Litter Box Setup Doubles as Scratching Area

Post Published on May 25, 2017 | Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

Several weeks ago, I posted a video of Charlie scratching on the WooPet! Cat Litter mat – since then I have rec’d several inquiries wondering how often I have to replace the mats because of Charlie’s scratching. However, I have never replaced them.

Yesterday morning, I had my iPhone handy and was able to capture Charlie scratching and decided to do an impromptu video of our master bath litter box situation.  So I apologize that I hadn’t wiped down the NVR Miss boxes!

When we were contacted by WooPet! to review their cat litter mats, never did I think Charlie would rely on them every morning for his morning scratching! I love that they are a 2-in-1 product for us. They are also great at collecting the litter scatter.

And since Charlie went ahead and went #1 and #2 while I was filming, I went ahead and used the Litter Lifter to scoop everything. As many readers have told me, “The Litter Lifter changed my life.”

I also figured we could turn this impromtu video into a discussion about litter box essential items and also setups!

There seems to be a varying amount of how many litterboxes you should have for a multi-cat household. Some people say 1 per cat. Some people say one per floor per cat. And others says 1 per cat plus 1. I think it really depends on how big your home is, the cats’ needs and more.

I have 4 NVR Miss litterboxes and 1 Litter Robot litterbox for my two Ragdoll cats.

So I have 5 litterboxes for two cats. My parents have always had problems with their cats peeing on furniture or beds. I never wanted to have that problem, so I have probably over done it. However, so far so good – knock wood.  Their litterboxes are in the master bath and in the basement.

  1. NVR Miss Litterbox – We reviewed this high-walled litterbox a few years ago. It is great for cats that pee standing up a bit and also for reducing the amount of litter scatter. My cats squat to pee, so we don’t really need the high sides other than the litter scatter situation. You can read our review of the NVR Miss here. You can buy it through NVR Miss’ website or online at The Cat Connection.
  2. WooPet! Cat Litter Mats – We were introduced to these shortly after we reviewed the Blackhole cat litter mats.  These were smaller, and I liked that they bent in half.  We reviewed them, and I have kept them ever since.  I love them.  They are perfect with the NVR Miss litterboxes.  You can buy them on Amazon.
  3. Litter-Lifter – By far, hands down my favorite litter scoop. I have loved this thing ever since my mom brought it home many years ago. You can buy it on Amazon or The Cat Connection. See our review video below or you can read our review of it here.
  4. Precious Cat Ultra Cat Litter – There is some controversy when it comes to using clumping clay litter. However, it is what works best for us – and many readers tend to agree. It is probably best purchased on Amazon where it is cheaper than in a store and also ships free after you spend $49 or more.
  5.  A trash can – I always have a small trash can next to my boxes – I use a plastic grocery bag to line it and then put the Litter-Lifter in there. I scoop the boxes a few times a day and put the waste in the bin.
  6. Litter-Robot – We were approached by Litter-Robot over a year ago to see if I was interested in reviewing their automatic litter box.  I never thought I would like it as much as I do – and readers love it too.  I post about it often.  Buy it: You can buy it online and get $25 off through this link.

So that’s our situation – what do you do for your litter box situation? Do you have multiple cats litter box solutions? Have you changed it over the years? Why or why not?

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9 thoughts on “Litter Box Setup Doubles as Scratching Area

  1. Teresa Reid says:

    It’s the Shark Rocket Deluxe Pro – Got it from QVC a long time ago when they had it on something like 5 payments. Thought it would probably be a dud because I had never had a really good, strong vaccuum that I could actually use with my back injury. Anyway, it turned out to be everything and more than I could have ever wanted. It has a lot of power, weighs hardly anything, no bags to have to pay for and gets up cat hair GREAT!
    Here’s the link:

  2. Teresa Reid says:

    We basically have the same setup as yours except for the mat. Love, love, love, love the NRV Miss litter boxes. Couldn’t be without them EVER. Miss Mari is an older cat and needs the open “door” to get inside so she doesn’t have to jump over the ledge. That said, both Illaria and Gracie prefer it over any others we’ve ever tried. Love that the finish is also very durable and doesn’t seem to get scratched (then take on smells), from the litter over time. Great company who is very responsive and takes pride in their product.
    Fully agree about the Litter Lifter as being the BEST ever for sifting litter boxes.
    We used to have the same mats but replaced them with a soft plastic that has recessed circles that trap the litter so it doesn’t make it to the rug. For someone like me who can’t hold items in front of my body, it was hard to lift and pour the litter back into the box. The other one can be vaccuumed without having to actually take it up physically.
    The Litter Robot is definitely on our list for the future. Right now, with Miss Mari’s renal failure, it is not advisable for us to have it. It is not made to handle her massive urine output at every visit.
    All of these are GREAT products!♥♥♥♥

    • Jenny says:

      tell me more about the mats you use – i can’t picture them. do you have a link? thank you for the lifting insight – that is not something i had thought about with those mats.

      • Teresa Reid says:

        Oh, you are so sweet. Most people wouldn’t think about carrying things like that, but if you get a back injury, you get creative and find alternatives for doing things in ways that don’t result in as much pain.
        The mats came from Petco, but their site is under maintenance right now, so I went to Amazon and found the same ones. Here’s the link for Amazon –
        Petlinks Purr-fect Paws Cat Litter Mat. Got the XL ($24.99 with free shipping) that is 36 x 27 and fits in front of 2 boxes nicely.

        Also, have 2 other mats with the curly-looking vinyl on the top and really like these as well. They are very soft on their little feeties too! I vaccuum right over these with my Shark vaccuum without any problem though it takes a few passes to get all the litter out. Had to take it to the bathtub once when someone hacked on it, and it washed out just fine. They sell for $19.97 for the XL that is 35 x 23. Here’s the Amazon link for these

        Hope this helps and apologize for not posting the links before.

    • Patti Johnson says:

      I have those same Purrfect Paws Litter Mats from Sweet Teresa’s awesome recommendation to me a few years ago. I use the medium size since space is at a premium in our den and they work great!!!! 🙂 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  3. Patti Johnson says:

    Fantastic posts and super pawesome videos, Jenny! I have always followed the rule of one litterbox per kitty plus one extra multiplied by the number of stories in our homes. Currently we have one delightful Ragdoll girl and a very small one story apartment. So we have two NVR Miss Litterboxes in our 2nd bedroom (which serves as our den). I also use The Litter Lifter (LURVE IT!) and the Dr. Elsey Precious Ultra Cat Litter and a litter mat for each litter box that I got from Sweet Teresa’s suggestion many years ago that I found on Amazon. Works for us and Miss PSB! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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