scoop. I have loved this thing ever since my mom brought it home many years ago. You can buy it on Amazon or The Cat Connection. See our review video below or you can read our review of it here.
  4. Precious Cat Ultra Cat Litter – There is some controversy when it comes to using clumping clay litter. However, it is what works best for us – and many readers tend to agree. It is probably best purchased on Amazon where it is cheaper than in a store and also ships free after you spend $49 or more.
  5.  A trash can – I always have a small trash can next to my boxes – I use a plastic grocery bag to line it and then put the Litter-Lifter in there. I scoop the boxes a few times a day and put the waste in the bin.

So that’s our situation – what do you do for your litter box situation? Do you have multiple cats litter box solutions? Have you changed it over the years? Why or why not?

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12 thoughts on “Litter Box Setup for Multiple Cats – Floppycats Version

  1. Teresa Reid says:

    Hi, Have 3 litter boxes upstairs in the bedroom. Use the same litter, NVR Miss catboxes and Litter Lifter that Patti and Jenny use. Have the Litter Genie that makes everything so easy to clean up with absolutely no smell because it is locked away fast. Scoop about 3-4 times a day or whenever there is something there. Tried using the Sweat Scoop Litter which I loved because it doesn’t make any dust, but our Maine Coon was allergic and she began scratching, so DC’d that a long time ago. They all seem happy with their litter boxes and the only time Miss Mari has ever acted out was when we left on vacation two years ago because she developed separation anxiety and peed on our bed about 15 times! Other than that, all’s good here.♥♥♥

    • Jenny says:

      thanks for sharing, teresa. i used to use swheat scoop several years ago and then we had a bug issue or something. i can’t remember other than being grossed out. i have wanted to try out the litter genie!

      • Teresa Reid says:

        You are so welcome Jenny! The Litter Genie is wonderful. Love not having to put the waste in plastic bags because you can still smell it. The bags that are in the LG are 5 ply, so no smell comes through. Also, just replaced our old one with a new one that has antimicrobial coating inside and like it even better. You can get a good buy on the Litter Genie Plus (antimicrobial inside), here.

        Have seen them all over such as places like Target, but the one here on Amazon is $14.99 which is a great price. Always order the replacement bags, 4 ($26.50) at a time on Amazon rather than the stores locally because you get better savings. You can see those listed down below on that same page.

        Hope you like it!♥♥♥

        • Jenny says:

          Thanks, Teresa – I will add it to a wish list – I can’t afford it right now and our trash cans are working well.Thanks, Teresa – I will add it to a wish list – I can’t afford it right now and our trash cans are working well.

  2. Patti Johnson says:

    Forgot to check the follow-up notifications box after my first comment (doink!) so this comment was posted so I could check that box…lol 🙂 <3

  3. Patti Johnson says:

    Great post, Jenny! And such an awesome litter box set-up at your place! I have a similar layout but since we just have one lovable Ragdoll (Miss Pink Sugarbelle) and a very small apartment, I have the following set-up in our den (the smaller bedroom in our apartment):

    1. Two NVR Miss Litter Boxes with litter mats. (Not the Moonshuttle mats but I do have those on my wish list.) Lurve these litter boxes so much! I actually have three (a spare one is in our den closet) and I won two of them from one of the awesome Floppycats Giveaways! 🙂 <3

    2. I also use the Dr. Elsey Precious Litter that you use. (Been using this ever since I learned about it from you a few years ago.) Lurve this schtuff!

    3. I also use the Litter Lifter (world's best scoop in my opinion!)! Lurve it so much!

    4. I also have a trash can of sorts (a very old Tidy Cats Litter cardboard box that houses the Litter Lifter). I use plastic grocery bags for my twice daily scooping activities and tie them up and just put them in our kitchen garbage can.

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  4. Millicent Owen says:

    Hi all, I love the ideas for multiple cats, but the only problem I have is that I have 15 or so cats. I have seen an idea on the web (don’t remember which site, but I use 2 18gal storage bins with an opening cut in the side about halfway up.
    I also tried the same idea except that instead of an opening in the side I left the lid on and cut a hole in it on one end big enough for the cats to get in there.
    When they jumped out the litter stayed on the lid for easy cleanup.

    • Jenny says:

      Hooded litterboxes can work if they are kept properly clean – if not, then it’s like a cat having to use a porta-potty.

  5. Kattolio says:

    Over the years I have tired all different things as litter boxes. I have used the following types of litter boxes: sifting, covered, regular size, oversized, LitterMaid, low and high sided plastic containers, the smaller size concrete mixing tubs and the NVR Miss. I really like the NVR Miss, although I do wish it were longer and a bit sturdier. Right now, I don’t have a problem with them peeing up high, but I have had issues with that in the past with my older kitties. It really cuts down on the flying litter. If they had high sided concrete mixing tubs, I’d probably go back to that because I like the length and sturdiness of the tub. I have 2 Raggies – Seven and Neo – and I have 3 litter boxes – all NVR. I have 2 in my 1st floor laundry room and 1 upstairs in a spare bedroom. They only use that one at night. I ordered my NVR’s after you posted your video and they are the best boxes I have ever used, but as I stated, I’d make a few changes. I have also taken your advice on the Moonshuttle mats. They are great! I use Precious Cat litter and Litter Lifter. All also on your experience with them. I’ve tried other litter, even the corn kind, but my cats want nothing to do with it. Keep up the good work and I love your site!

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